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Feb 20, 2019

Macklemore Plays It Safe When I Expected To Have My Mind Blown On Pop Rap Pleaser GEMINI

There should always be a place in Hip Hop where everyone and everything gets along. Macklemore might be the most successful rapper on the planet when it comes to such music. My favorite band to have achieved this vibe has always been the classically polarizing Arrested Development, who flew in the face of gangsta rap’s zenith of popularity at the time, and much in the same way, they garnered plenty of awards for their positive message, just like Macklemore, and presided over soulful instrumentals, just like Mac again. On GEMINI, the rapper still sounds like a white Lil Wayne, always sounding competent and sometimes sounding very impressive. There are safe Pop ballads which deserve to exist, and in this regard, the Seattle rapper has always troubled me somewhat, because I feel that with just a little bit more effort, all of his Pop melodies could match his steady rap skills. So skills intact, while I’m not an astrological type person, the questions beg to be asked in so far as how does the zodiac sign of GEMINI factor into the album? For instance, my zodiac sign is an Aries, but I barely know anything about it - just that it is a water sign (I think), and I’m supposed to be a leader or something. It cracks me up when folks ask what I find to be arbitrary questions, such as do Taurus hold grudges? Any zodiac sign, I’m really at a loss - I have heard that gemini is somehow the boldest, the sexiest if you will - the bad boy - so it isn’t surprising that rapper Macklemore would want to just name his album as such. What is a gemini person like? Well, maybe somewhere deep on the album GEMINI, this is answered. Can Gemini’s be emotional? A listen to the record will at least answer yes, a gemini can be emotional indeed.

Written by @taylor

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