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Free Spirit


May 24, 2019

Free Spirit By Khalid, Elevates The Spirit

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

I would like to start at the beginning, but I cannot, this album takes me from one side to the other without finding a slight difference in terms of the quality with which each song is made, I would like to start with something a little weaker and finish with the strongest, but it is not possible. Regardless of the beat, he uses in the songs, they are all very strong and full of joy and positivism. There is no way to criticize any major flaw or say that something is done with the idea of selling records and nothing else. I only hear honesty and a high level of quality in all of them. The treatment that they gave to the sound of all the tracks is exquisite and receiving it on your ears makes your body feel alive again, those little details of some instrument that is behind almost all of them and suddenly it surprises you with some figure that breaks the monotony. The success of not repeating each topic speaks of the surprising and inexhaustible source of creativity that this young singer and composer has to give us, it is only a question of we embrace him and not letting him go so that he continues to give all these beautiful moments. Yes, of course, you already know because you've experienced the same thing as me, it's about Khalid and his delicious record, Free Spirit. I love when I listen to high-level artists, you can identify a lot of influences, but at the same time they have such a particular stamp that makes them unique and when they are just in their first years of career, you can already assure that they will be stars that will never light off. I love it when I listen to high-level artists, you can identify a lot of influences, but at the same time have such a particular seal that makes them unique and when they are just in their first years of career, and you can assure that they will be stars That will never be extinguished. Free Spirit elevates the spirit of the listener, it's that simple, it does not matter if you're a Khalid fan or you just get introduced to his music, it does not matter if your tastes are far from the artist's style, it does not even matter if you speak or not the same language as him, because music is a universal language and if you do not understand everything that the lyrics say, sometimes it is not important, there will be time for you to translate them into your language. When listening to this selection of songs, you will be trapped in an atmosphere of pleasant music and well done, and when you finish with the album, you will leave renewed. I cannot believe how much Khalid has to make us feel good through his songs. You may want to dance or be on a comfortable sofa, or you can have a good cup of coffee while you listen to it, or accompany you with a glass of wine. This goes with everything, no matter the day or time. Recommendation: if you live in a big city, Free Spirit will help you that the hours in traffic, sometimes violent and ruthless, is a walk through the clouds. Just make sure to raise the windows of your car, put an adequate volume, sit well in the seat and gently take the wheel, the rest, leave it to Khalid, he will know how to free your spirit. Now that, if you live in a small town by the sea, things will get better.

We Can Always Ttalk

One of the songs that most filled my senses was "Talk" the package is complete, the song makes you happy from the beginning, and the video floods you with colors and excellent dance steps that infect you with energy. I am sure that this song is one of the best achieved for this album since both the composition of Robinson, Howard Lawrence, and Guy Lawrence, plus the excellent performance of Khalid, as well as the realization of the video by the director, reflect the essence of the whole album. On other occasions I have recommended listening to a song without seeing the video to be able to appreciate it more, and fully enter to what its composer and interpreter want to tell us and so not to be distracted by the images of the video that sometimes have nothing to do with the song; but on this occasion, I must recommend otherwise, you have to watch the video to understand everything beautiful that contains the endless imagination of Khalid and those who collaborate on the album. Probably not the only one who thinks so, since when you enter the official site of the singer, being this album his most recent work, the first thing you find is the moving images of the "Talk" video. Perhaps it is that even they were surprised to see the finished product. Nothing more appropriate than a good song accompanied by a video that pleases anyone. Speaking of other topics on this record, I am happy to note that in fact, it does not belong to a specific time, I could not say that it is heard old, nor can it say that it only complies with current currents and musical expressions. Maybe that's why I like it so much, is something that, from what I said before, will not go out of style and may be heard in a long time without losing its validity and freshness. You can find songs like "Bad Luck" and "My Bad" that remind you of the way in which Ed Sheeran sequences the guitar arrangement, or like "Saturday Nights" that emulates the style of Tracy Chapman. So, I could continue and conclude the same thing that I confirmed in this Narrative: Free Spirit is a brilliant work.

Everyone Is Invited

One of the greatest virtues of an intelligent person is surrounding himself with intelligent people and for me, one of the successes of this record is precisely that, Khalid knew how to surround himself with all kinds of great composers, producers, musicians, and filmmakers for giving us the best of himself. His talent for singing and the skill he had to choose the songs on this album, speak of the great sense of smell that has to identify what we want those who do not settle for disposable music. It is something to listen to many times, and when you want your spirit to be revitalized, it is current but also of all times. It is a compendium of many musical details to be analyzed one by one; but above all, it is an album that will free your spirit.