Legendary (Deluxe Edition)


Jun 21, 2019

If Kenny from Southpark was a Rapper, he’d be Tyga

Wrestling is a fake sport. Well the proper term in “Pre-Determined” as no matter how theatrical or over the top it can be, these are all still athletes putting themselves through grueling work. In Wrestling, there are wrestles that are called “jobbers” or “designated losers”. Their sole purpose is to wrestle someone and get beat the fuck up spectacularly to showcase how talented their opponent is. Most jobbers are no name guys you never see again, but some become famous for jobbing. Could you imagine becoming famous for losing? Becoming a legend for how well you can get beat up? It’s almost impressive. This brings me to Tyga, who might be hip-hop’s most successful Jobber. Tyga has been the punchline to so many jokes that he’s spawned the careers of many internet personalities. People love mocking him because, well he’s easy to mock. His name is Tyga, he’s small, he has a baby by Blac Chyna, his music is consistently mediocre and he dated Kylie Jenner BEFORE SHE WAS 18. Yeah that last little Snapple fact put Tyga’s career on ice for a bit as people were pretty uncomfortable listening to him rap about sex while he’s dating someone he legally can’t have sex with. However, Tyga somehow found a way to persevere for a 10+ year rap career. Tyga’s greatest ability is being able to make a hit song no matter how little people respect him. He has an impeccable ear for beats and a flow that’s adequate enough for the songs to get spins. I have no idea how he can be so terrible and so good at the same time, but I really want to find out. So naturally when I saw he had an album coming out, I decided to listen to it. So, with that said, let’s get into Legendary.

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