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Coffee & Kush, Vol. 1


Jun 15, 2020

Coffee & Kush, what a good mix from Problem!

Written by @DocLJ / 3 mins read

As being one of my favorite Los Angeles new generation of rappers, Jason L. Martin alias Problem made quite a name for himself in the past decade. Born in Wurzburg, West Germany, and raised a Compton California, he wrote a couple of songs for a lot of artists including his cousin and producer Terrace Martin on a Snoop Dogg record. Impressed by Problem's nice touch of writing, this led Problem to collaborate with Snoop Dogg, DJ Quik, Tha Dogg Pound, E-40, T.I., Nas, Wale, and many more. In his entire hip-hop career, Problem has released around 13 mixtapes, 3 project albums, and a new album he released on May 29th, 2020 titled Coffee and Kush, Vol. 1 with no guest appearances.

Coffee & Kush

The album starts with the song "Coffee & Kush" which has a very instrumental with good bass and if I'm not mistaken a saxophone in the background. Problem delivered with his rap some wisdom and down to earth lyrics, it's a good song to start the album with, on God. Another track with a good instrumental is "Where I Come From" where Problem speaks about being from Compton, staying on his grind and his focus, and learning from his lessons to count his blessings. At the end of the song, a woman is explaining the meaning and purpose of Coffee and Kush. The following song should be your morning anthem, as Problem raps on "Top of the Top" how to stay motivated to get things done for yourself and get paid. "Top of the top, time to get paid, up early in the morning like it's 5th grade" is the bar in the hook that stands out in the song, and Problem also states in the song that Coffee and Kush is his balance. "Janet Freestyle (Remix)" is a song where Problem gets up close and personal about the loss of his friend, Nipsey Hussle. I don't know if Problem did a song about Nipsey being gone since he passed away, but this song is touching as Problem states that LA became one because of Nipsey. Long live King Nip as he showed us how to be royalty ourselves. The song finishes with a funny skit with DC Young Fly followed by the song "Lamborghini".

Problem is about his business

Halfway through the album, all I can say about Coffee and Kush is the production of the album is good. We have the song "Wait A Minute" where Problem raps about his love and passion for the art of hip-hop and his confidence in himself following his dreams. Problem raps a street tale on the song "Family Ties" on a dope instrumental which seems to be DJ Quik or Terrace Martin type of beat. Then we have the song "Don't Be Mad At Me" followed by the song "G Shit" where Problem shows his poet side by rapping about following your goals for yourself, never have to worry about you lose and keep focusing on the good; G Shit = Goals Shit. The album finishes with the song "Slow Down Turbo".