The Collection: Three Days Grace
Three Days Grace


Mar 11, 2019

Three Days Grace Earn An Astonishing Level Of Prestige With 2018’s Outsider

If the incredible selection of Hard Rock-revival albums which came out in the latter-half of 2018 are anything to go by, we may very well see a resurgence of flavour-saver soul patches, chain-wallets & baggy cargo-pants on the horizon, as nearly every single group of this genre released damned-near perfect 10-year anniversary albums over the course of the year, exceeding prejudiced expectations & proving that Rock music has one of the most engaged fanbases of all established genres. Likely spawned by the increasing Pop-ification of Rock personified by bands like Imagine Dragons & 5 Seconds Of Summer, pretty much all of the late-nineties & early-noughties mainstays of Nu Metal, Rap Rock & Hard Rock who’d previously gone underground have made incredible comebacks, flooding the market with fringe-culture interests the likes of which haven’t been seen since the relatively-niche second-wave Emo movement of the late-noughties took the world by storm via Myspace & Tumblr – Why is this important, you ask? Well, while such genres once delighted vast swaths of Rock audiences who’d grown up on the edgy sensibilities of nineties-era comic book culture, almost all of these groups & their respective followings had been rendered jokes of the music industry as the market shifted towards a more sensitive aesthetic, myself included in those who looked down on the perceived douche-iness of the scene, so the mere fact these albums are able to prosper at all in today’s highly-refined Electronic atmosphere shows just how eager audiences have been for a new style. Of these acts, Three Days Grace have perhaps moved me in the most substantial manner, going from the easy Nickelback-like joke of a band I thought they were in my youth to genuinely causing my head to nod along in delight, their updated sound coming across rather mature & far more in-tune with the melodic progressions spearheaded by the Metal scene in the last decade than the admittedly-embarrassing edge-lord compositions they produced ages ago for their Hot Topic-loving outcast fans once upon a time – In what comes mostly as a shock to myself after having shit on this band more than a handful of times, I’ve found myself admitting out loud that I actually like this album for what it represents, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean I’d spend my own money on it.

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