Jun 28, 2019

They Continue To Rule The World

In many parts of the world, those who call themselves lovers of pop music and who analyze all the decades of evolution since this musical style has become the biggest influence of young and not so young, agree to give it a nickname (not very lucky) to almost all the musical production of the eighties: the horrible eighties. I think it's a bit unfair. Although the aesthetics of that decade and the musical productions pretended a rupture with the past and, sometimes, provoked laughter, there are certain values ​​that have become standards until our days. The problem, from my point of view, is that we became an audience that consumed music through the eyes. The technological advances and the vision of many businessmen and creatives to take video clips in all the music that was produced in those moments distorted the perception that must be had when enjoying and analyzing the songs. Suddenly, the hairstyle or the clothes of the singers and musicians were more important than the main product: the song. The absurd video clips that took place in that stage became either the entertainment of people who did not even understand the value of the musicians and their works, or, in the reason for many people to move away from artists that were truly worthwhile. That continues to this day, although with the accumulated experience after so many years, There are very interesting nuances that have returned dignity to true geniuses who did not deserve (nor they, nor their songs) such a bad deal when the record companies ordered to produce a video as a campaign to promote their songs. Returning to the theme of the eighties and everything that occurred at that time, I remember with some anger that could not stand to see artists who did not deserve all the success they had just because they looked good on television and in the videos projected on MTV. At the same time, I was saddened to confirm that true artists surrendered to the demands of that market and lost all dignity in order not to lose validity. The worst thing was to see how great heroes of the previous two decades tended to disappear or greatly reduce their popularity and lower down the spread of their new songs just because they did not want to follow the new rules in the music market. However, not everything in the music of the eighties was bad or unworthy, there were also artists who knew how to adapt to these new rules, refined their image without falling into the pathetic and gave shape to what would be the hallmark of that era, which that up to this day is still valid in the work of many young people who, whether they want it or not, pay tribute to that musical stage of which perhaps even today many laugh without mercy. One of the best examples of good music, dignity, honesty in everything they composed and intelligence in the way they used the image of those years is Tears For Fears.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio

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