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The Pains of Growing

"Alessia Cara"

Jun 14, 2019

The Pains of Growing, yes and sometimes it hurts a lot

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Nobody like Alessia Cara, to portray that stage through which all human beings spend in which growing causes pain sometimes unbearable. With the aesthetics of her time, the genre that best adapts to her lyrics and a poetic sincerity like few others, the singer dares to say what many are silent. To describe what she herself has gone through and, at the same time, to coincide with all those who are at that moment in her life and all of us who have already gone through it, is simply great. It is an album to listen carefully. Adolescence is the most frequent stage in which this happens, although I believe that even there are several moments in life in which you question your existence and the purpose of being here and now. However, I do believe that this age of transition between childhood and youth represents a challenge for all, overcoming is not easy, finding answers, less. And it hurts, yes, it hurts a lot. Those moments in which we doubt everything, and we realize that it is not how our parents told us or promised it. That moment when your own identity is something you're not sure about. All the problems that you face are a puzzle without a solution, a labyrinth with no way out and You do not find anything or anyone to give an answer for the why? of many things. The dilemmas of love are often unsettling. You do not know where to start, you do not even know where the decision you take will take you or the direction in which you decide to walk. You spend long moments yearning for your recent childhood, you think you were happier and now everything is a problem. You see old family photos or put a video to remember an old birthday, beach vacations, Christmas memories. The eyes betray you and the tears begin to roll down your cheeks. Why did those moments go? You ask yourself. Why do I have to be in these dilemmas now and with these new needs that I do not know how to satisfy? Everyone is busy, nobody has time for you, for your doubts, for your dreams, to receive a hug as before. You have to fend for yourself, without anyone's help or this whole infinitely cruel world will eat you in one bite, you will disappear from everyone's sight and no one will miss you. Nobody prepares you to face life in that way and, at the same time, nobody knew how to face it at the time, so maybe the tips are left over, because there are no answers to your unknowns of life, because your life is unique and unrepeatable, and only you will know what to do to take away the blows that come to you. They say that what does not kill you, strengthens you, and if that is true, then welcome the stage where you will learn new things, even if they are painful because, in the end, growth will turn you into a giant, a wise, a better person.

In these times

What I must admit is that, nonetheless, we all consider that our difficult times are the most difficult, the time that guys go through today is probably the most difficult of all. Modern life makes it impossible for parents to offer quality time to guys at puberty, both parents work and cities make it increasingly difficult to transit from one point to another, so loneliness sometimes hits hard and in others, It's bad company. Video games have been a solution (good or bad, I do not know) so that those moments of solitude are more bearable, and leisure does not become a bad adviser. Likewise, the world of the internet is a two-edged weapon. There is a lot of material that can serve enormously in the education of young people and of all people in general, but there is also the problem of content that is not suitable for consumption by people of certain ages and another that it is truly detrimental to anyone's mental health. The problem is that, if there is no supervision, the danger is latent, and the consequences can be fatal. We have seen cases in which harassment, mockery or being excluded from a social circle, even if virtual, has led to suicides in young people who are not prepared to overcome this type of psychological abuse. When love arrives at that stage, it also causes painful effects. It is incredible but true, something that in other stages of life represents joy and happiness, in more than one occasion it represents pain and many doubts in the stage of growth tackled in the album The Pains of Growing by Alessia Cara. I could not, with all the time in the world, describe and synthesize in a better way, what our artist has been able to explain to us about that difficult moment in 15 songs. The videos that accompany some of the themes have given in the objective and strengthen all that Alessia Cara wanted to share.

And in spite of everything, they will continue to grow

But the magic of this stage of life is that despite everything there is music, there is happiness, there are moments that are treasured for a lifetime, it is the exact point where beautiful memories are made that will accompany us forever and they will be reasons to laugh at the things that worried us before, but that, over time, we realize that they were not as serious as they seemed. The same goes for this Canadian singer and songwriter, every time she releases a new album, maturity is noticed in a short time and improves all aspects of her music. Hopefully and never give up his taste for writing lyrics with such depth as those he has given us in The Pains of Growing. I am sure that as long as she continues to overcome the obstacles of her age and her career, she will continue to grow emotionally and artistically to remain the voice of those of her generation.