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"Kiana Ledé"

Aug 29, 2019

What A Delight To Discover Kiana Ledé

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / 1 mins read

Definitely, when you take the wheel of your car and drive aimlessly, you find beautiful and exciting places that you didn't know existed. It is highly recommended that you do it from time to time because the surprises that hide the road make you feel alive and allow you to break with the monotony of modern life.
It also happens in music, you just let yourself be carried by your finger on the screen of your mobile or the mouse of your computer and you get to discover wonderful singers and musicians. This is more than advisable because the paths of music are not reduced to what we always hear and are used to; on the contrary, the musical universe is so huge and varied that the possibilities of finding something that makes you fall in love are endless.
It's what happened to me right now, when I came by chance to hear this great voice. With an authentic R&B, acoustic and delicious sound, Kiana Ledé left me impressed. The beauty of her voice and the control she has over it is admirable.
I am sure that her theme, “Shawty”, will captivate the most demanding and will be the favorite song in many playlists in the remainder of the summer. Do not lose sight of her and follow everything that this artist does that will soon be shining in the sky of the stars of popular music.