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Mar 06, 2019

Michael Bublé Gives A Masterclass In Artistic Reinterpretation On 2005’s It’s Time

In today’s music industry, audiences are privy to some pretty spectacular acts across the board, with the level of talent increasing year over year as recording techniques improve in addition to the incredible exposure the internet has given us to areas we would’ve otherwise overlooked just a decade or so ago, but even so it’s often difficult to separate the true artistic ingenuity from those who’re just following along with modern trends to make a quick buck. Obviously, we all have our favourites in terms of genre, style & cultural aesthetic, but there’re few artists around today who we can actually rely on to be consistent in quality across their entire careers, the last batch of such artists seemingly fading out of the mainstream conscious with the rise of the ever-invasive Pop machine in the last five years – Despite this, one of the only artists who has managed to transcend genre-boundaries & demographics to appeal to literally every audience available is a man determined to hold on to the foundations of popular music itself, endeavouring to keep the classic stylings of American music alive for generations to come by reimagining the works of his forefathers to the benefit of modern listeners, universally praised as literally the only male performer worthy of the title ‘America’s Sweetheart;’ I’m speaking, of course, about the sultan of song himself, the buttery-voiced angel of modern Jazz, Mr. Michael Bublé. Though it’s easy to dismiss him as that cliché Pop singer you buy on a whim whilst waiting in line for your venti-triple-americano at Starbucks during the Christmas season, knowing full-well your mother will absolutely adore the gesture if you buy her such a generic gift, the fact he’s made such a phenomenal living off updating old Jazz Standards from the Great American Songbook is a testament to how powerful he is as an artist, essentially churning out a basic cover album year after year that he somehow makes palatable to even the most vehement critic of ‘old people music’ like Jazz & Swing. I was once one of these vocal haters, finding it peculiar he’d found the golden formula to success in Jazz music when even-more talented professional musicians such as my father were struggling to make an impact on the market, but as time has progressed my prejudices have waned, allowing me to go back over his library & appreciate it for what it is – Pure genius. Let’s take a look at this nearly 15-year old album with fresh eyes & try to pin down what made it so spectacular.

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