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Dec 19, 2019

How T.I.'s Urban Legend influenced my life

Written by @DocLJ / 7 mins read

Urban Legend is T.I.'s 3rd album which was released on November 30th, 2004 under his label Grand Hustle and Atlantic Records. Urban Legend is one of my favorite and personal albums because T.I.'s music helped me go through high school and anything else after in life. This album and his 4th album KING felt like T.I. was talking to me through his music like he was my big brother from a long distance. Urban Legend was released after TIP was released from prison and during his big feud with Houston rapper, Lil' Flip. The album features Pharrell, Nelly, Jazze Pha, Daz Dillinger, Lil' Kim, BG, Lil' Wayne, Mannie Fresh and more, and the production comes from DJ Toomp, The Neptunes, Scott Storch David Banner, Lil Jon, Mannie Fresh, Jazze Pha and many more.

Hi Haters, The King is Back!

"Tha King" is the first song of the album where T.I. claims that he holds the Atlanta throne. My love for this song is that it makes you feel like you own the place wherever you go and that nothing can stop you with the deserved respect you get from your peers. The song samples "Hit It Run" and "King Of Rock" from Run-DMC. The lyrics and wordplay are amazing and this is a fire track to start the album. "Motivation" is the song that sold me to be a T.I. fan. The message and lyrics in this song are so powerful, and when this came out when I was in high school, I related so much to this song because of the verses where he addresses his haters, and even he is the skinniest and shorter person in the room, T.I. acts like he's a 6'4" person. Also, the line "If God With Me, Who Can be Against Me" hits me every time. Thanks to the production of DJ Toomp with the flute in the background, this is one of T.I.'s best song period. Similar to Motivation, "U Don't Know Me" is where T.I. addresses his haters and the people who are always plotting about him. As a second single for the album, this song was mostly dedicated to the streets. Aside from the street activities that TIP was doing, my relation to this song is that many people that you meet either in the streets, at school or at work think they know you but they don't know anything and you want them to keep your name out of their mouth. Then we have the song "ASAP" which is a great song as well. T.I. is known to do deep and personal songs in his albums and "Prayin' For Help" is where T.I. talks to God. Even though his street activities were wrong, TIP claims he is doing them for a good cause and a good future, and even though he knows he is strong enough to battle his struggles by himself, sometimes help from someone can be the solution. I think that even if you're not a fan of T.I. or a hip-hop fan, anybody can relate to this song. "Why You Mad At Me" is one of my favorite personal songs by T.I. as on this beat produced by Khao, TIP asks his haters one question. My reason for the love of this song is that the hook has everything I ever asked myself about most of the people I ever met in my life who are not in my circle of personal friends. The bar "I'm a be the same Tip til the end of me, That's something you know automatically if you a friend of me" is the story of my life and anybody who knows me well can confirm that.”

I got the girls, the cars, the swag, I'm The Greatest!

Now that we're past the street part of the album where T.I. addressed the people who ever doubted him, it's time for The King of South to have fun with his friends and girls. The song "Get Loose" is a type of song that T.I. raps about he wants the girls to go wild when he goes to a party. With the production of Jazze Pha and the feature appearance of one of his real-life best friend Nelly, who did a video about girls going wild called "TIP Drill" and do not watch this video in public by the way, I don't think that T.I. would have any trouble to make the girls go wild. "What They Do" featuring B.G. and "The Greatest" featuring and produced by Mannie Fresh, are songs where T.I. doesn't shy away to brag about his luxury jewels and cars, and that he can attract girls like a magnet. The song "Get Ya Shit Together" featuring Lil' Kim is where The King and The Queen tell their date they need to look good when they're around them. The song is well produced by Scott Storch. "Freak Though" is featuring Pharrell which is a song about girls and the beat is produced by The Neptunes. Then we have the song "Countdown" produced by David Banner which has a similar sound to T.I.'s song "Rubberband Man" which was also produced by David Banner on his previous album Trap Muzik. "Bring Em' Out" was Urban Legend first single and is produced by Swizz Beatz. Even though this song was a huge success club song, T.I. was taking shots at his haters just like at the beginning of the album. The song samples Jay-Z's "What More Can I Say." Like a classic song would say "It ain't no fun if the homies can't have none", which is exactly the case in the following song "Limelight" featuring T.I.'s group P$C where the group contains T.I.'s childhood friends, and the guys rap about having fun with beautiful ladies.

I Just Want a Peaceful Life

Having fun is always good, but we can't neglect the people that care about us. "Chillin' With My Bitch" is where T.I. puts all his fun, friends and other distractions asides to spend some alone and quality time with his girl. This is a nice smooth and laid back beat featuring Jazze Pha and a production by Scott Storch. I like how this song is a grown man type of beat, and it also gave me some good ideas on how to spoil and spend some good time with a girlfriend. The grown man stuff did not last long on the album as T.I. is back to clap back at haters with the help of Lil' Jon, Trick Daddy and Lil' Wayne on the song "Stand Up." On this beat produced by Lil' Jon, the rappers talk about how they don't care about what they say and do to whoever that provokes or pisses them off. The album finishes with the song "My Life" featuring Daz Dillinger and in my opinion, this is T.I.'s most underrated song. Both TIP and Daz lyrically killed this track, and you can see a 2Pac's influence in this song, especially since Daz produced 2Pac biggest hits in All Eyez on Me, and Daz was also a close friend to 2Pac. I feel this track because whenever you're just trying to live and enjoy your life, some people always bring negative vibes inside your life.