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Queen Naija - EP

"Queen Naija"

Jun 14, 2019

Queen Naija, between the lack of love and hope

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

How many times have we suffered for being unrequited by the person we love. Deception, mistreatment, infidelity, contempt for the things we do. Sometimes, when the personality is in a vulnerable state it hurts us deeply, we feel disoriented, not knowing what to do. We feel a great dependence on the other person and sometimes we devalue ourselves as a person. We believe that life would not make sense without that person to whom we have given our lives without conditions and we only receive sorrows back. We see how the time passes in which we were supposed to be happy and making projects together with the one we love and instead, we are losing life and energy when we realize that this has not happened and will very probably not happen. When the couple is ungrateful and treacherous, things will never change, on the contrary, they always tend to get worse. It is useless to think that people can change if after many claims they continue doing the same. Clinging to something like that, only harms us and leaves us nothing good, it makes us lose time and youth, youth that will not return. Enjoying alone, with family or group of friends, will always be better than being tied to a person who has never valued us and who uses us only to satisfy her/his dark interests or insecurities, but who, when leaving home, betrays us with the first person who crosses her/his path. Situations like this are frequent and unfortunately many cannot or do not want to take the final step to break those chains. Generally, they confuse love with dependence or loneliness and do not realize that happiness is just around the corner and that does not necessarily mean that it is in a couple. There are too many ways in which happiness comes to us and we are not able to see it. When we are in a toxic relationship, it will always be highly recommended to remember the times when that relationship did not exist and take stock of everything we had (friends, freedom, simple reasons that made us laugh) and everything we have lost. It is normal to fail in love several times before finding the ideal partner; therefore, it should not be a tragedy to get away from those relationships that hurt us. But there are also other reactions to the lack of love and disloyalty of the couple, Queen Naija knows it very well.

A sweet revenge, the best medicine

Yes, we are human and many times we have that feeling of sweet revenge against the one who has made us unhappy and has despised us. If they despise what you are and what you offer in a relationship in which you gave yourself completely without any result, then you will do everything possible for that person to see how others appreciate what you are and what you have. And you will do everything necessary for that person to realize and suffer as much as you have suffered to see that you do not depend on him or her, that you do not need her/him and that there will always be someone willing to love you because she/he knows how to value you, if she/he knows what you have to love and also appreciate those warm and humid nights that your body knows how to give. A calculated, slow and painful revenge so that it is clear to her/him what she/he is letting go of her/his hands so that he can see how another enjoys what was once his or her. A revenge that lasts as long as possible so that it will have the desired effect and never forget how big you are. Sweet revenge that in the end will make you smile, take your things and go to a better place, a better bed, and an excellent company. I know that everything I just said is strong; however, in war and in love, everything is valid. In war and in love you kill or die. So, for many, it is preferable to make suffer than suffer for love. Feelings that undoubtedly every human being has felt at some point in his life when love hits and punishes. Blows and punishments that almost always generate the reaction of revenge. After all this whirlwind of passions, anger, and resentment against those who despised us and, having ended the way we wanted to end that harmful relationship, there will always be something that fills us with hope to move forward. And that also knows Queen Naija.

Holding on to hope

At the end of the tunnel, there will always be a light that will give us hope and desire to move on. It is important, independently of our low instincts, that we take out all the bad things that we have in our hearts and give all the necessary space to those other feelings of nobility that are also part of human beings, and that has allowed us to continue as a society. The hope of knowing that you have someone to fight for and get ahead, someone who needs you, needs your company, your smile, your hugs and all the support your experience in life can offer, and the love you feel for that person. And I do not speak only of the love of a couple, around you, there will always be someone who needs you and loves you unconditionally. You will always have the opportunity to show everyone and to yourself that you are worth a lot, that you are important, and that you always have an outstretched hand to offer support, understanding, love and all the possible help for others to be happy. That's why we always have to cling to hope and clear our hearts of bad feelings and toxic people.
Queen Naija, is an exceptional singer with a voice like few and who, after having been practically ignored by a nefarious show of talent, has made her way in the music industry with great effort and with the help of social networks, which has given excellent results. The EP that bears her name inspired me to write all of the above and I am sure that her next albums will continue to inspire me because of her enormous talent and sensitivity.