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It's Your Bed Babe, It's Your Funeral - EP

"Maisie Peters"

Jul 10, 2020

Well, Now I’m Crying

Written by @loveashleigh from Love Ashleigh / 5 mins read

I've been a big fan of Maisie Peters since I discovered her back in 2016 on YouTube she had amassed just over 4000 subscribers and had just released her song “Lie To Make Me Like You” (which has since been private-d, I will never forgive you Maisie). This self-proclaimed emo pop Queen who has now amassed over 114,000 followers on Instagram who most recent ep it's your bed babe it's your funeral with a fantastic piece of art I was so excited when it was released and I can't wait to share with you some of my opinions

A Badass Breakup Song

The first track on this EP is a perfect reflection of the EP as a whole. It starts with melancholy piano chords and lyrics describing a break up, and build up to a bouncy chorus. The title of the EP comes from this song with the chorus stating this is on you it's your bed babe it's your funeral. This song feels great. It feels like being tired and fed up and just done. It feels like having a really good cry, brushing yourself off, putting on some makeup and some nice clothes, and going out to the club for a good sing and dance.

Flip in Attitude

The second song on this EP is a complete U-Turn and follows the story of a couple falling in love. It’s upbeat and written in a major key. It has a happy and warm feeling to it, and paints the early feelings in a relationship really honestly. There’s a lyric in the first verse where someone shouts “Maisie” and then a group sings “oh what are you waiting for”, which gives it a friendly feeling. You can imagine this group altogether, pushing these two people towards each other.

Self Care in a song

This is probably my favourite track on the entire EP. It feels very OG Maisie, as it starts with just simple guitar. I feel like this song is unique in the sense that it covers a topic which isn’t really covered very much in pop music today. It talks about how you should make sure you look after yourself and make sure you’re okay before go and look after other people. I think that's great message for everyone. I think we all have friends who try and take on too much of other people's emotional burdens and I think sometimes they need to be told to back off a little and make sure they’re okay and looking after themselves. Maisie’s voice in this song is incredible. She forms her own choir in some of the chorus’ which works really well with the guitar and piano.

Is This Still Maisie?

I feel like this song is very different from everything else on the EP. I remember when Maisie first released the track list for this ep and everyone was guessing what sort of song April showers would be and people were guessing it would be all about spring cleaning or rain and I just think the theme of this song is fantastic and the way that the title throws you off is really clever. This song is very different Maisy's normal style as there isn't any piano or guitar at all. It's very synthy it's very busy but I think it works and I think the instrumentation is clever and the lyricism is clever and the chorus is just fantastic. It’s a great song.

Look At Me Now

This song has fantastic lyricism and does a great job at conveying emotion. The idea of a memory hitting you out of nowhere after a song plays, (on an iPod? Who still uses an iPod?), and suddenly you’re a mess and you thought you’d come a long way since whatever happened happened, but just look at me now, and the frustration that come along with getting up about something you thought you were well and truly over. This song struck a chord with me, and I love it when a song is capable of invoking that sort of emotion in me.

Nostalgic For Something I Never Had

I don’t know what it is with this song, whether it’s the chord progression or the melody, but it does having this big feeling of nostalgia but It feels just out of grasp. It’s another song about relationships, but it feels reminiscent of a youthful relationship. The lyric “Now you’re calling my phone instead of my street” gives this imagery of growing up and no longer needing to “knock for” someone but being able to pick up the phone. I also the lyric “The month flew like swallows to sea” is a beautiful lyric and a fantastic metaphor.