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Jun 28, 2019

Abbey Road, the road that everyone wants to walk

There I was for the first time in my life, it was a long wait, I could not believe it. In fact, I never thought that I would ever be there because, although I always dreamed of that day, different circumstances of my life prevented me from believing that I could achieve it. But fortunately, I could and finally I was standing in front of the recording studios where the greatest number of musical successes of my childhood and adolescence heroes were recorded. At that time it was obvious that no one could go inside the studios and all the tourists swarmed on the sidewalk to take a picture of the plaque and be able to have proof that they were there when they returned to their homes after the trip to London, among other things, to make a pilgrimage to that sacred temple (I am sure that many fans consider it that way). I prefer to only see the places and I am almost an enemy of cameras and selfies; I think I keep the best pictures in my mind, and they are very good there. But who was with me, the woman of my life is the best friend and ally of the photos. As much as I ask her not to take pictures of me, she insists. Always perfectionist, it takes centuries to find the best angle, the most favorable light, wait for everyone to leave there to capture what she wants as a frame or background ... from a simple photograph! Sometimes I have to wait a long time under the sun or the rain without moving and in the place that she indicates until everything is all and in accordance with what she believes will be the perfect photograph. If I do not, the problem will be huge. And since I love her very much, with everything and my annoyance I cooperate; However, when it comes to something that for me represents an excess and an imitation of what all people do, I always defend my point of not wanting photos posing or doing what, because it is obvious and predictable behavior, is ridiculous. And that was exactly what happened on Abbey Road. Everyone comes with one goal in mind: to take a picture in that pedestrian crossing that The Beatles made famous on the cover of what would actually be the last one they recorded as a band. Returning to the religious sense that many of us give to the Fab Four, before my eyes the prophecy written by John Lennon for this album was fulfilled: "Come Together.”

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
Jun 21, 2019

Let It Be, From The Rehearsals To The Immortality

While this is not the last album in the discography of The Beatles, it was the last album that went on sale and that contained original songs, and that was an attempt to introduce to their fans to the most intimate area of the Fab Four. Throughout the time other discs authorized by them with compilations also arrived, but I think all the fans will agree with me that Let It Be and Abbey Road are considered as their last works as a band. In another Narrative I commented that it was an attempt of the band for showing the most intimate part of their work to their millions of fans around the world, I was referring specifically to the filming that bears the same name of the album. And I do not think it was not achieved at all, however, to all of us who admire his career during the sixties, it is enough for us to have seen those brushstrokes of inspiration and creativity that they showed during the recording sessions of this album. I have been very hard when I refer to his previous films, that were film attempts and that seem frankly ridiculous to me, however, in the case of what we see in Let It Be, it seems fair to admit that it was not pretentious and that they were simply trying to show the creative side of the band, so I think it was not bad. It is not a documentary itself and no one pretends to be what it is not, they simply limit themselves to work and the camera records the moments. For me it is a pity that it was not done at another time. A time when the band was more united from a friendly point of view and, very important, from the creative point of view. I think that an exercise of this magnitude for the sessions of Revolver or Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, would have been wonderful and would have given us much more because I consider that for the times in which Let It Be was filmed, there were irreconcilable differences among the band members and things sometimes feel forced and in others a little bit false. Nothing to talk about it, such is life and the history of human relationships, everything that starts with a big dream and awakes so much camaraderie among the group members ends up tiring and annoying some of them, professional jealousy is present, communication breaks down, personal interests are imposed over the interests of the group, upstarts are always a bad influence, and things get worse until the thread breaks on the thinnest part. In fact, it has been officially reported that both the rehearsals and the recordings suffered delays due to the absence of George Harrison for a few weeks, and I believe that although he returned to finish the final works, it was impossible for things to be the same as before. The invitation made to Billy Preston was a desperate attempt of the four from Liverpool to try to save things and, although the participation of the keyboardist is enriching could not be more, and the story would precipitate until the disappearance of the band a few months after.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
Jun 21, 2019

Yellow Submarine, Fun For Everyone, Music For Everyone

I could tell many stories that are linked to The Beatles' album Yellow Submarine and my life. Stories that have to do with the growth of a guy who preferred to follow the dream of becoming a famous musician, make their own songs, play in large forums and, above all, be in a recording studio most of the time. Maybe the only thing I did not get was to become famous; however, I am happy to have done everything else. Always true to what I thought, I never succumbed to the temptation to compose songs with the fashionable formula in my time. I thought that if I was not honest and did not follow my inspiration and that, if only I became a record seller as if I were selling cars or refrigerators, I would prefer not to. That's why I tried for years to get where I wanted with my music. When I realized that it was about being commercial and cheating the public, I decided not to try it anymore. And I think it was fine. In the distance, I think I had a lot more fun doing what I wanted in the presentations in which we were hired, and in the recording studio, than what I would have thought today if I had become a mercenary. After all, when you're young and pretend to be a rock star, when what you're really looking for is fame, money and girls, but you are not aware of all the problems faced by those who do achieve it, and perhaps in many cases, it's not worth it to want so much fame and money ... although maybe the girls are worth it. After all I think it does not matter, the soundtrack of my life is as rich as I can be, thanks to that stage, where I spent hours, days, weeks, months, and years listening to music non-stop and composing everything that came to my mind, rehearsing with the guys in my band, performing at the local forums, placing some of my songs on the radio and taking some money to my pocket to buy musical instruments and pay a few hours in the recording studios. All that left me very positive things in life, although I must admit that there were also certain frustrations for the failures, but nothing that has not been overcome with time and the triumphs that life brought me in other areas. While my youth was passing, there was a record that was spinning in my mind all the time: Yellow Submarine, all the contrasts it has in its songs, made me think about how valid it is to be faithful to what you want without any other consideration. Of course, some have that great luck of being able to achieve the fame they seek as The Beatles, and others are left on the road, but recognizing the great merit of those who conquer the top and respecting them forever.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio
Jun 14, 2019

The White Album, when creativity occurs in clusters

I continue with my review of the official discography of the most beloved rock band in the world, The Beatles. This time I will talk about The White Album, although in reality, I do not know what to say after all that has been said. I could say it is the favorite album of many and that caused a great impact the year of its release, given the generosity of the quartet of Liverpool to give us so many songs in one delivery. Obviously, there are lights and shadows between song and song; nevertheless, it is more than confirmed that the balance it keeps between all that is published on it, makes it a work to be treasured throughout the life. The inclusion of extremely endearing themes, plus the band's attachment to the pure and effective rock of the time, makes it more than irresistible. I do not think that the album could be classified as a work of concept as if it were its predecessors Revolver and Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, because, definitively, it must have been impossible to string together each of the songs to be part of a whole. In that sense, The White Album, is a conventional album, with the great advantage of containing many and varied themes, which makes it unforgettable. It must be recognized that, in order to fulfill that great undertaking, they had to resort to guest musicians who, although they did not obtain the credit on the album, years later and after hundreds of authorized and unauthorized biographies, we have known that this was the case, way it talks about several aspects that the members of the band crossed at that time, and those aspects are the ones that I would like to address. First, the workload. Not only did John Lennon and Paul McCartney would have to fulfill the commitments acquired voluntarily or involuntarily, but they also had to satisfy their needs as composers, trying to create the best songs for the band. The competition was healthy, although sometimes among musicians it is difficult for coexistence to be as good as possible, so, with everything they had to offer, plus the desire to write a better song than their partner the number of topics they wanted imposing for the disk must have been enormous. Imagine everything that was left in the inkwell either for later discs or else, so that they would never be published. If the dumbbell of these two composers had decided to work together on all the recordings of their songs, they would never have finished. So, for the same reason, inviting other musicians for the rehearsal and recording separately of some subjects was a success. Anyway, I do not think there's anyone who can say that the style varied in anything from their other albums. The hallmark of the "Fab Four" is present in all the themes and none of them demerits in quality.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio

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