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Jun 14, 2019

Justin Bieber's Purpose is the purpose of every artist

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Justin Bieber's album Purpose, released almost at the end of 2015, it will hardly lose its validity in many years and it will become a standard for many aspiring pop stars in the future. It makes clear who is the boss and who sets the trend. Regardless of the million-dollar sales, it has reached, which is very important for the industry, what stands out, is that many of the songs are written with the magic that many would like to have to turn them into an immediate success. The magic that I'm referring to is that Justin Bieber simply opened his heart and his thoughts to translate them into the melodies in which he surely had been working with some time in advance, and the connection with his audience (and with many who not were until then), was natural and effortless. It also shows the great love for delivering an album of this size, since only for the composition of the songs there was a lot of talent involved. Everything you can hear in Purpose seems simple, but it is one of the most complicated things that can be found in the world of music. For many, pop may seem frivolous, but it is not so. Our artist is an icon and in the whole world, he is not only loved, but also imitated. Justin Bieber deserves our full attention.

This is the sample

Just by put an example: the song "I'll Show You.” For me, it's the formal beginning of the album. The brightness of the lyric is that you can guess the moment Justin Bieber is going through both personally and professionally. By the way, it is heartbreaking to hear the artist complain about so many pressures and so many stupidities that surround his life while he is claiming his space as a person. The dilemma is terrible because he also has to question that no one put him there by force, that he is there because of his desire to be a famous singer, that his talent and the moment he appeared have caused a madness of fans and business people that overwhelm him without mercy anywhere in the world and, definitely, there is a commitment that must be fulfilled. But we all need a break, then, all this is very difficult. We must remember that this has made many people lose their minds and that definitely for these famous artists there should be a way to balance life and work in a more convenient way. Nor can we ignore the sentimental aspect of a boy his age. All the things that a young man of his age goes through are not alien to this singer and he also has the right to want to isolate himself a bit to process his sorrows and reflect on all his doubts. Following the natural way in which the artist matches with all the people who love him, "I'll Show You" can be seen from the other side. A song that, if it were subjected to a survey among the boys and girls that are its target audience, an overwhelming majority would agree that they can perfectly relate the lyrics to what they are going through right now and without being pop stars. That is what happens when the artist simply expresses his joys, sorrows, problems, and doubts in a poetry in an honest and direct way, without detours and without trying to decorate anything, simply being himself.

Everything he wants to say

Everything he wants to say; he says in this album. Clear and strong, it demonstrates its great ability to create melodies that everyone will be humming and dancing from the day of its release. Some say that being so successful in everything you do is because you have a pact with the devil, I think they exaggerate. The key to the success of this and many other artists is due to the intense work they devote to study more and more and try everything that comes to mind perfecting their styles and skills. It shows in every song of Purpose and the acceptance of the public confirms it. The case of the song "What Do You Mean?" Contains everything that any pop artist would like to include in any of his songs: rhythm, a lyric that perfectly reflects the problems of many young couples, a sticky melody and the indispensable ingredient in this visual era, an extraordinary video. The story told in the video is more than attractive, the brilliance of the image of Justin Bieber is a real gift for his female fans and the model that acts with him is a beautiful gift for his male fans. All seasoned with neon lights and a start that confuses a bit, to end up in a nice party with skateboards. The grace and ability of Justin Bieber to dance are reflected there for the approval of all us who like to see him move, and the performance of John Leguizamo balances the whole plot.

Love Yourself, another jewel

Only the first songs of the album are the envy of anyone for the success they represent. We continue with "Sorry", a song in which I was glad to realize that Julia Michaels collaborates in the composition (the quality of this girl to compose is to pay attention always), for these moments, no one can deny that have danced or have sung this song at some time of the day. Then comes "Love Yourself”, which for me is another gem of the album, it is distinguished by a simple musicalization (basically a guitar) a voice that is perfectly in place, and a great lyric. The R & B displayed for this song is the finest and matches perfectly with what is being said.
I suppose that overcoming the success of this album will be a monumental challenge and that's why we've only seen Justin Bieber launching a single and collaborating with other artists. Collecting themes and strengths to overcome this feat is not easy. In addition, the issues of his personal life and the understandable exhaustion of the tours should be a factor to continue waiting for a new album. However, I'm sure that put everything in order, when entering the studio, what will come out of the heart of Justin Bieber will be another cluster of successes like these.