Jun 21, 2019

SZA’s CTRLTakes Modern Romanticism on a A Day and Night Transitional Journey to Freedom.

Prior to the arrival of SZA’s debut album CTRL, the artist was already a few underground albums deep with her album ‘S’ released in 2013 and her album ‘Z’ SZA released in 2014. This was enough from her to strike up hell of anticipation on her first studio collection in which you could only expect to be emotional and romantic considering her previous mixtape like releases. SZA sets the tone of a raw and in your face Valentine friendly album with the Neo-soul opening track “Supermodel” singing “Let me tell you a secret, I been secretly banging your homeboy. Why you in Vegas, all up on Valentine’s day? Why am I so easy to forget like that? It can’t be that easy for to get like that.” SZA says that this was the first acoustic track she’s ever attempted to create in which you can kind of hear in the production of the song as it sounds timid and as if it’s trying to be very careful or quiet. The moodiness that encompasses CTRL is absolutely unprecedented from such a coveted new singer/ artist, clearly there was a major connection that was made for CTRL to surface its way into the universe. This album from SZA shows that she can be very versatile in the heaviness & sincerity of it all, creating a plethora of feelings through the tracks on one project, though the album keeps a chilled and numbing vibe through this. At the same time some of the tracks do feel a bit unfinished or broken off too early. SZA doesn’t give one consistent ride when you think about the feelings she invokes on the album CTRL, the album just keeps it all in the same boat of love and relationships but doesn’t drench it all in depression and gloom but more in optimism, and self-developmental insights that would be healthy for those participatory in the romance strong lifestyle.

Written by @cbenson from Cyclolore
May 31, 2019

The Millennial’s Perspective on Modern Romance

Solana Imani Rowe also known as SZA was the first female artist signed to Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) in 2013. She released her debut studio album, CTRL on the 9th of June, 2017 after releasing 3 EPs from 2012-2014. This was her official entry into the music industry and SZA did not disappoint her fans who had been patiently waiting for her comeback. CTRL took the music industry by storm by selling over 60,000 units in the first week and ranking 3rd place in the US Billboard 200. By October 2017, after selling over 500,000 units, the album became gold certified. SZA earned her spot in the hearts of many young people worldwide with her rawness and edge. On CTRL she addresses issues millennials face in relationships. She is completely honest about relationship drama, sexual liberation, infidelity, revenge and having a low self esteem. According to SZA, the album is a literal account of her life experiences. CTRL was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2016 but due to what SZA describes as “a kind of blinding paralysis brought on by anxiety”, the release date was postponed. Being a perfectionist, she could not stop working on the album until officials from her record company took possession of her hard drive. Her indecision paid off because 2017 proved to be appropriate time for her album. The critically acclaimed album launched her into stardom and she received 5 Grammy Award nominations. The alternative R&B artist has shown tremendous growth since the release of her first EP in 2012. Her interesting writing style and thought provoking lyrics combined with her soothing voice caused her to stand out from her peers. She has been able to create a niche for herself as her experimentation with sounds push the boundaries of the R&B genre. It is hard to box her in. Though most people will refer to her as an alternative R&B/ neo soul singer, she has a strong hip hop and jazz influence. She is inspired by artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and the Wu Tang Clan. Being raised in a conventional Muslim home with a Muslim father and a Christian mother in New Jersey, her journey differed from most other young artists. She did not start singing until she was in her 20s and she met the TDE president , Terrence Henderson during a show in which rapper and labelmate Kendrick Lamar was performing. From there her luck changed and she was provided with a platform to share her music with the world.The raunchy lyrics on CTRL are not what you would expect from a young lady who was raised in a strict religious home, however, this is what makes SZA so special. Her decision to tell her truth unapologetically and to take the listener on an emotional roller coaster ride makes her truly original.

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension

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