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Jun 07, 2019

A Hit or Miss Album

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie  / 6 mins read

After Zayn left One Direction to pursue his solo career, a lot of people were waiting anxiously for his music. His debut album I was behind 100%, I thought that it was so good and fun; however, despite everyone saying such good things about sophomore album, Icarus Falls, I was not as impressed with it. I expected an R&B album that talked about his life and sex because that is what he left the band to sing about, but I was greeted with an exaggeratedly long album that consisted of relatively the same sounds and beats.

The Singles

The album had six singles and a few more promotional singles. The first single was “Let Me.” The first single follows a Zayn trying to win a girl over by promising her nice things and his faithfulness. The song has a part two in order to finish up the story in the music video, and part two is in the next single, “Entertainer.” The song follows a bit of a slow tune and a bit of a soothing R&B vibe. The list of singles doesn’t stop there. The third single released for the sophomore album is “Sour Diesel,” which is used as a metaphor to compare women to the sour diesel marijuana strain. The song follows a bit of a dancey beat and sound, along with the next single. The next single was also used as the song to close the album in addition to being the first song from the album that has a featured artist on it. “Too Much” is a song that Zayn got help from Timbaland in order to make a beautiful sounding Sultry r&b ballad. The song talks about a relationship that isn’t going to well. One half of the relationship wants more than the other and things are not working out. Now we move backwards on the album to talk about the final two singles. “Fingers” is the second to the last track and talks about a failed love that is harming Zayn from moving on. The song is a complete opposite in sound from the last two singles, “Too Much” and “Sour Diesel,” that were pretty much dance bops. This song is a slower R&B ballad that features no dancing bits. The final single, besides the promotional singles, features some help from rapper Nicki Minaj, “No Candle No Light.” The song includes more of an electronic sound which could be what Nicki brought to the track as she has more experience with electronic tunes. The song follows the singers as they talk about a love that is dying out and compares it to a candle light that has burned out- the spark is no longer there.

They are all the same

Moving on to the rest of the album, the second track on the album, “Natural,” is a song that talks about finally being with the one you love. It follows a slow R&B track that allows Zayn to hit some impossibly high notes. “Back to Life” is a song that expresses gratitude for his love while she helps him with his anxiety. The song follows a slow R&B- pop feel that picks up a bit with the pre- chorus. Next is a bit of a beautiful piano led, electronic- R&B love ballad, called “Common.” “Imprint” is the next song and it follows a bit of a different sound. The song features a bit of a sound that seems like a distorted piano with electronic notes over it and of course a bit of an R&B melody. The song that comes after it, “Stand Still,” shares a bit of the same electronic sounds in the background but is a bit slower in addition to having an almost angelic backing vocal. “Tonight” is the seventh track on the album, it once again follows the same slow tempo R&B beat that allows Zayn to hit a bit of a high note on the chorus. In all honesty, the album sounds mostly the same. The songs all seem to follow a slow tempo and a strictly R&B beat, with some exceptions of course. The singles for the album painted a good image of the album including different sounds but the first part of the album is not portraying it very well. The first seven songs sounded basically the same to me…

The slightly Good Ones

“There You Are” is the eleventh track on the album and a song that features a bit of a different sound. The song begins rather slow, but picks up a lot, in comparison to the others, with the chorus. The song was a promotional single for the album and allows Zayn to talk about a special someone that has been there for him throughout everything, even when no one else was. “Satisfaction” is a song that does not offer that much of a difference in pace, but it is a slow piano ballad. He uses the track to talk about his instability and the things in his life that hinders his happiness, so despite sounding similar to the rest of the album and being the thing I was complaining about, it is still a pretty good song. “Good Years” is a song that offers a slight difference while still talking about his anxieties with living in the spotlight. The final track that I am going to talk about is one of my favorites that is not a single. “Fresh Air” is a song that features a rather hard-hitting beat in comparison to the rest of the album. The song features more of an electronic pop beat with an R&B influence rather than being so heavy in R&B. All in all, the album sounds primarily the same. It does have some sort of different sounds, most of which are singles and promotional singles, but overall, It is pretty good. It won’t be saved on my phone, but if I was in the car with someone who played it, I wouldn’t be upset.

May 31, 2019

Zayn Malik attempts to reinforce his place in modern R&B

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension  / 7 mins read

Zain Javadd Malik aka ZAYN, released his second solo studio album, Icarus Falls on the 14th of December 2018. After the success of his first studio album, Mind of Mine, there were very high expectations for his Sophomore album. When Zayn left the multiplatinum selling English-Irish pop boy band, One Direction, a lot of hearts were broken and people wondered what this will mean for Zayn’s career. The band comprised of Zayn alongside Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Nial Horan who were brought together in 2010 by the judges on the British Singing competition, The X Factor. From 2010-2015 they experienced resounding success winning twenty-eight teens choice awards, seven BRIT awards & American Music Awards and four VMAs. Zayn claims that his decision to leave the group came as a result of him being in a dark place. He was dealing with crippling anxiety and his private life seemed to be falling apart, he needed a break from the spotlight. He also seemed to have outgrown the band and wanted to go solo. According to the daily mail, Zayn referred to their songs as “generic as fuck songs”, he also wanted the opportunity to be more creative. On Mind of Mine it was clear he left the generic pop sound for modern R&B. After recording and performing with four other boys throughout his career up until 2015, many doubted Zayn will be successful on his own. Despite having an incredible vocal range and texture, his team member Harry Styles was the lead singer and the star of the band. To the surprise of many his decision proved to be very profitable for him. His first single off his debut album, Pillowtalk, made him the first Male UK artists to debut at number 1 on the Billboard HOT 100. Mind of Mine debuted at number 1 in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Norway, Sweden, and the United States, he became the first British Male solo artist to do achieve that. Icarus Falls is named after a character in Greek mythology who went against his father's warnings and flew too close to the sun causing him to fall to this death. This could represent his journey so far. He was “flying high” during his One Direction era, he decided to break out of the restraint the group to go even “higher” but that led him down a rocky path. He faced extreme anxiety around performing solo and this caused him to cancel several performances and prevented him from going on tour. Icarus Falls is a double album, on the overwhelming 27-song track list, Zayn was able to show his growth as a solo artist. Though in an interview with British Vogue, Zayn said some of the tracks were meant to be on his debut album.

A Love Song Out of the Heart

The album opens up with “Let Me”, the first official single. ZAYN stayed true to his style with steamy lyrics such as “sweet baby, our sex has meaning, know this time you'll stay 'til the morning”. He was able to showcase his vocal range on the acoustic R&B track with a snare “trap like” beat on the hook. With over a hundred million views on youtube the song is one of the most popular songs on the album. This is probably due to the heartwarming catchy hook “Baby, let me be your man, so I can love you…..” and Zayn’s sexy falsetto. The album continues with a series of love songs, giving young R&B lovers an eargasm. Malik’s writing skills have also taken a turn for the better, he proved himself as a poet with profound lyrics like “Pure heart, deeper, beautiful, like the bluest ocean, like a wave, we broke down the barriers, like the bluest ocean” on the song Natural.

A Redemption Song

On “Back to Life”, the woman he loves is his saviour, saving him from himself. Lyrics like “Can't remember what it was like to be sober, what if I lost my lives” seems to be talking about a possible drug addiction. On tracks like “Flight Of The Stars” and “If I Got You”, ZAYN explains a love so deep it transcends this planet. On “If I Got You” he sings, “think I'm from space, space soul fell down… Anywhere you go, round the Universe, I'll be there, I'll be there”. In the second half of the album (after the Icarus Falls Interlude), the lyrics are much darker. On “Too Much”, featuring Timbaland, he sings about the intoxicating love he has for a woman who won’t love him back. The legendary producer Timberland, worked his magic, his beats gave the track an uptempo feel allowing Zayne to maintain his R&B style. His Pop R&B track “No Candle, No Light” (feat. Nicki Minaj) is perhaps the most danceable song on the album.

Zayn Reminisces about The Lifestyle in the yesteryears

On “Good Years” he appeared to be singing about the frustration he faced while in One Direction. He said “I'd rather be anywhere, anywhere but here…..Too much drugs and alcohol, what the hell were we fighting for?” The lifestyle was proving to be toxic for him and even though the boy band seemed successful and picture perfect on the outside, Malik still sang “I pray to God I didn't waste all my good years…..need a chance just to breathe, feel alive”. It seems that no amount of money and fame was worth his peace of mind. Though we can see the clear evolution of ZAYN as an artist on Icarus Falls, the album did not perform as well as his debut on the charts. It debuted at number 61 on the Billboard 200. It was projected to sell just between three to five thousand copies in the first week. Malik seemed to have predicted his own fate with dismal record sales. Fans wonder why chart topping singles such as “Still Got Time” (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR) and “Dusk till Dawn” (feat. SIA) released in 2017 were not included on the album. “Dusk till Dawn” alone had over a billion streams but it was only included on the Japanese edition of the album. While explaining the album making process to The Fader, Zayn admitted to being indecisive while selecting the songs meant or the album. Malik said “Every day I find another song that I’m swapping out with another one”. He only had two features on the album with Timbaland and Nicki Minaj and they did not perform well enough to improve the album sales and streaming. The poor record sales can be as a result of the poor album promotion. Though six singles were released in a span of eight months before the album dropped, certain records like “No Candle, No Light” could have done better with the right push. The songs also did not seem to go with the theme of the album. With the title Icarus Falls, one would expect Zayn to reveal more on his struggle with his Solo Career and battles with anxiety.

The First To Break Away, Zayn Has The Head-start On Individualistic Sound, Already Proving His Solo Worth On Second Album ZAYN

I totally missed the One Direction mania, which was akin to Beatlemania in its sixties heyday. Therefore, while I recognize the origins of such artists, blossoming from beloved Boy Band to solo efforts from every member now, it is as if I am discovering the merits of One Direction backwardly, and this research faze began with the first member to bolt – ZAYN. I have since learned that this guy was ready to leave his boy band obligation from the very first year – so it is no wonder that he should be the first to leave, with that much built in conviction, and possibly, dissatisfaction. Now, ZAYN is evolving as a young artist, though having been the first to leave One Direction in 2015, he has had perhaps a head start to develop his craft as a solo artist. This head-start equates to great creative results with his second album , Icarus Falls, a fantastic pop album with all sorts of different notes played across its hefty 27 track spread. The first track will put a loving smile instantly on your face; such is its sense of accurately dispensed romance. Finger snaps that don’t sound just tacked on. A vocal that isn’t in a hurry to get every single tome out. A laid back groove, but with twinkly bell rhythms that will make your hairs stand up on end. Yes, this is the way to start an album that runs the gauntlet of love that every young superstar is apt to experience - not every artists knows how to synthesize those feelings into some multi-genre bops quite like ZAYN here.

Written by taylor / Mar 21, 2019

A little too much

I think now it has become an integral part of every musician to bring up their pain through music’s and lyrics, I am not criticising anyone, but what I feel is due to this openness people are able to enjoy their songs. Yes, it is true sometime everything becomes too much and that’s why Zayn came up with this album Icarus Falls, in many of his interviews he mentioned about the struggle he was going through after leaving one direction and apart from that he was going through a lot of personal issues and to get rid of them he came up with this album. It is good that singers are expressing their fillings, but sometimes it becomes too much even for the audience as well - I mean, I am huge fan of Zayn and even I was eagerly waiting for his new album , but putting 27 songs in a album some time becomes over exhausting for the audience as well. Personally speaking initially when I started listening to his new album it was fine, but after sometime it became very monotonous. However, having drawback still Zayn was able to bring one beautiful album with elements of emotion, romance and pain. Maybe finishing this album in one go will be a tough job, however album is worth listening to.

Written by Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly / Jun 04, 2019

Finding his own direction

We all remember Zayn Malik from the famous Irish band One direction, I personally remember him from the song ‘Up All Night’ were we can see young ZAYN performing in a concert with his band members and this song was the part of the first album of One direction. Everything was going great, until in 2015 Zayn decided to quit his band after the “On the road again tour”, there were many questions raised about his exit, rumors were spreading all around that he had a ego clash with his band mates, but Zayn made it clear that his exit has nothing to do with his band mates, they all were very supportive about his decision, it was just because of to much of stress he left and that’s what he mentioned in a Facebook statement . So, in that same year he decided to go all alone with his production, so he began with launching demo version of “I won’t mind” ,unfortunately this was leaked by his producer Naughty Boy. Malik also worked with grime rappers Krept and Konan, but his material was never released after he parted away from Naughty Boy. As people says that “experience matters” and that exactly what help Malik to get recognition as he had worked with such big names that helped him to gain more urban support.

Written by Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly / May 24, 2019

Nobody Asked For It, But Here’s The Story Of How A Mind Like Mine Turned From A Non-Directioner Into A Hardcore ZAYN Fanatic

I will gladly be the first to tell people that I was never a fan of One Direction. I just… didn’t understand the hype. What was so great about them? Their songs were incredibly generic and they all sounded the same. There really was no good reason for them to be as big as they were. It was all thanks to their determined fan army of 12 year old girls. Seriously, whose idea was it to give little girls access to music services? And, more importantly, how did they get so much power in determining what would be popular? It’s basically the same painful instance that brought Justin Bieber to stardom. They think “Ooh, this guy is somewhat attractive. His music must be good.” And that’s the story of One Direction, but instead of one guy, it’s five. Sure, I can admit that I don’t hate Liam Payne’s face, but I wouldn’t go as far as to claim that someone’s music is extraordinary because I would like to possibly touch faces with them. Don’t get me wrong, I completely acknowledge their vocal skills, I just find them to be quite underwhelming. I’m sure we all remember the day when ZAYN announced his official departure from the group, and the fan girls of Twitter and Instagram flooded your feed with their cries and complaints. All my friends and I just sat back and laughed at how something that honestly wasn’t a big deal, was able to upset an entire group of people. I thought that this hopefully meant that we wouldn’t have anymore One Direction music shoved into our faces every 5 minutes. Well, it didn’t happen. They decided to release one more album following ZAYN’s exit with lead single “Drag Me Down,” that I admittedly, didn’t hate, but still failed to truly captivate me. After another forgettable release from the British boys, they officially went on hiatus, and we didn’t hear much from any of them until ZAYN’s official solo release. Again, I wasn’t expecting much from him. I wasn’t even a fan… but then all of that changed.

Written by hazelnutcoffee from HazelNutCoffee / May 17, 2019

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Zain Javadd "Zayn" Malik (/ˈmælɪk/, Urdu: زین جواد ملک‬‎; born 12 January 1993), recording mononymously as Zayn, is an English singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire, Malik auditioned as a solo contestant for the British music competition The X Factor in 2010. After being eliminated as a solo performer, Malik was brought back into the competition, along with four other contestants, to form the boy band that would become known as One Direction. Malik left the group in March 2015 and subsequently signed a solo recording contract with RCA Records.
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