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A Hard Day's Night

"The Beatles"

May 24, 2019

A Hard Day's Night: A Record To Remember And A Movie To Forget

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Yes, I know that many will say that I am sick, but it is the truth. The movie A Hard Day's Night is rubbish and, what's wrong with this? absolutely nothing, also the geniuses make mistakes some would say, and it is true. When such great success is achieved, and people around the world demand to see you and listen to you at all times, people often make mistakes or do things quickly and without thinking. There was not much to ask for to the Fab Four since they were musicians and not actors. They could have hired the best directors in the world at that time, but with a story (?) Like the one they wrote to make them appear on the big screen for the first time (with the sole purpose of satisfying the hunger of their fans) could not achieve something better than what is seen. At least, the fans had what they wanted: a reason to see their heroes for more than an hour and in giant size, but yes, enjoying the best they had written to that moment. Having said that, let's leave the comments about the film and go to the important thing: the songs from the album that bears the same name. It was 1964 and things had gotten out of control, The Beatles members confessed later that they could not believe it and, I wonder if, when they pretended international fame, they had an idea of what they would be able to conquer. I do not think so, even George Harrison once said that they were just a pretext that people took to go crazy. I guess he had some reason, this is how the masses are and, even more so in times when humanity goes through generalized depressions, there are few reasons to be happy, and if it is something as unusual, as it was back then the folk music from the quartet from Liverpool, people exploded in euphoria. No one is to blame, it's just that all the elements were put together to generate the perfect storm. Imagine some guys in their twenties who love the music of Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly and Little Richard among others, who intend to learn to play some instruments and compose songs to imitate them and, suddenly, find themselves with the fact that they are better composers, they are better interpreting and playing the same instruments as them, and that moreover, people love them. In those years they were not yet aware of the phenomenon they would create and that still today has great defenders.

From The First Chord

The security of having massive success in your hands is noticeable from the first chord. It was only a matter of listening to the characteristic sound of the Rickenbacker to identify that the first words would then come in the voice of John Lennon. The madness began everywhere and you did not know what was more important if the letter or the tune, including, in the moments in which this disc was recorded the presence of the battery was not as important as now, however, you could feel how your feet and hands complemented that sound absence that years later and thanks to the remastering we have been able to appreciate more clearly. Then it would come to everyone's surprise, in the part of this song in which Paul McCartney showed that, like few in the world (Little Richard, one of them), could reach notes as sharp as those he reached, there was no doubt about his talent, but above all, there was no doubt about the determination that these four young guys had in order to conquer all the corners of the earth and, that everything was set on the table so that they could fill the spaces that the great figures of Rock and Roll of the United States had left. So it was.

Nobody Can Buy Talent

It would be very simple for everyone if we could buy talent for everything we set out to do, but it is not possible. If you are not born with the gift to do certain things, it is better that you dedicate yourself to something else. Fortunately, the 4 members of this group would not waste time trying to find out if they had the talent or not to conquer the world, they and those around them knew what they had and put all their creativity and energy into action to achieve it. Following with the great facility of Paul to reach such acute notes so naturally, is the example of the song "Can’t Buy Me Love". In addition, the song shows what Rock And Roll means to me. Strong and direct rhythms, bass arrangements and sticky vocal melodies, a rhythmic guitar that covers all the gaps and an intelligent and clear guitar riff. It is easy to say, but to get everyone moving with three chords and a precarious sound; since in the sixties the technology had not advanced, believe me, it is very difficult.

With This Nobody Can Cry

In these moments and in spite of all the fame that they had in the United Kingdom, The Beatles did not leave altogether its folk style, a sample of it is the song "I'll Cry Instead" included in this selection. This gives me a reason to remember that, being the second half of The Beatles career the most remembered and acclaimed by the world, in the country that saw them born, there is a certain nostalgia for the songs that marked the beginning of this quartet. The time in which I lived in Scotland, ten years ago, there was a very interesting movement created by young people who at that time were between twenty and twenty-five years old, who exclusively worshiped the songs written by the Fab Four in their early years and until 1965 when they recorded Rubber Soul. Its highest recognition was mainly to folk songs. Among his favorites were songs like "I'm A Loser" "I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party" "All My Loving" "It Won't Be Long" and many others, like this album. I hope that what began in the last decade among young British people continues and extends to all sides. Legacies like this must be cared for and preserved forever.