Cheese (Deluxe Edition)


Jun 28, 2019

An Electropop Album That Explores Some Of The Genuine Issues Existing In Society

The thirty-four-year-old Belgian musician Paul Van Haver, professionally known as Stromae, released his second studio album “Racine carrée” in August 2013. This French language electropop album explores a wide range of themes that include relationship issues, racism, sexism, isolation from social network, AIDS, cigarettes and lung cancer. In this album that was reportedly recorded in an attic, Stromae tried to incorporate some African and Caribbean music elements on top of his usual 1990s inspired dance beats. The album has a total of thirteen tracks with an approximate overall time length of forty-three minutes. The album mostly received positive reviews from the music critics, especially for the thoughtful lyrics. Allmusic rated the album 4 out of 5 stars and praised his songwriting skills saying “Racine Carrée will be remembered as Stromae's breakthrough album and a major validation of his considerable songwriting talents.” The same article further added, “The Belgian-Rwandan young prodigy is at heart much closer to a singer/songwriter than to an EDM producer and DJ, which turns Racine Carrée into a very unusual kind of dancefloor filler. After all, how many albums designed for clubs feature songs that deal with subjects such as absent fathers, cigarettes and cancer, AIDS, racism, sexism, or social isolation created by the Internet?” It is very unusual to see some serious topics in a regular electropop album, but Stromae could incorporate these into his music successfully. Music Story, and Metro newspapers all rated the album 4 out of 5 stars. The album received commercial success all across Europe, Canada and the United States. It peaked at number one on many music charts, including the US World Albums (Billboard), Dutch Albums (Album Top 100) and Italian Albums (FIMI) charts. It also reached the tenth position on Canadian Albums (Billboard) album. The use of serious themes in disco-oriented electropop music mixed with African and Caribbean rhythms makes this album very unique, something that was not experienced by the listeners before.

Written by @Soulbyweekly from SoulByweekly
May 31, 2019

Stromae Rules Europe’s Dance Clubs with Alors On Danse

I had to check my music blog to find out when exactly I discovered Stromae, because he released his album Cheese on June 14, 2010. The date of my blog entry about him and his big dance hit “Alors On Danse” was September 25, 2010. So based on those dates, everything fits in nicely! Incidentally, “Alors On Danse” went to #1 in 14 countries including France and his native Belgium, where a sizeable number of the population also speak French. However, the song was virtually unknown in the Philippines because the song is in French which is hardly spoken here so the chances of a French song topping the charts here are very slim. Actually, I haven’t heard it being played here in our local dance clubs that’s why at that time, this song was sort of my secret guilty pleasure! Anyhow, in 2010, I was still studying French at the local Alliance Française so that must be the reason why I discovered Stromae. So while I was studying the French language, I was also closely following the French music charts and since Stromae’s “Alors On Danse” went to #1 there, I would’ve most likely discovered it. It is a very easy song to fall in love with. Incidentally, Stromae’s album entitled Cheese is filled with dance songs so if you listen to it, it’s nonstop dancing from track 1 till the end. However, not all the tracks are that inviting, some work, some do not, some are so-so, and I even find some quite hilarious! My level of French is about that of a Grade 5 student but with the help of phone apps, I can understand what his songs are talking about, that’s why I think some of them are hilarious.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity

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