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"The Beatles"

May 31, 2019

Beatles For Sale, Light And Shade

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Another narrative of the albums that have had the most meaning in my life and in which I hope to contribute more than knowledge, feeling, which is the most important thing. Beatles For Sale has been cataloged by many over the years (it was released in 1964) as one of the darkest albums of The Fab Four. I totally disagree, I could accept that it is a disc with lights and shadows, but that does not prevent it from being brilliant. The lights and shadows due to the variety of letters and the rhythms that they used to record all these tracks contrast; nevertheless, all have the great touch that in the times to come would mark the course of the immortality of the favorite group of many generations: The Beatles. Probably many fans of this group would like all their songs to be like "She Loves You", but that is not part of the artistic growth experienced by all composers, let alone when we speak of the greatest in the century music scene XX. For me, this record represents the bridge that unites what was once the aspiration and the big dreams of four players from Liverpool who were looking for fame, with the confirmation that everything they did, would conquer the whole world, no matter races, languages. , musical tastes, and ideology. After Beatles For Sale, the band would cease to be an attempt to be a solid reality. Having compiled all the experience of the previous albums and with the security of their solidity in composing, The Beatles gives us a sample that touches its origins, but at the same time it draws its future. With the Lennon-McCartney duo that defines the role of each of them in each song and builds the path to be considered the most important composers of the time, we distinguish the style by which everyone wants to walk, but always with the complement of Your partner that enriches the other's ideas. It should be noted that the songs included in this album that were not number one in the year in which they were published, reached great sales decades later. This is the case of the song "No Reply" that in the eighties and thanks to a mix that was popularized on the radio in many countries and that, by the way, was very bad, was revalued. Beatles For Sale shines as one of the works, perhaps less appreciated by many, but much more honest and authentic than other traditional English melodies. of the group.

Like A Real Winner

I recommend listening to this song: "I'm A Loser" after a couple of drinks of your favorite drink (and I'm not talking about tea or coffee, of course). It's wonderful that John Lennon's heartbreaking voice and self-confidence to play the four, give the song a sense in which it looks like it's a hammer that hits your head on every hit, and that reminds you all the time that you are a loser !!! Yes, in more than one occasion in life we ​​have identified with this problem and I think that there are still many more occasions to continue feeling this way. The harmonica that screams in your ears, the strength of the bass and the rhythm of the song transports you to the thickest years of pubs in deep England. It is well known by all that the same John Lennon mentioned the moment of this song as his stage more Bob Dylan when he referred in life to different stages in which he was asked about the recording of the discs of the band and that gives him even more relevance when we listen to it again and again.

The Other Side Of The Story

When we hear "I'll Follow the Sun" we understand the other side of the story that I've tried to explain. The contrast with the song "I'm a Loser" is evident. The arrangement of the guitars shines and the sweet voice with which Paul McCartney plays his song. The lyrics show us the incredible romantic facet that in the future would explode to its maximum expression and be carried to the foundations of love in all senses. Without the need of noisy percussions or demonstrations of virtuosity in the execution of the instruments, the melody and the exquisite accompaniment, to throw to the floor all those versions of which this album is a dark disc, on the contrary, it shines with an intensity. rarely seen

A Beautiful Memory

A song in which they come to me, beautiful memories is "I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party", where when listening to the expressions used in the lyrics and the accent in the interpretation of John Lennon, I can distinguish a large part of The inhabitants of the north of England and a good part of Scotland. They still talk like that! And many of the friends I had while living there speak exactly the same and that seems endearing to me. I also had the fortune to adopt that accent and it is something that I am proud of. I think this is another song that portrays all the atmosphere that lived at that time and that dignifies English popular music.

Rock And Roll For Ever

And to end that absurd discussion once and for all, "Rock And Roll Music" include this cover on the album is not casual, The Beatles aims to keep the flame of all their fans and gives them this version that became a reference of The band the first years of his career and, later, a must for all those who for the first time get to know the prolific career of these four of Liverpool. Of course, we must not forget the song "Eight Days A Week", a descriptive theme about the style created and followed by the band until 1966. In conclusion: if you want to understand the beginnings and the progress of the band towards what would be your best years in terms of creativity, listening and revaluing the bridge album that made all this possible, Beatles For Sale.