"Demi Lovato"

Aug 24, 2019

Demi’s Drowning her Demons In A Powerpack Album

Written by @wardahkhan / 3 mins read

Every teen popstar who stays in the business long enough eventually comes out with an album which is “The Album”. This album means I am no longer a teen idol, now I am a serious grownup musician . Confident was that album for Demi Lovato. An album which tackled the artist’s own demons with some strong vocals. Demi is an artist who has always shown potential when it came to singing but even then I always felt something was missing in her songs. After listening to Confident I realized what it was, that girl is made to sing anthems about real issues not some basic pop songs that just about everyone can sing.

‘’Confident’’ A justified title for a song like this

“Confident” is a song made for that day when you are feeling extra awesome about yourself. A song which will play in your head in situations like after saying a smart comeback, leaving a toxic ex or fitting perfectly in a cocktail dress. The song is about celebrating yourself, being confident in yourself and I can’t imagine someone else singing it with as much conviction as Demi Lovato did. Her singing this song doesn’t feel shallow because she came out of a hard time stronger than ever. It’s her victory song and if you are someone who has dealt with inner or external battle to find the true you then this will be your song too. In order to be confident in your skin, a person needs to accept their strengths and their flaw. While “Confident” was about celebrating your strength, “Old ways” is acknowledging that time when you weren’t the best version of yourself. It’s a song that reflects Demi’s own personal struggles with drug abuse and how she is now better than ever.

Hottest Coolest Song Ever

If you are someone who has seen Demi grew up all these years then “Cool For The Summer” will make you realize she is indeed fully grown up. She is woman who takes her craft seriously and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries a little bit. I liked the song from the moment that piano starts to play. Sexual and playful are the adjectives that can describe this song the best. It’s an ultimate pop song to perform in your room to channel your inner popstar. Demi ripped her Disney image to shreds in this one to prove she can be as sexy as her contemporaries and undoubtedly she is.

Demi is at her vocal best in StoneCold

A Good singer always has that one song in their album which showcases her/his singing prowess. While Demi’s vocals are hardly ever underplayed but “Stone Cold” presents them on another level. More than singing it’s the emotions she sings it with, an emotion which you can only capture if you have been hurt and frustrated. Everytime she says “I am happy for you” it’s pure goosebumps. If you have been a Demi fan since her Disney days then this is proud moment for you too as a fan because despite everything that she went through she made it.