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Jun 20, 2019

While Timbaland May Not Have New Albums (Yet), He Has A Sound And Legacy That You Should Check Out

I will continue to be producer and artist Timbaland’s biggest fan. A look at my fan site will definitely prove that! What makes him so unique is that he has a signature sound which has made him one of the most sought-after and often imitated hip-hop and rhythm producers in history. This is because he uses original beats – and not just percussion, but vocal samples used to create complex syncopated rhythms, complimenting these with quiet background rapping or obscure sounds (such as whinnying horses.) Speaking of horses, how many of you out there know that his iconic hit “Pony” for Ginuwine and that sexy infectious bass line is not a real bass at all, but in fact, Timbaland’s own baritone voice sample. Couple this with an uncanny knack for crafting commercially successful singles and albums – and you have Timbaland, who though he still has yet to release the anticipated album Textbook Timbo, he is still making hits for others in the industry, such as 6LACK on “ “ Though not his latest (that would be Timbaland Beats: Emperor Of Sound), one of my favorite albums by him is the very good Shock Value II, an album which really showcased his range – plus his second to none skills as a live act on songs like “Ease Off the Liquor.” This one really reminds me of the explosive electro live talent of funk band “Zapp & Roger”, from both eighties and family cookout fame.

Written by @Timbaland from Timbaland

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