The Best Damn Thing

"Avril Lavigne"

Aug 10, 2019

The Best Damn Thing: How I Fell In Love For The First Time

Written by @djtrevi / 12 mins read

Avril Lavigne music has been the soundtrack for part of my life, since her debut album. From the time I was a 12-year-old "Sk8er Boy" who just wanted to revolt against the system, whose life was "Complicated" for a young man. Who was trying to find himself in the world, thinking to himself, where do I belong? Dedicating the song "I'm with you" to himself. Her music resonated all the way to her sophomore album when life seemed to be as dark as her album. When my sister handed me a note stating, "I want to kill myself." The lyrics of "No Body Home," hit home. It was the only song that could make me associate to what she was feeling. I always say, where words falter, music vocalises. When she sang: “She wants to go home, but nobody's home. That's where she lies. Broken inside with no place to go. No place to go to dry her eyes! Broken inside! Her feelings she hides, her dreams she can't find. She's losing her mind, she's falling behind she can't find her place, she's losing her faith, she’s falling from grace, she's all over the place, yeah." – Avril. The lyrics will forever be hunting, and it made me realise that suicide is no fool and must be taking earnestly. My skin still crawls, and I want to jump out of my skin every single time I listen to this song. Still makes me shake, and it scares me to death to even think how much pain one must be in. The feeling of despair in Avril voice would match the despair I was feeling. Wondering what I could do to make this situation better. Still, the song gives you a bit of hope. Being both angelic and cryptic, it's like a California sunset joining the blue ocean waves in the middle of an Eclipse. Drawing in on sorrows in a dark place but trying to find peace. A beautiful song but yet emotional and frightening all at the same time.

How Avril Lavigne album “The Best Damn Thing” was the soundtrack of my spring love

My story doesn't stop there. One of the most important albums for me will always be The Best Damn Thing. This album got me through my first serious crush with the boy that got away. The one that marked me in every single way, at least in every right way. He is the person that will eternally be in my heart for all the right reasons. The albums upbeat, sassiness, and lyrics exhibited my own status quo at the time. The record demonstrates what young love is all about. Starting with "Girlfriend", a sassy song about a person who is interested in someone else's boyfriend. A young person who is so confident that she/he would be willing to tell the guy that they like, that they don't like their partner and they need a new one. The song screams high school crush, with its cheerleading pop sound. Not only is the song and its lyrics high, but they are also immortal to me. The album might not have been critically acclaimed, but it was one of her most successful ones. Moving from a rock sound to a more punk-pop sound, and who can forget all that pink in the videos and the album cover, this was defiantly a major reinvention, but why not? She was going through a change. She was engaged, in love, and the album still had an alternative sense with Travis Barker playing the drums of many of the songs. A treat for anyone who can appreciate drums. The lead single, “Girlfriend," has the quirkiest lyrics from the whole album. I mean come on: “Hey, hey, You, you, I don't like your girlfriend. No way, no way, I think you need a new one. Hey, hey, You, you, I could be your girlfriend. Hey, hey, You, you, I know that you like me. No way, no way, No, it's not a secret. Hey, hey, you, you, I want to be your girlfriend.” – Avril

The Best Damn Thing: I can do It better.

How silly can this song be, “Girlfriend”? The song is an echo to the Toni Basil song "Hey Mickey." Still, these are some of the most important lyrics to me. The album was not new when I feel in love with it. It was gradual and it became part of my life for many years. I guess I can say it started on a mid-spring day in March when Dean called me to come to look at an apartment. We were planning to move in together, and we were looking to move into something near work that summer. I met Dean at work. He was my replacement as the weekend manager. I had grabbed a part-time job at a gym while I was in school and easily got promoted to weekend manager. I apply to be a juice boy making protein shakes but ended up in their sales department because they realize my personality was fun and I was able to sale more than the average person. After a few months, I became stress with my school work, managing a gym, and still, keep up with my own training. I asked to step down, and they brought my replacement. A really cute guy with an equally great smile as mine. He was charming and I told him if he needed any help that he could count on me – Easily we became a power team. I would help him with his sale, even though I was not in that department anymore. Every week we exceed our quota. We spend many days at work together and every evening we would end up at the beach looking at the sunset drinking whisky. One day he asked me to move in with him once the school year was over, and I said yes. I was fortunate I lived near the gym, but he didn't. Then my life changed one day. I got a call from Dean asking me to see an apartment near the gym. I asked for the address and I got in my car and went to the address, unfortunate we had a miscommunication he gave me the wrong address. After a short argument through the phone, I told him I was leaving. He was upset I couldn't find the place. He realized he had given me the wrong address and apologize. He proceeded to tell me to come back and then gave me the right address – When I arrived, I got off my car wearing my gym uniform. The first thing I saw was a tall, dark, and handsome guy. He was wearing Calvin Klein shoes and the best black suit on the market. He had the face of a model. I don't know what came over me, but I locked eyes with him. I knew at that very moment that I was drawn to him. I didn't think much of the encounter, even though I felt connected to him. He showed me the apartment without me saying a word and then I left. Right then and there at that moment I realize I could do better, and my love for Dean had to go.

Hey, You I Don’t like Your Boyfriend: The first Steps to Love

Days later I received a message from him on Facebook. It stated, "Do you remember me." I kindly reply, no! He then replied, " I'm the guy from the apartment complex." After a few more exchanges over messenger, I gave him my number and we agreed on a date that consisted of kick-boxing. During the date, he asked me about Dean. I told him there was nothing to know. I felt he was into Dean since he was asking a lot of question about him. Later that night I got a text from him saying, "Hey you, I don't like your boyfriend. I think you need a new one." With a simple text, my life was going to change – I had to get on YouTube and listen to the song. It was the silliest thing ever and I laughed so hard. Still, there was something that gravitated me to him. He used the lyrics to “Girlfriend” to ask me out on another date. He embodied the quirkiness of the song. The song is fun, and he was too. I could not say no. Things escalated quickly as we spend many days together. He was the perfect guy. He was tall, dark, and handsome, most of all, he was a gentleman, the perfect boyfriend. Like the song "The Best Damn Thing" he was just that, the best damn thing. Yes, he got the tab, open the door, and most importantly read my mind. He knew when to hold my hand. I crumbled when he touched me. He was my lightning and every time he’d strike, I felt electrified – He was a mind reader. He knew my every though, my every wish, and my own feelings. We could feel each other; we could feel each other’s heat. If I want him to kiss me, that is what he did without me saying a word. His kisses were tempestuous and made me hazy. I couldn't see anything around me, just him in front of me. He would always end our sensuous kisses by biting my bottom lip, it was magical. The world could be ending, and it would have been ok with me. Every kiss seemed individual and personal. I guess that is how it always feels when you fall in love for the first time.

Innocence Love, and Hot Sex

The most essential songs of the album are "Hot" and "Innocence." Lyrically they talk to me, and to this day make me lose my train of thought. They say when words fail, music speaks, and this is what these two songs did. Let's start with "Hot" the chorus is one of the best written by Avril to this day. "You make me so hot. Make me wanna drop It's so ridiculous, I can barely stop. I can hardly breathe. You make me wanna scream. You're so fabulous. You're so good to me, baby, baby. You're so good to me, baby, baby” – Avril. I always did feel the lyrics especially, "You're so good to me." Everything he did was good. He was my sanctuary, and his heart was my home. We had become one, we were intertwined like the roots of a tree. The home could have burned, but no matter what the roots would grow. I wanted to do everything this song said; lock him up in my closet, put my hand in my pocket, drive him into the corner, kiss him without a sound, and stay that way forever – The most intimate songs, “Innocence” is one of the best of the album, a piano ballad that takes you deep down into an emotional state of mind. Avril is a master in all things emotional. She has proven it from the get-go. From songs like the rock ballad "I'm with You,” "My Happy Ending,” and "Fall To Pieces." Unlike these songs "Innocence" does have a happy ending and it stands as a true love song, with a deeply emotional message. From the first note, "Waking up, I see that everything is okay." Already gives you an idea of what is to come. Debbie Harris once said, "The first sentence of the song is the most important part of the song." Avril continues with, "The first time in my life, and now it's so great. Slowing down, I look around, and I am so amazed. I think about the little things that make life great." – These words were exactly how I felt so many years ago. A sense of safety that could not be taking away. Every act in the relationship was pure. From the fun times, we spent laughing at the gym to the lovemaking in the bedroom. We couldn't let go, our love was tied to each other hearts and our innocence was the pillar that held us together, and the background was a teen album that took us by surprise. The feelings I got were complex but simple. I still ask myself how one can feel. Happiness, an out-of-body experience, while having the feeling of ecstasy at the same time but still scared that it could all go away in just one-second. Looking back at The Best Damn Thing is not only looking back on Avril’s music but the life of so many of us that were listening to her – The album has no fillers and songs like "Contagious" and "Everything Back But You" carry a huge pop-punk style packed with great lyrics and music arrangements. Another emotional ballad is "Keep Holding On" A song about making it through a hard time, staying strong, and like "No Body Home" it sends a message of hope and loyalties to those who are going through hardships. Not only is the Album fun, but it has strong messages. Something that Avril has done through and through with every album. On the wake of her new single, "I Fell In Love With The Devil" released this past June we celebrate the artist 2-decade career. If music is the soundtrack to our lives, this album is one that I will carry on in my heart.