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    Mar 04, 2019

    Hold On To Your Butts: Rival Sons Are Here To Wreck Shop With Feral Roots

    Tell me – Do you love pure, unadulterated Rock’N’Roll music? Do you yearn for the bloodthirsty attitude & gut-wrenching riffage of bands like Wolfmother & the legendary Airbourne? Well, let your unmet desires be fulfilled, as Rival Sons are the band for you, releasing what’s easily their best record to date with 2019’s stupendous Feral Roots – Winding things back a bit, it goes without saying that true Rock’N’Roll music has barely had a tangible mainstream presence worth talking about since the Hard Rock & heavy Metal renaissance of the mid-noughties back when bands like Velvet Revolver were restoring modern audience’s faith that Rock still had a leg to stand on, although this was soon usurped not only by the massive wave of Emo & Indie groups of the time but the decidedly demure sounds of Folk Rock that gained widespread popularity around 2010; Since then, the last decade has seen the general image of Rock fall further & further into formulaic Pop territory, with bands like Imagine Dragons somehow topping the Rock charts while heavier bands like Badflower & Pop Evil continue to get snubbed by mainstream listeners, despite being much more authentic to the inherent personality of Rock itself – As if sent by Lord Lucifer himself to undo the damage caused by years of songwriting stagnation & commercialism, Feral Roots’ latest record kicks down the doors of conformity with a fire in its heart, delivering nothing but raw, disgustingly raunchy Rock’N’Roll noise with a vengeance.

    Mar 04, 2019

    For All Encompassing Hard Rock In Modern Times: Look No Further Than Rival Sons’ ‘Feral Roots’

    Seems like Hard Rock gets zero love on the airwaves these days – recently driving down the highway and giving a random Classic Rock station a chance, I was offered the same 10 songs they always play – which is a real shame, as such channels are hopelessly slaved to an one size fits all entertainment model which exists on most if not all of the FM frequencies – but I’m old school like that sometimes, giving radio a chance, hoping that they will act accordingly. Never heard this pretty fantastic band Rival Sons before, but located them via a recommendation while listening to Greta Van Fleet, and certainly got excited that there just may be a Hard Rock renaissance brewing. All we need is for the real talented musicians out there to dust off their instruments and start really playing music how it used to be, yet what is pretty cool about this band is that they are not a direct link to any individual artist or band, as is the case with Greta Van Fleet and their connection to Led Zeppelin – no, Rival Sons is mostly an amalgamation of all types of inspirations, from the more modern times Wolfmother, Black Stone Cherry and Queens of the Stone Age, and the old school styles of several eras like Soundgarden, Thin Lizzy, John Fogerty”, Joe Cocker, and even Hair Metal bands like Ratt, yet admittedly, I am not the type of Rock aficionado who can nail ever comparison, as Rock music continues to be the most sub genred genre in the history of music. All I know is that what I hear here, I generally like pretty much, and if anything, these guys can play their asses off, which is so refreshing. They get pretty eclectic on this album too, almost perfectly exemplified by the vary ambitious track “Too Bad”, a psychedelic, spirit-walking type of journey, punctuated by some cool synchronized instrumental hits, and plenty of creative color to keep the listening experience interesting.

    Written by @taylor

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