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"Kanye West"

Jun 21, 2019

Kanye is Krazy

Written by @TawandaTwoTimes from Tawanda Gona / 6 mins read

Hating Kanye West seems too easy. He’s been a punching bag for a majority of his career. However, I can say from personal experience, being an arrogant nerdy black dude with a goofy name draws the ire of a lot of people. I know it’s hard to picture now since he’s become a household name but, “Kanye” is a weird ass name. I can already tell that he had to learn how to lean into saying it because people definitely gave him a weird look the first time he introduced himself. But I digress, the Kanye hate is out of control. Does he say wild shit? Of course. Does he say dumb shit? Most definitely! Does he associate with people who are dangerous to Black and Brown people in America? You bet your ass he does. But does he deserve all the flack he gets? No. Does he deserve some hate? Yes, but ALL OF IT? No. I get that we live in outrageous times where things said on the internet are considered worse than things done in person but let’s be real. Kanye hasn’t killed anyone and written a book about it, sold out the American Public to shatter everything Barack Obama did, or Punched Rihanna in the face. The only crime Ye has committed is disappointing the American Public. Now some people already hated him because he’s an arrogant black man married to the Marie Antoinette of our generation: Kim Kardashian so this is just rollover hate. However, things have gotten exceptionally worse in the past couple years. I won’t lie though, he says a lot of dumb shit I can’t defend, so much shit I had to block him on all social media like an Ex who’s doing “too well”. My block game was so serious that I almost missed the fact he had an album coming out.
Almost. So, with that said let’s get into “ye”.

Seriously, Ye needs help.

All I can say after my first listen is that Kanye is crazy as SHIT. When I say crazy, I’m not trying to be dismissive. I know that mental illness is a real thing that many people struggle with and disregarding that struggle is disrespectful, but the first lines of this are “I had a dream about killing you”...and he’s talking to his WIFE. Kanye’s raps on “ye” remind of the things Dean says on Claws; genius, unorthodox but full of innocence. Kanye is a benevolent creature who wants to protect us, but he doesn’t fully understand us. I think that with his success and wealth he’s lost touch with us so as a result he doesn’t see the need to try and make his thoughts palpable. Instead of explaining himself, he just makes statements because he believes we’ll take the time to interpret them. Only problem is that he assumes we’ll believe in his best intentions. If one thing is true about our society today, it’s that people will never believe in your best intentions. People want to be mad and any opportunity to react poorly is treated like a golden ticket to a chocolate factory owned by an eccentric recluse who kills children. The best way for Kanye to communicate with us is through the music, and when its good, its GOOD. Kanye made an album is so good it makes you like Kim Kardashian. Her sextape couldn’t even do that, and it had RAY J in it. Seriously who hates Ray J? Prolly Kim but who else really? That dude is lovable and unlike his sister, hasn’t killed anyone. But where Ray J failed, Kanye found a way. Dude made Kim look likable by confessing to the fact he thinks about killing her and that she’s really the only person he has that’ll call him out for doing dumb shit. Honestly, it’s pretty sweet that two very out of touch people can find love.

How do you find help when no one tells you “No”?

As complex as Kanye is musically, this album, much like his others reveal he’s a pretty simple guy; all he wants is for people to listen to him and respect his opinion, no matter how off the wall it is. If Kanye says 2+2=5 he wants people to say “why is it 5?” Instead of “you idiot 2+2=4 slavery wasn’t a choice what would your mother say if she was still alive I still don’t understand Yeezus Yeezys are too exp-” you get the point. Kanye wants to push the culture forward, unfortunately he doesn’t have the tact to do it properly. He’s the type of dude to light the house on fire to keep us warm during the winter. This album won’t make much sense unless you’re going through problems that are your own fault. This isn’t an album you play when you’re early to your first day of work at a new job. This is the album you listen to when you’re late and you’re in a probationary period. This is the album you play when you got hit with 3 overdraft fees because you bought too many empanadas and forgot that you had autopay set up for a minimum credit card payment. Lyrically this album is pretty mediocre. But to be fair to Kanye he’s evolved beyond lyrics to make his point. Where some people need to rhyme lyrical with miracle to connect with us, Kanye can say “Poopity Scoop” and we’ll understand. He’s earned the right to be trash lyrically because he’s shown us time and time again, the lyrics don’t matter as much as the sentiment.

Kanye needs to Konsistently take his Meds

Overall Ye is a great album, it’s definitive in the story of Kanye West as he tries to explain his actions in the most honest way he can. He’s not a likable guy, but he loves us all and wants to save us from the pain of basic thinking. It’s just a shame that it’s linked with a racist sexist bloated genuinely evil man like Donald Trump. Sometimes I wish that Ye stayed out of politics and started selling Crack instead. I mean sure it’s bad but, at least rappers have made good music about selling Crack. I give Ye 7 Cold Calls to Prospective Therapists Out Of 8.