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Sep 09, 2019

This Is The Album That Redefined The Artist’s Persona As We Know It Today.

Written by @gospelredefined from Gospel Redefined / 6 mins read

Despite the playful persona that Shawn Mendes displays on his songs he has actually been working very hard. Ever since Shawn became a celebrated pop star, he had been making extreme effort to grow in the music industry. While there a number of tested ways to grow in the music industry the Canadian star chose to forge his path. He experimented on a number of styles both good and bad in combination with his unique sound and that effort is what resulted in the fabulous track showcased on his self-named album. A lot of years have passed since the star released his debut album and with those years he has acquired a lot of experience in respect to romance and women. Consequently, his sound on the songs is more mature and believable. There is something in the way he sang on this album that will convince you that he knew exactly what he was talking about. From day one, Shawn always had a different perspective from youths his age. He always went for the best. Not surprisingly, his albums sound better with each release. He put an unusual amount of effort in this album though. Firstly, he collaborated with a handful of artists when he was recording this album. Secondly, he did not just play the role of song creator but he was also the executive producer of the album. In a way, young Shawn has become his own boss. The album was an extreme success though. The album topped the charts in both his home country, the United States, Australia, Belgium and three other countries. It debuted in the top three in the United Kingdom. If that is not an example of commercial success to you then your opinions are henceforth irrelevant.

In my blood: The song will make you question how much you actually know about Shawn.

Commercially “In My Blood” was a hit. It made it to the #11th position on the Billboard Hot 100. It also made it to the top ten in a few more countries. Eventually, the song was nominated for a Grammy award as the song of the year but that is all on paper. If you have listened to the album, you will know that the song is not as good as the other tracks on the album. If anything, it does deserve an award as the weakest track on the album. Don’t get me wrong, the song was pretty good but when compared with songs like "Nervous" and the like you will understand why the song deserves the above mentioned award. It is kind of like “the worst of the best award” because this album is definitely his best work. The artist began the song by crying out for help. He was going through something bigger than him and the pressure was slowly overwhelming him. The worst part was probably the fact that he felt nobody could relate with what he was going through. Rather they kept telling him that everything was going to turn out fine. The only thing their goodwill did was to make him more impatient. He tried a couple pills, took a few bottles but nothing actually worked out. He was crippled within but he used this song to tell the world exactly how he felt, he felt like caving in to the pressure. Just when he admitted that he was under pressure to cave in, he drove home the theme of the song. The theme is no matter the pressure he was not going to cave because it was not in his blood. Whenever I hear songs like this, the pain is usually the result of a love gone bad but that was not the case with “In my blood”. The singer was lamenting about something much deeper. The question is what?

Nervous: The ballad that reveals the insecurities of the teen icon.

I believe it is safe to say that Shawn got everything right on this song. The delivery was simply fabulous; so good it can’t be described with words. You will have to listen to the track to know just how good the song is. The title of the song is a precise hint regarding what the song is about. The drama began in a café. He went in to relax but he got an adrenaline pump. The pop star described himself as someone who develops sweaty palms and weak knees when scared but both things happened at once when he fell in love at first sight. The chorus was simply perfection. He used it to admit to the weakness he felt when he was around the object of his affection. The summary of the story is all his imperfections worked out for him because at the end of the day they ended up together. Shawn sang as though he was having a conversation with someone and he made it look so easy. The artist truly enters his zone when he is singing about romance.

This track complicated the whole mature theme that this album was meant to portray.

We all know that Shawn has been singing about the emotions that come with falling in and out of love ever since his debut but none of them is authentic as "Particular Taste". Personally, this is the most believable song I have heard Shawn sing. The pain in his voice as he sang the words was euphoric in a twisted way. It was sounded funny listening to Shawn lament about a one night stand. The one part I didn’t get though was his mention of Kanye West. Maybe the artist wanted to point out that he has not gotten to where he wants to be musically. Besides that the rest of the song was simply about one thing; how awesome his one night stand partner was. He obviously loved her drive and forwardness. I think the major thing that this track does is it emphasizes the fact that Shawn is not yet fully mature. I really do hope he stays this way though because this song is simply gold and if it is his naivety that birthed the inspiration for this song then I hope he stays that way.