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May 10, 2019

An injection of adrenaline with Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 6 mins read

Sunday, six in the morning, for some reason I woke up very early, but I think I'll never know. Coffee does not help me, and I want to find something that makes me wake up in earnest. "Music" is the first thing that comes to my mind and it seems good to me. The headphones will be my perfect accomplices so as not to wake up anybody, I do not want problems, especially on Sunday. I asked myself: "Foo Fighters"? Are you crazy? At six in the morning? And I answered myself: well, what I want is to wake up and I will not do it if I play the music of Mary Poppins. But what do you need to listen to "Foo Fighters"? The night, something stronger than coffee, friends or being away from home? None of that, any time and environment are good to listen to a great rock band. Okay, another sip of coffee, click on Foo Fighters: Greatest Hits and the day began. The first thing that comes to mind, is to reflect on how complex it must be to form a band with two guitars, drums, a bass and pretend to have a global success that makes you stay in the public's taste for decades, and become a reference for the new groups that want to follow your path, some will achieve it and others will not, but your band, which achieved glory in that way, will always be a reference for all. Wow! It's amazing, to be in the place of bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin (three instruments) and Nirvana (three members!) where the leader and founder of Foo Fighters, Dave Grohl, came from. They did a lot with so few instrumental resources. That is, to begin with, one of the great merits of this band and its creator. Faithful to a style, evolving within it and perfecting its themes with each step they take. The music of Foo Fighters will always be an injection of adrenaline. It was the turn of The Pretender and I woke up:

To Resist

I really like that their lyrics are a hymn to the resistance of people to be as others want them to be or, the resistance to the abuse of the powerful and, I understand that many of their fans take it in the same way. Some interpret it as something very personal for experiences in their lives, while others give it a collective sense and translate it into enthusiastic activism in favor of those who need it. In relation to the lyrics and music that surround the concept of Foo Fighters, I must say that they are distinguished from the other great bands I mentioned before, by a very particular detail: almost all their songs lack a solo guitar. Curiously, there is no 'guitar hero' like Jimmy Page or Eric Clapton that we all hope to see in a rock band, regardless of the power of their guitars, practically all the arrangements are rhythmic, and they never give us a demonstration of the virtuosity of this instrument by excellence present on the rock. Do they need it? I do not think so, and that speaks to us of a brilliant technique to compose, because the songs and arrangements revolve around the message and the energy of the drums and the rhythm guitars, for who we listen to them, we do not demand a guitar demonstration, nor We compare them with nobody else, everything is in the right place and in none of the subjects gives us the feeling that something is missing. And that is not easy to achieve. Another great success of the band is to wrap the voice of Dave Grohl so that everything is focused on the attention to what he is saying, while the power of the guitars, bass, and drums put us in the right frame of mind. That's why when I heard "Long Road to Ruin" I was surprised to hear the only solo guitar of the entire selection of songs on the album, it is not something like our guitar heroes but, at least it pleases those who, like me, love the instrument as our own life. Outside of that, we do not need more to enjoy and infect ourselves with the strength of the rest of the songs. But listen to the song and watch the video just to confirm that, they can also do it:

A difficult combination

Another thing that is worthy of admiration and to thank the band is, their great ability to combine the seriousness with which they write many of the lyrics, where they reflect great problems of youth and their own experiences, with the sense of humor that they project in many of the videos included in this selection of greatest hits. Dave Grohl transmits everything he wants as he has great tools for acting, which allows him to be the protagonist of almost all the videos with which they promoted the themes when they were launched with great success. A special mention deserves the video of the song, "Learn to Fly", where not only all the members of the band are seen performing several characters, almost all of them very funny, but a very big similarity with the film of one of the greatest directors and filmmakers of Spanish cinema, Pedro Almodóvar. I refer to the movie Los Amantes Pasajeros (The passenger lovers) where you can laugh out loud with the adventures of the flight attendants who have a marked influence of the characters in the Foo Fighters video. It's good that a sense of humor also marks a facet of this great rock group because that's what life should be like: neither so in serious, nor so lightly. The record continues its march without waste, the energy is well managed so that you do not stop listening to a single song and you finish satisfied. It is nice that they are still active and now with more members, this same year (2019) they will be touring different countries, highlighting the concerts they will give in the United Kingdom, Denmark, and Norway among others. But it gives me more pleasure to know that they still keep the sense of humor that characterizes them in their videos. One way to stay up to date with all his crazy things is to follow his Instagram account: @foofighters where they have millions of followers who have fun with very funny photos as well as keep us informed with their new jobs and tours. It is to be recognized that, in addition, in his account, they support new rock artists.