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"Gucci Mane"

Jun 14, 2019

I live my life through Gucci Mane

Written by @akingbaby from SpateHipHopNews / 2 mins read

Gucci Mane is not just one of the funniest rappers in the game, he can also say things I could never get the nerve to say. Sometimes I just listen to him, so I can picture what life would be like if I didn’t care about anything. There is so much power in not caring what people think. That’s what so great about music. Artists like Gucci Mane can take us to places we will never go in real life.

Foreign everything

The perks of being one of the hottest rappers in the game is amazing. One of those perks is having the most beautiful models chasing you around the world. Gucci Mane is not the only lucky guy, but he takes you into his life with this song. Yachts, fancy cars, diamonds and gorgeous women are really all that matters in the world of hip hop.

I always get something for Father’s Day

I thought this song was going to be a dedication to his father or something. Even the way it started, the slow sad sample. Then it jumps into “Rolling like a mutha fucka”, I realized it wasn’t a Father’s Day dedication. Basically, Gucci Mane says he was the one putting in all the work and he’s not getting the credit. I can relate to other people taking credit for my work.

I don’t shake hands with my ops

On God Gucci Mane doesn’t like OPS. For those that may not be familiar with the slang, an OP is basically a snitch or fake person. I can understand why Gucci Mane wouldn’t like snitches because he has been to prison in the past. Gucci Mane hits on some real stories and lets his OPS know, he means it. “On God!”