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"Summer Walker"

365 Days Of Summer

While I come from Hip Hop, and grew up in love with hardcore lyricists, I have always been drawn to and able to appreciate R&B as well. Growing up in the 90s, what most people view as the golden age of both genres, no-one could ignore the talent all around the industry. In particular, my older sister introduced me to many of my favorite artists growing up. Being a black woman, it was natural for her to play music from the true R&B queens all over the house. These artists included, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Monica, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill, the list goes on. Amongst these women, no-one stood out more than the queen of R&B Soul herself, Mary J Blige. Her relatability, vulnerability, tone and rawness set her apart. Today, we have many descendants of her style of music. From Jhene, to Snoh Aalegra, H.E.R. etc., we may be in a rebirth of an R&B golden era. Today, no-one encapsulates that same soul, vulnerability, honesty and passion in her music more than the one and only Summer Walker. The Atlanta, Georgia singer and songwriter is my favorite R&b artist right now, mind you this a three-way tie. Nonetheless, I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for this woman. Not only is her music amazing, her songwriting is top notch, and she’s a pretty entertaining follow on Instagram. I first learned of Summer Walker early in 2018 from a popular podcast. They played her song at the end of an episode. I can’t remember the song, but it was one of the following records, “Deep,” “Session 32,” or “CPR.” Whichever song it was, it wasn’t long enough, and I listened to it repeatedly. Going further, I immediately went and found the other songs she had released. All three of these songs are amazing, and unfortunately too short. On occasion, this would be a regular conversation about her songs. While the length of her records were bothersome to me at first, I’ve softened my stance on this at time has passed. A shorter and concise record accomplishes two things. For one, it makes me want to play it again, and again, and again. Secondly, it allows an artist to create freely and get their thoughts out without forcing emotion or lyrics. And when I thought of that, it made me appreciate and love Summer even more.

Jun 28, 2019

An impressive R&B album portraying a wide range of emotions with several short lasting tracks

Last Day of Summer is the debut studio album by the American R&B singer-songwriter Summer Walker that was released in October 2018 through LoveRennaisance and Interscope Records. The twenty three year old R&B musician from Atlanta, who recently started her music career getting inspired from musicians like Amy Winehouse, Jimi Hendrix, and Erykah Badu, stuns her listeners with her extremely impressive debut album. The genre has been described as Alternative R&B. In this album, she has highlighted strong R&B driven tracks as well as charming and soulful cuts. The album has a total of twelve tracks and an overall time length of approximately twenty eight minutes. However, a remix version of one of the tracks “Girls Need Love” was added in the streaming edition of the album. The longest track in the album runs for four minutes and ten seconds, and the shortest one is just thirty nine seconds. The album is usually made up of short-lasting tracks, where only three out of twelve tracks run for more than three minutes. The album mostly received good reviews from various critics. Donna-Claire Chesman, Editor of DJBooth, claimed that this is a successful work that delivers a vast pool of emotions. Chuck Ramos for Ones To Watch praised the album saying that it showcases the musicians ability as a talented vocalist, songwriter and also said that this album is a “transparent display of her thoughts and feelings on confidence, doubt, love and womanhood”. HNHH (Hot New Hip Hop) said that the album is “a winding composition that sees Summer Walker taking on sexuality, face tats, and everything else that could possible fall in between”. However, many listeners might not like the fact that many of the songs are very short, quick and therefore lack depth. The album was more or less successful commercially, as the album peaked at number 44 on the Billboard 200 music chart and at number 25 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop albums. It was also featured in the Billboard Canadian Albums chart. Overall, being the debut album of a young musician like Summer Walker, this has received significant success and positive reviews.

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly
May 31, 2019

Finally, An Artist Who Understands Real R&B, Circumventing The Stale Present By Channeling Both The Past And The Future

Maaaan, I was waiting to listen to this album just as much as I have been waiting for what I consider, and most folks my age consider – ‘real’ R&B – not what has been passing as R&B for the last several years, ya dig? No, the last years have been the era of rappers auto-crooning – where at the top of the castle I must give my utmost respect to The Weeknd – because, if you haven’t already checked it out for himself, he can sing as good as Michael Jackson just backstage warming up, and wouldn’t even need the auto-tune effects if it weren’t ‘his thing’ and in so much demand these days. I could give a damn about auto-tune though – what I truly loathe at the uncreative arrangements and melodies having come out of the R&B landscape for many years – and I should have known it was the beginning of the end the year (don’t really remember when) that Drake topped the R&B Billboard charts. I was like GTFOH. Now, you can find monotone NAV and barely singing Post Malone on the same charts, but there’s also technically good singers such as Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez representing the wave as well, except for the fact that all these artists still stick to either a wavy Toronto mode or within a Trap heavy Atlanta urbanity. Well, someone in Atlanta intends to change all of that, quiet as a quiet storm, and he name is Summer Walker. Having already immensely dug her first album, I was looking forward to this CLEAR -EP because it was to feature way jazzier exploratory grooves in the vein of Erykah Badu from the old school and Roy Ayers from the old-er-school. Walker delivered a lot of what is missing in the scene, and of course added her own modern flourishes – because rather than just looking to the past for solutions, our Soul music must also progress somewhere new.

Written by @taylor
Apr 19, 2019

Honest To Betsy, Summer Walker Is The Neo Soul Goddess We Didn’t Know We Needed

When I was first put on to Summer Walker’s freshman outing Last Day Of Summer, I wasn’t necessarily motivated to jump into it right away, initially expecting it to be another generic Alternative R&B experience akin to the dirge of Trap-adjacent R&B albums we’ve been overwhelmed with in the last three or four years; Whether it be the artsy, purposefully-amateurish album art meant to evoke a sense of adolescent whimsy – what with its washed-out photography & non-descript design – or the fact her name was Summer Walker, a fairly basic name without the artistic pizazz or truly captivating status to give me the impression she was an act worth remembering, nothing incited an emotional response within me powerful enough to rush into the record, resulting in me putting it in my queue for nearly three months before finally setting aside the time to scrub through it – To my surprise, not only was Last Day Of Summer a delightfully intriguing sonic experience, it’s was also evocative of all the R&B aesthetics I love, producing genuinely heartwarming storylines over incredibly relaxing beats that instantly put you in a positive mood, washing away the banalities of the mainstream Alternative R&B machine to give you nothing but auditory bliss in the best of ways, barring a few creative decisions one could easily let slide seeing as this is literally her first ever record. If you’re up for it, come along as I break down just what makes this such a compelling adventure.

Mar 04, 2019

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"Summer Walker"

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"Summer Walker"






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Summer Marjani Walker (born April 11, 1996) is an American singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. She is signed to LoveRenaissance and Interscope Records. Her debut studio album Last Day of Summer was released on October 12, 2018.
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