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Jun 04, 2019

Thomas Rhett explores the pop and electronic elements within modern country music

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly  / 6 mins read

The twenty nine year old American country-pop musician released his third studio album Life Changes in September 2017 through Valory Music Group. The album was co-produced by Thomas Rhett along with Dann Huff, Jesse Frasure, Julian Bunetta and Joe London. The genre of this album has been described as country-pop, and also we see certain electronic music elements have been added. Throughout the album, Thomas Rhett has focused on certain glimpses of his love story with his wife, how his life has changed drastically in the past few years and his dreams of becoming a songwriter. He managed to use his music and powerful storytelling skills very effectively that have added additional impact. It has a total of fourteen tracks that runs for an approximate time of forty-six minutes. The album received decent reviews from the music critics. AllMusic rated the album 4 out of 5 stars and describes the album – “Life Changes is littered with references to the modern world -- blue check marks on an Instagram, burned CDs, mango green tea, and Coldplay songs -- but, more impressively, the music engages with contemporary pop trends, going far beyond the R&B inclinations of Tangled Up. Tangled Up is his second studio album that was released in 2015. Sounds Like Nashville, the online country music magazine says, “Life Changes is Thomas Rhett's most ambitious release yet, and has something for every listener”, describing its sound as “blending sounds from the country, rock, R&B and even EDM genres”. The album reached significant commercial success and it was featured in many music charts across various countries. It topped the US Billboard 200 and US Top Country Albums (Billboard) charts. It also came in second and third positions on music charts in countries like New Zealand, Canada and the United Kingdom. The album was also nominated for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards and CMA (Country Music Association) Awards in 2018.

A catchy country-pop track with a music video depicting a crime thriller

“Craving You” is the first track of the album that was written by Dave Barnes and Julian Bunetta and featured vocals by the American country musician Maren Morris, who added some clean harmonies. This song was released as a single in April 2017, five months before the official album release. Though this is dominantly a semi-rocking pop track, some elements of country music and R&B are seen. The song comes with a captivating music video that is demonstrated in the form of a film trailer for a crime thriller showing a bank robbery, where Morris is seen playing the act of a bank robber and Rhett acting as a cop. Music videos like this are not very common in pop or country music. Sounds Like Nashville described this song as “undeniably catchy country-pop tune with infectious ’80s production”. The song reached the number one spot on US Country Airplay (Billboard) and Canada Country (Billboard), and the number three spot on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard). Overall, this is a catchy song with a very unique music video.

Memories of meeting her wife for the first time

“Unforgettable” is the second track of the album that was first released as a single in July 2017. Rhett co-wrote this song along with Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally. The song mostly speaks of his time with his wife and the experience of meeting her for the first time over a mango-rita and a Coldplay song that she was singing. It describes how he met his girl – “It was the 14th of October/ And that t-shirt off your shoulder/ I was drunk, said I was sober/ And you said "yeah, right"/ We were talkin' for a minute/ Then some guy tried to cut in/ You took my hand and we pretended/ Like I was your guy”. He explains how the first experience of meeting his girl is “unforgettable”, and he remembers every moment of it. The song comes with a lyric video that shows glimpses of his performance at concerts and video clips of him with his wife Lauren. The sweet-sounding country-pop song gained significant commercial success, and was featured at music charts in the United States and Canada. It topped the US Country Airplay (Billboard) and Canada Country (Billboard) charts, and reached the number four spot on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard) chart.

A sweet-sounding country song portraying the things that used to happen in his teenage life

“Sixteen” is the third song of the album which Rhett co-wrote along with Sean Douglas and Joe Spargur. This is a pure country music track with very little use of pop elements. This is one of the first songs of the album that Rhett wrote. The artist here looks back in his young life, the things that used to happen when he was sixteen years old. He wished that he was one year older until he turns 25. This song also gained significant commercial success as it reached the number one spot in US Country Airplay (Billboard) and Canada Country (Billboard). Overall, the use of organs and acoustic guitar which later mixes with other instruments like some sweet-sounding electric guitar tunes and percussion, including moderate tempo and decent grooves make it a very appealing track that establishes a connection with the listeners and has the capability to emerge as a teenage anthem.

A slow heartbreaking ballad that speaks of seeing a loved one marry someone else

“Marry Me” is the fifth track of the album that Rhett co-wrote along with Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley and Shane McAnally. This is a sad heartbreaking piano ballad where the narrator is being friendzoned and watches a desired woman marry someone else sitting at her side. The track comes with a very appealing music video that portrays similar emotions, which was released in December 2017. There are other country songs about watching someone special marrying another person, but here the narrator not only offered support but also stepped in to express his own feelings. This is definitely one of my favorites in the album with an excellent combination of music and lyrics. The song was featured at the top position on Canada Country (Billboard) and US Country Airplay (Billboard), and at the second position on US Hot Country Songs (Billboard).

Feb 01, 2019

Rhett balances super pop with truck and beer swilling throwback

Written by @taylor / 4 mins read

Thomas Rhett’s last album, 2015’s Tangled Up, pushed back heavily on convention, and while he solidified his younger fan base, his pop-heavy approach on most of the tracks surely rubbed more traditionally Country fans the wrong way. It is clearer on Life Changes that Rhett may be aiming to please multiple generations without losing his clear attraction to new sounds and concepts, and for this, he is a superior artist now with a superior album,

Country Pop best works when it aims higher

Motoring Pop takes over Country on Thomas Rhett’s pretty solid and polished album Life Changes. Hitting play on this experience, you instantly know that the tracks on whole are going to be entertaining and accessible – starting with the excitement of Craving You, a club ready dance track that borrows the best the scene has to offer while minimizing the drawl which can feel out of touch with such modernity. Rhett sings in a manner interchangeable with any male Pop star outside of Country, and here, he approaches the stylistic freedom Keith Urban enjoys.

The balancing of old and new is exemplified by father and son duet

Drink a Little Beer is a special number that Thomas Rhett shares with his famous father Rhett Akins, and the results are surprising, as the boot stopping anthem is really at a stylistic center point between senior’s day and contemporary tastes. In unison, they sing hooks like “yeah, we're gonna drink a little beer / play a little music / and have a big time tonight / a bunch of down home boys and some blue jean girls / kicking up the dirt and shooting out the lights.” Though a generation apart, the team here looks and sounds close in age and spirit. A track such as this really recalls the jubilant fun of the nineties, aiming to not be too complicated to sing along to.

It’s not a country album without a wedding song

Marry Me lyrics start off typically, describing wedding plans that we assume include Rhett, though a twist begins to brew, as during the hook he sings, “I'll do a strong shot of whiskey straight out the flask”, revealing the ultimately tragic scenario; “yes, she wanna get married / but she don't wanna marry me.” With so many wedding songs on the market, it is actually refreshing to hear one wedding song that you absolutely can’t play on such a special day. This is a pretty pop melody that tricks you into feeling butterflies, then sticks the knife in, instantly morphing the same balladic chords into somber ones, purely through clever wordplay.

A pretty fail proof album closes strong.

The last three tracks ensure a great album ends on some high, diverse notes. Renegades explores the cliché of a rich girl falling for a poor boy, narrated by the adventurous young man who tempts her to cut the chord; “so what we cause a little trouble / so what we don't sleep tonight / baby, I promise you your daddy's gon' be alright / gonna be alright.” The heavy beat and soaring guitars are a perfect soundtrack for young lovers breaking the rules. Then on Gateway Love, the tempo slows down slightly, yet the beat is even more creative, thanks to Rhett’s clever mixing of tender balladry and reggae fusion – a somber yet sexy track which could convince the die hard R&B fan to groove to its powerful pulse. Finally, Rhett shows us how everlasting love can be, with the heart-warming Grave, an arena ballad that has big overdubbed harmonies which express his love for his woman will be the same, even after he has passed to the other side.

May 13, 2019

Thomas Rhett’s “Remember You Young” Is A Nostalgic Tearjerker

Written by @crystalcarder / 6 mins read

I can't remember the last time a song came on the radio and it struck a chord with me. Maybe it was in 2018 when Cole Swindell song, "Dad's Old Number" peaked on the Billboard Top 100. The song which Cole Swindell sung about calling his dad's old number up and realizing it wasn't his dad's number anymore, brought out a ton of emotions. It made me think about those who I've lost in my family too soon and how hard it is to realize they're gone sometimes. Songs like that one don't come on the radio that often. Maybe it's because people don't want to hear those sad songs. People want to hear catchy tunes that make them think back to their youth and make their lives fill fun. With all the stresses of the world today; the hurt and the pain I completely understand why most artists tend to stray away from emotional songs about real-life, but every once in a while it's still nice to hear one come on the radio. That's why when I heard Thomas Rhett's new song, "Remember You Young," it brought up a ton of mixed emotions that I was happy to feel again. Even though the song made me sad to think about how fast life goes, it also made me think back to happy times and memories in my life that I hadn't thought about in years.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

“Remember You Young” is the second song from Thomas Rhett’s third coveted album, Center Point Road which promises to be one of Thomas Rhett’s most personal albums to date. In the past, Rhett has sung songs about His love for his wife (“Die a Happy Man”), his real-life love story (“Marry Me”) and he’s even had a few fun songs that quickly toppled the charts. It seems like everything the young singer touches turns to gold, but in reality, fans just can’t get enough of the adorable young singer and his family. Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren, even have a love story that is fit for the movies. The couple met when they were just kids in the 1st grade at their Valdosta, Georgia elementary school. The pair spent a lot of time together growing up and even dated briefly in their teenage years. While the pair quickly called it quits, they decided to stay best friends and spent a lot of time together growing up. When the pair got older, they almost married other people until Lauren's dad (thankfully) intervened. Her dad told Thomas Rhett that he better tell his daughter how he felt, or he would tell her. By then, Lauren had broken up with her boyfriend and Thomas Rhett quickly moved in. It wasn't long before the pair shared a kiss and got engaged just six months later. At just 22 years old, many people tried to discourage the young couple-in-love, but Luke Bryan wasn't one of them. It wasn't long before the couple got married and if anyone was doubting the two, no one was after their wedding. Since getting married, the young country star hasn't been shy about sharing his feelings for his wife. In fact, Thomas Rhett penned his chart-topping hit single, "Die a Happy Man" about his love for his wife.

Two Under Two!

In 2017 the young couple announced that they were adopting a daughter from Uganda. Meanwhile, the news was short lived as he and his wife, Lauren announced they were pregnant! Like a scene, straight out of a movie, the couple welcomed to daughters to their family in the span of a few months. The young hitmaker even created a song of how surreal his life had gotten with his 2018 chart-topper, "Life Changes." In the song, Thomas Rhett talks about how he never thought he would be a singer people liked and how a life happened that he didn’t plan. As you can tell, Thomas Rhett isn't afraid to let his more personal-side out for his fans, and we couldn't be happier he isn't.

A Beautiful Mix of Emotions

“Remember You Young” comes one month before Thomas Rhett’s new album and is the second song title released from this album. With his first song title, "Look What God Gave Her," Thomas Rhett earned the highest chart-topping debut of his career and the song peaked on the Billboard's Hot Country Song list. While "Remember You Young" was just released on Friday, the song already has almost a half million views on YouTube and is sure to be another top song for the country hitmaker. The song which is a nostalgic ballad, has Thomas Rhett looking back on memory lane and it will have you doing the same. With lyrics that talk about God and Heaven, family and friends; it is one that is sure to bring out feelings of mixed emotions. In fact, when the song starts to talk about his babies crawling on the floor and how they won't stay little for long, I almost lost it. As a mother of three kids, I know those feelings of watching your children grow up and how in our minds we will never see our kids as old as they are. If you're not in a parent or are still refusing to feel the emotions in this song, the ending of the song will most definitely get your emotions because it’s about heaven and God. This isn’t the first time the young singer has gotten personal singing about God. His early-career single, “Beer With Jesus” was also an emotional song that sang about Jesus and what they would talk about over a beer. This time, though, Thomas Rhett isn’t just talking about meeting Jesus, he is talking about something way more personal - heaven and forgiveness. Through the lyrics, Thomas Rhett sings that he hopes God see us as kids that we once were and forgives all the wrong that we did. This song is probably Thomas Rhett’s most emotional song, to-date, and it is one that proves how talented the young singer is. While many singers find success in singing about partying, heartbreak, and more, Thomas Rhett’s success comes from the one thing that makes him so happy, his family.

It’s Easy To Surrender To The Good Times, Sincerity, Rock, And Psuedo Funk Of “It Goes Like This” By Thomas Rhett

I want to believe. I want to join in. I want to have a blast. Yes, sometimes, even a hyper analytical mind like mine (not bragging – overthinking things has been a burden of late) needs to just detach from being so critical of music and people and movements and politics – and just surrender oneself to good times – like those found on this debut album from a Country Pop star known for his boundary pushing music – it’s time for Thomas Rhett and his freshman effort It Goes Like This. Here are pop arrangements to bounce along with and definitely shoot some whisky to, ranging in style from rock n roll to trap music to funky club grooves. And yeah, he raps like a fool on “Front Porch Junkies (Remix)”, but it is quite intentional and is definitely on some Kid Rock shit – I can hear the joint’s spiritual cousin in “Cowboy.” It seems that whatever Rhett has on his mind, he goes for, unafraid of how audiences will react to the variety of sounds per album. I should know, having tried to understand his place in Country music over the last years by listening to a couple of his more recent albums – but this is where it all started, and to my surprise, he has always been experimenting with various genres while presenting tracks that the Everyman can also clap along to.

Written by taylor / Apr 12, 2019

Thomas Rhett Follows And Pushes The Trend Of Outside-The-Box Country On 2015’s ‘Tangled Up’

With something like three studio albums under his belt, Thomas Rhett has made a lane for himself in Country Pop. Son of famous Country singer-songwriter Rhett Akins, instead of sticking with tradition like his Pop, he clearly is more interested in bucking it at every turn he can manage – which by the way – is awesome, so long as you replace what works with another thing that works, albeit in your own unique way. I find though that the engineers over in Nashville are a bit extra on the cliched sounds. I don’t even know if Rhett was produced in Nashville, but all I know is his music is as good an example as any of the very polarizing work coming out of the new Nashville Sound of the last few years, and sometimes it works, and sometimes - it don’t. This album Tangled Up is certainly a mixed bag of noise – but let me break down a couple things. Music such as this is polarizing because it skirts accurate classification and understandably has folks up in arms about what’s what. People tend to belly ache on what to call this; Country Pop, as opposed to Modern Country, whose latter classification more accurately represents the music of someone like Jon Pardi, who tends to play something fresh while relying on root sounds. Meanwhile, Rhett adds guitar and drawl and banjo here and there, yet he also sings over some pretty obvious electronic noises, applied, by Nashville engineers, in the most obvious way with literally no subtlety what so ever. While Rhett claims to want to think outside of the box musically, such a desire must be worked in tastefully, but as the several generic tracks heard on Tangled Up attest to, taste can be elusive. The team involved would do better to listen more carefully to their new influences and figure out what makes it all tick. Reverse engineer all you want, but make sure your new revolutionary music doesn’t end up sounding embarrassing to everyone but people who don’t know any better. Fans of the Pop and EDM tracks here clearly aren’t so discerning – and rather, are just swept up in the loud chaos and catch all styles. The core structure, content, and melodies seem to suffer the more crap you pile on top to beef them up – but here’s an idea – write the beef into the notes first, and then stretch the style. With that said, there are some unbelievable tracks where Rhett nails the quality of what he is going for, and ends up producing something that is only bashed because it truly has become something that is not Country, thus turning off those particular Country fans for the simple fact that they only listen to one genre of music. Whereas a multi-genre lover like myself whole heartedly applauds Rhett and his risk taking when he absolutely gets his genres right.

Written by taylor / Apr 02, 2019

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Thomas Rhett Akins Jr. (born March 30, 1990) is an American country music singer and songwriter. His father is the singer Rhett Akins. Rhett has released three studio albums for Big Machine Records' Valory Music imprint: It Goes Like This (2013), Tangled Up (2015), and Life Changes (2017). These albums have produced seventeen singles on the Hot Country and Country Airplay charts, with twelve reaching the No. 1 position on the latter: "It Goes Like This", "Get Me Some of That", "Make Me Wanna", "Crash and Burn", "Die a Happy Man", "T-Shirt", "Star of the Show", "Craving You", "Unforgettable", "Marry Me", "Life Changes", and "Sixteen". In addition to much of his own material, Rhett has written singles for Jason Aldean, Lee Brice, Florida Georgia Line, LoCash and Michael Ray among others.
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