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Younger Now

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May 31, 2019

Younger Now By Miley Cyrus, Too Old To Be 2017

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

I admit that throughout my life there have been trillions of things that I do not understand and there will be many other things that I will not understand in the years that I have left to live. I'm human, that simple. One of them is a phenomenon called Miley Cyrus. I have never connected with his music and, much less, with his way of singing. I always disagreed with the way she broke with the image of the teenager who made her so famous and loved by many around the world, because it seemed excessive, something like that was not necessary. Being outside the United States, I have witnessed New Year's table talks in which the mothers, scandalized by the way in which Miley Cyrus was presented in that video with Robin Thicke plus other things previously and later presented by the singer, with In order to eliminate any vestige of her past image, they assured that, to their daughters, who had grown up watching the series of Hannah Montana, it would be strictly forbidden to follow this new character invented by the artist. I could not believe in those years (2013 I think) that it was something so important for so many people, her image appeared everywhere, and I read, watched and listened to any number of things about her. It was a flow of information, good, regular and bad, incessant and sickly. Why so much attention? It is not the first nor will it be the last, I thought. I always believed that the overexposure of her image would eventually be harmful, usually, what happens when in reality your popularity is mainly based on the stridency of your image, acts, and statements, and not the artistic work you offer your audience. Maybe in those years social networks where just knowing the magnitude of their reach and that's why all people used them as a new toy and had nothing more to discuss and that's why they paid so much attention to the drastic change of the singer. Or maybe it was because the influence exerted by her old image on teenage girls represented a danger because of the possibility of being translated as an invitation to be bad girls, I do not know. But what I do know is that, before my eyes and my ears, everything that happened around the artist was not justified by the artistic work she gave us. So, what happened there? Is it true that regardless of the quality of the product we can make millions of dollars and convert something that, in normal situations would go unnoticed, in a global success like this girl represents? Or it will be that music is just a pretext used as a vehicle to actually give people a character created based on an image and have something to say to the masses without the need to talk, sing well or say things that make sense. Because, when I listen to Younger Now I confirm that what she created has nothing to do with what her fans say about her. It does not make sense an eminently Country album, written and executed in such a basic way and with such an old scent, that people turn to love and devotion towards her as they do. Or it will be that, as I said, they do not care what she does or sings or compose, all they want is to feed of that "I do not know what". I do not know, as I write, I'm more confused.

To whom it is addressed

To continue with all this confusion in my head, generated by listening to the album and after the bombing of the image of Miley Cyrus for so many years, the beginning of the album increases the contradictions. I mean the song that gives the album its name Younger Now. Decadent images, an old style, performances that are neither funny nor not serious, an interpretation that leaves much to be desired and, above all, a message that I am not clear to whom it is addressed. The worst of all is that this is the cover letter of the album, poor musicalization and a letter that reflects the singer's awareness that she is not the girl of before. However, I do not see the girls who consume everything that has to do with her image and music identified with this song. I do not think age is a concern at this time because I do not think that they are over thirty years old, they have nothing to vindicate for now. This may begin to be a reason to worry and reflect after forty-five. In addition, the beat used in the song does not invite to move or be moved, it is rather an airplane that does not take off and stays on the track. In fact, the whole album is like the product of an old singer who recalls her ancient glories in some dark and smelly bar in an American town lost in the middle of nowhere. And then, the question comes back to haunt my head: why so much fanaticism and huge sales around this image? Do they want to see her, or do they want to hear her?

An oasis in the desert

The desperation while the album goes on with frankly boring things was such that when I came to the song "Bad Mood" my disappointment was total. I can not understand how it is possible that someone has dared to advise the singer to include this song in the album. When I had almost lost all my faith, I got to the last track of Younger Now and I found a theme that looks like an oasis in the desert: "Inspired". It will never be my intention to despise the effort of an artist, but one has to say what he thinks with sincerity and when listening to this song I could breathe easy because I knew that I had in my hands a reason to rescue something from this album. The song becomes relevant when it was presented by the artist in Manchester, the United Kingdom and its emotional interpretation moved all those who attended the concert either at the stadium or through the internet. What had happened months before in that same city during the concert of Ariana Grande and the sensitive content of the song by Miley Cyrus, touched the fibers of many hearts. Unfortunately, "Inspired" is not enough reason to be able to speak well of a work that is supposed to speak to new generations from the voice of a disruptive artist in terms of its image and everything it does offstage. It is rather the conventional work of an artist that perhaps should not have all the projection that Miley Cyrus has.