Tove Styrke
Tove Styrke


Jun 20, 2019

Borderline: A story of growth from a father's career, to an ambition, to a series of trial and error which births the superstar we love today.

Tove Styrke came from the home of a musician. Her father was in a band called Max Fenders which recorded a number one hit in the year 1975. That is probably what fired up the musical genes in the artist. It gave her a heart for fame and recognition. At the age of sixteen, she found herself on the Swedish talent show where she finished third place, despite her success at the talent show, the Swedish Idol was nothing but a popularity show and it had nothing to do with music. The artist is quite ambitious and that ambition has fuelled all the great tracks she has created so far. She believes that every part of the song production process is really important and she works extra hard to ensure everything is perfect. She has admitted to staying for days in the studio while trying to perfect the tracks on this album. Tove Styrke is an extreme perfectionist: she always puts a considerable amount of effort into everything she does. That is probably why the songs are so genre specific. Although she always switches between different genres from song to song, each track is extremely genre specific. Trust me, you won’t be able to mistake the sound for anything else. That is probably why the fans she has love her so much while those that don’t love her probably never will. The one thing that has always been loved by all are her highly melodious lyrics, they are usually so catchy they could stick to your mind for days. The artist has come a long way and has achieved a lot of success musically as well as commercially but Borderline is an album from the earlier years of her career and it is not a successful one by any standard.

Jun 20, 2019

Tove Styrke’s debut album was proof that a hit album on paper will remain just that if they are not sung by an artist with the matching persona.

The young Swedish teen that came third in the Swedish Idols competition still has a lot of things she wants to accomplish in her life and career. Consequently, barely a year after her victory at the Swedish Idols, she went ahead and released a self titled debut studio album, which didn’t really come as a shocker. The shocking part is the fact that the album did not do as well as most people expected. The persona of the artist is quite remarkable; she is completely focused on her work. Same as today, she did not burden anyone with information about her personal life through the album which is quite commendable when you consider the fact that she was a teen when this album was released. The songs on the album were just songs; they had no double meaning whatsoever. But on the downside, that is probably one of the reasons this album is lacking so much soul. The songs were lyrically shallow not because they didn’t tell a good story but because Tove Styrke failed to portray herself as someone who has been through the things that she sang about in the song. Her voice is golden as always but somehow the sound stayed dry, so dry it is guaranteed to keep your finger on the skip button till the album comes to a close. Considering her success from the Swedish Idols, everyone expected a lot more. The artist was part of the team that wrote the songs, she was part of the entire creation process so the logical question is; how does a light so bright create electro pop that sounds so dull, How does something so bad come from someone so good?

Jun 14, 2019

Styrke finally created the sound that bestowed on her the status of a musical legend.

Tove Styrke had not really joined the group of legendary pop artists until the release of her latest studio album “Sway”. The artist began her career in 2009 after she won the Swedish Idols competition. Just after the victory, she released two Electro-pop albums which attained a level of success but that wasn’t really enough to classify her as legendary. The album “Sway” comprises of a bunch of romantic ballads. A few of them are more infectious with the romance vibes than the others but that isn't a problem. The songs tells tales of both the good, the bad and the ugly sides of romance, although they sounds a lot like fantasies than real life experiences. It also includes a series of personal questions by the artist to herself and her close friends about why they do and want certain kinds of things. She was able to sound both curious and joyful while she searched for answers and that is quite exceptional. “Sway” is a display of the excellent vocals and song writing skills of the artist. The album displayed a mixture of different moods. Some tracks displayed a playful Tove while others a deeply emotional pop star. Quite a number of sounds were experimented on this album. The fact that she was able to create decent songs from all these experiments is quite impressive. The album failed to meet the need her listeners developed for the new sound of Tove Stryke. A major reason for their dissatisfaction is the fact that the album was made up of just eight songs. The tracks were so good, it kept her fans begging for more. Hopefully, she will drop more tracks sooner than later.

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