Meek Mill


Jun 14, 2019

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth, But He Might Sell It For A Patek

Meek Mill is the Rap Version of Rocky. I know this is very on the nose as he’s from Philly and was featured on the soundtrack to both Creed movies but hear me out. That dude is a perennial underdogs. Now as a kid I used to think Underdog meant “scrappy and undervalued” but as I’ve grown older I’ve learned underdog really means “you get the shit kicked out of you on such a consistent basis that no one counts you as a winner”. Meek has taken some embarrassing Ls. He lost a battle to Drake, got dumped by Nicki Minaj and been sent back to jail for some bullshit reasons more times than I can count. Despite all that, he’s consistently stood back up, spit the blood out his mouth and kept fighting. Meek Mill has made good music. What’s most impressive about him is that he gets stronger after every L. He’s (nerd alert) like a Saiyan, the more you best him up, the more powerful he becomes. Seriously, dude went from being a laughing stock to being good friends with Billionaires. When the Philadelphia Eagles came out to “Dreams and Nightmares” at the Super Bowl I knew the Patriots were gonna lose. The wildest part about that is that Robert Kraft, the owner of the Patriots is still a GOOD friend of Meek. He’s that resilient. At the end of the day Meek might lose bad, but when he wins, he Wins. So Let’s talk about his album, aptly named “Championships”.

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