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"Stray Kids"

May 15, 2019

A Question For Stray Kids: Will Wrinkles Turn Me Into A Caterpillar?

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

My awakening with music was at a very early age, it all started with a guitar from my brother who was at home and the rest is history. What was forced at that time was to belong to a community of musicians in the neighborhood who felt they had the Holy Grail, the truth about what everyone should learn and execute, the religion of all religions: interpreting British and American rock. From the decades of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Blues and Soul music were invited, perfect. Everything else was not in shape, besides, it should not exist. Pop music and disco was the work of the devil, we should be away from it. Surprised by a friend who plays a song that is not Rock, you became stinky. You know how friends are in high school, cruel, do not forgive anything, if you get caught, poor thing. Although that did not take away from anyone the opportunity to listen at home what he wanted, as long as he did with headphones, you never know what can happen. However, listen to a good song by Bee Gees or fall into the usual guilty pleasure: Olivia Newton John, generate that she regrets later; I say to you; I chased you in your head like a religion, it was sin. Anyway, Pop was chasing me, but I was trying to ignore him. Nothing like knowing by heart the riff of "Stairway to Heaven", the chords of "One day in life", get on your knees while listening to something Eric Clapton or airplane imagine you were one of those heroes of Eagles While playing "Hotel California". Then, Pop moved further and further away in my youth and suddenly, in these times, I heard a voice coming from the Far East, in a language totally unknown to me, but thanks to the translators I could understand what they were saying.. I confess that he left me frozen, terrified, that voice said: Stop frowning or you will have wrinkles and you will become a caterpillar! How awful!!!

The Simple Answer To A Complex Problem

Seriously, what Is this invading the whole world? The answer is simple: “Stray Kids”. Rocker friends: Pop does not come from hell and no matter how light and simple it is, as long as it is done from the heart, it is about treasuring the joy and positivism of youth and trying to keep it forever. It's like being in love all the time. The complex problem of our youth in which we felt unworthy to hear light music, is arranged with openness and will to appreciate the beauty in all its forms and expressions. That's what I'm rescuing now, take it easy, no phobias or affiliations, just try to have a happy time and that’s it – Without compromise and with the well-placed look in the west, this Korean boy band is conquering the young and the not so much (like me) because they know to transmit that clean energy and that spontaneous happiness, that born of any detail by simple that it is. And in their attempt to achieve it they are working like none to gain a space between the taste of the western youth, of course they are achieving it to the extent that many around here already are reflected in them. Amazing that for so many decades we had not been interested in what was going on there, but fortunately today we could know this interesting way of how they see the world and interpret it.

Get Cool, Stay Cool

Anyway, and to better understand the phenomenon, we also have to accept that they have learned the formula well and, in their songs, we can hear all kinds of influences, either of artists in the particular and genres in general. However, the content and the execution is all merit of the boys and their producers, since they are part of the composition of the subjects they interpret and that adds value to the effort; in addition, they have been able to aim well at the target to penetrate with great success in the most competitive markets in the world. The madness surrounds them wherever they go as is normal in the boy bands of all time and that over time carries risks for such young people. I do not know if their managers have taken precautions about it, or as usual in the west, soon begin to hear about serious problems within the band or perhaps more serious things, hopefully not. For the moment, Stray Kids, emerged from a talent show in Korea, walks through the sky while many artists with years of career only see them flying. If at any time there was closure on the part of the industry to accept something so different physically and culturally, Stray Kids didn't ask permission and just pushed the door. Are already here, so you better be cool, because if you frown, you will have wrinkles and you'll become a caterpillar.

The Heroes Of The Past And Those Of Now

Returning to my tormented youth, that in which your heroes were the only ones who could save the world and nobody else, where the distorted guitars were the perfect weapon to save the souls that listened Disco and Pop, I think I lost a valuable time to enrich even more my taste for music, fortunately today I have been recovering with all the files I can find on the internet and I see without any guilt to Olivia Newton John. I don't play down Rock and everything it taught me; I just wish the kids in high school weren't so strict. In the world of music everything can coexist: the styles of the east, the west and everything that gives us freshness and new things to our musical passion. It's funny, but reality makes us see that before, the names of the heroes were John, Paul, George and Ringo, while now those heroes have other names like: Bang Chan, Woojin, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, I.N. and Seungmin... Ladies and gentlemen, here they are, today's heroes: Stray Kids.