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"Ariana Grande"

Jun 14, 2019

Let the Male Bashing Begin

Written by @akingbaby from SpateHipHopNews / 3 mins read

With a title like “thank u, next” I didn’t expect Ariana Grande to have a lot of nice things to say about her ex’s. Don’t get me wrong, this is one of my favorite albums and men can still relate to the scenarios she talks about on the album. But while I was listening to the album, it made me think about what women really thought of me in my past relationships. The album has a let’s have sex and then you go home type of vibe. I enjoyed the whole album but there were a few standout songs to me.

I can so relate to this song

How many times were you in a situation where you knew the girl or guy wasn’t right for you, but you still wanted to test the waters. “Bloodline” is the story of my life. I can remember being set up on blind dates, and not liking the girl but I decided to give her a chance anyway. Knowing in the back of my mind that this wasn’t going anywhere. Ariana Grande hammers her point with the first line of the song. “Even though you're bad for me, I know you're the one that I'm thinking”. Whether you’re a man or women you can still relate to the message in this song.

I don’t need you and I’m so independent

By far one of my favorite songs on the album, but I couldn’t help but notice she doesn’t need me. I know this is an anthem for all the independent women out there. “I want it, I got it” is the focus of this club banger. Honestly, I can get into an independent woman. I prefer a woman that has a good job and pays her own bills. Doesn’t this make it easier on a guy? I like it, and I don’t really care how other people handle their business.

Make up sex is the best

Not only is this song soulful and smooth, Ariana Grande talks about her experiences with make up sex. I’m not the kind of guy that likes to go back and forth in a relationship. With me once its over, we are done for good. But I can remember once or twice where I got back together with a girl. The combination of you missing that person plus those feelings of someone really wanting you, can really make for some great sex. It almost seems like it’s a pattern for Ariana Grande, that may be a bad thing. Nobody should get used to breaking up.