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"Hayley Kiyoko"

May 15, 2019

Hayley Kiyoko And The Expectations We Have About Music And Life

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Not long ago, all humanity was full of prejudices, we all knew that, nevertheless, many things happened, we thought that if we did not talk about them, they would simply cease to exist. Nothing could have been more false. Unfortunately, in some parts of the world things have not changed much. Throughout history, human beings are very diverse in our ways of thinking, feeling and loving, since the traits of each person are different, but there are people who are stubborn in the thought that we should all behave the same way, having a taste for the same things, believing and feeling the same way... Impossible and also unfair. Things have not been easy for those who, believing themselves free within themselves, would like to express their feelings without the risk of being punished by society. Although with much effort, sacrifice and admirable bravery, many have taken the banner of the freedom of the people to sensitize others and make them understand that even those who see with contempt the way of life that others have chosen, have in their minds chains that do not allow them to do things that they once dreamed. There are many voices and different ways of defending the rights of minorities and the right that we all have to be free to love whoever we want, some are hardened and others are more sensitized with a sweet, fresh and youthful example. All expressions are valid and help many in countries where there is still a great resistance to the different, empower and assert their rights, put aside the stigma and make them understand that love is that, only love and nothing bad has to express love freely. Perhaps, those are the expectations of one of the artists who, gently and without the need to write insults in the lyrics of his songs, has prepared to change the world, reaffirm what he won in places where he has advanced towards tolerance and Respect, and inspire. many in places where there is still a long way to go. Curious and at the same time sure of what she wants to explore and experience, she knows how to transmit like no other the normality and beauty with which one can love without offending anyone. It's Hayley Kiyoko, an artist to follow and appreciate comprehensively. An artist that would be difficult to segment, she and her work are a whole, a package that expresses in each of its facets the joy of living as a free being.

Who Else Knows What You Need?

This has been said by Hayley Kiyoko: "I always try to use my art to play songs that people do not comment on or are afraid to touch". That's what music is all about, for that you have to take advantage of the privileged place that the stars of music have earned with their talent and perseverance. Throughout history, we have seen idols emerge that will soon become the hope of many and heroes who defend the rights of all, this is the time and place for Hayley. However, Hayley felt uncomfortable with herself in the past, the artist overcame her own fears and got her first big success: accepting and living her life on her own terms, something better would come, be the guiding voice of a generation that is still not He knows how to do it in many countries. Doing so with the naturalness of youth and knowing that a simple and clear message, but no less profound, would help those who, like her, could feel uncomfortable. She never loses the opportunity to empower and make it visible to all who, like her, have an exquisite taste for the same sex. Even in the forums that are seen all over the world, she has had the courage to mention frankly that people like her can get everything they propose and, in addition, it is true. With platforms as important around the world as Disney, he has taken advantage of the projection of his image and has been able to give the right message not only as inspiration, but also so that the majority becomes aware and learns to tolerate and live with those who think and feel different. They are precisely the feelings of what forms a person's soul and Hayley knows very well what it has to show and transmit.

As Simple As Letting It Be

Hayley Kiyoko is a very complete artist, she has acted in very popular movies and TV shows, composes songs and performs and also plays several musical instruments and in all these facets reaffirms her artistic and personal conviction. Participating in a girl band that was once the opening group on a tour of Justin Bieber, active and activist, is determined to leave its mark for this and the following generations. Convinced of her commitment to others, she always presents herself as a defender of queer and, at 28, has become a gay icon. Perhaps her Japanese and Anglo-Saxon ancestry and the fact of having been born in California make Hayley the bearer of the perfect flag to defend the right of everyone to live the life we want and let ourselves be.

What We All Need

With this subgenre Pop handled with mastery by Haley, inventive in her lyrics and all the energy that she prints in her interpretations, the future for Hayley Kiyoko is ascending, the speed with which her struggles and convictions have been identified has allowed her to win admirers and allies around the world so that we can see great growth in your social media fan base, in fact, it was through the social networks that helped a lesbian couple fulfill their dream of going to graduation together all of them, great! The endless chain of love is made of small noble acts. They are counted by millions of their followers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and, of course, VIBBIDI. A girl who lives to the maximum his time and his freedoms, knows perfectly what he needs and, surely, what we all need. Thank you for being an example to follow Hayley Kiyoko!