The Architect (Zeitgeist Edition)
Paloma Faith


Jun 21, 2019

The Architect, the album that does not build Paloma Faith's career

In the career of an artist, there are works that are fundamental pillars in the construction of his/her way to stardom, others are like the bricks that give shape to that building and some are simply to forget. We cannot ignore the fact that, in many cases, there are stages of much fatigue, personal problems or exhaustion of ideas, which are obstacles that must be overcome in the artist's life and that surely inspiration and creativity will return in the future near. The ups and downs are not bad, in the music they help us to know in what we have failed and we take the temperature of the fans to redirect the course of our next works and we take impulse to vindicate ourselves in the creations that come. But there are also prolonged creative holes to which we must be very afraid and put hands to work at work so that ideas come back and do not allow us to sink increasingly into that hole. It is particularly difficult when you have a short career and have difficulties to penetrate all the markets in which we have proposed to be successful and the songs of previous albums, although they have turned out to be something interesting, have not been the bomb that explodes and forces everyone to see you and love you. It can also happen that our creative beta is over and no matter how much we want to continue exploiting it, we will not find more gold. The saddest cases in which we see that an artist falls into a hole, is when we realize that they are business commitments or the bad advice of those around them, which influence the way they compose the new songs of their next album or the change of style, the excessive interest for entering and pleasing a territory that is not yours or you do not know. I understand that sometimes there are experiments and personal searches and that also implies a high risk of being wrong, but if it was an honest attempt, then we must accept the error and pay the consequences without making a drama of it, this last possibility is a great opportunity to learn and a way to satiate your experimental spirit. Regardless of the reasons, if the artist has a genuine love for music and his/her career, the most important thing is to recognize everything that was wrong, rectify the mistakes and leave behind that bad experience with a lot of work and not let the moral goes down. We have to keep maintaining the interest to deliver quality material and not settle for small victories, we have to go to win the complete battle. My reflection on the album The Architect, by Paloma Faith, only reflects my concern for what I think is a hole in the career of a great artist.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio

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