Jun 14, 2019

Quavo’s on his own and he doesn’t want to or need to be

I remember one of my favorite Simpsons’ gags was a moment where Homer opened 3 different boxes of Neapolitan ice cream, only to be frustrated that the chocolate was gone in each one. Marge chimed in and said “why don’t I just buy chocolate ice cream?” Homer responded “that’s too much Chocolate”. Marge sighed and said “ok, I’ll buy some more Neapolitan ice cream” Homer, excitedly says “Mmm, Chocolate” and the scene ends. When I heard that Quavo from the Migos was dropping a 19 track solo album, this moment came to mind. The Migos are one of the most successful groups in popular music today. They’re like the Jonas Brothers except they’re each other’s nephews/cousins AND one of them has felony charges. People like to say Quavo is the Nick Jonas of the group. I honestly don’t think Quavo has a comparable swag to Nick Jonas, that dude is incredible. However, people do see Quavo as the “star” of the group. Mostly because Offset is crazy and Takeoff is an introvert; Quavo seems the most accessible of the 3. With being the “star” comes an expectation for an album. Quavo then announced that a solo album was, in fact on the way. What’s crazy is that from this moment the people who asked for this album immediately turned on it. Now I could go on and on about how we as a society love to ask for things then immediately turn around and shit on those things when we get them because we’re all idiots but there’s a guy in a cardigan on a first date saying the same thing. Let’s get into Quavo Huncho.

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