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May 24, 2019

This Album will make you love yourself and Lizzo even more...

Written by @beckieeschle / 6 mins read

When I recently went home to visit my parents a few months back, my Mom mentioned how much she loves the artist Lizzo, and asked if I’d listened to her new album as she hasn’t been able to stop listening to her. I told her no, I haven’t heard of her, and moved on with my day. I later went out for a few drinks with my friends, and they were too excitedly talking about Lizzo and how her new album is amazing, powerful and catchy. My ears started to prick up and think “maybe I should give this Lizzo a chance”. But alas, I yet forgot about her. I’m well aware that Lizzo existed as an artist before 2019 - but it wasn’t until I saw her on a UK TV chat show that I started to really research her as an artist. After all I was already falling in love with her personality and her strong, ‘can-do’ attitude. She really is a boss. She makes politics, self-love, positivity, feminism seem fun and easy. Since giving her a list, she’s definitely increased my self-love and self-esteem, and over-all motivated me to a better person, and more hard-working. So, I guess you could say Lizzo’s pretty good, right?

It’s been on repeat for 2 weeks...

I must admit I’ve only listened to her latest album Cuz I Love You, and none of her early work. But from the strength and power of this album, I’m pretty certain her earlier work would be equally as impressive. Cuz I Love You has been the album that I’ve been listened to on repeat for the past 2 weeks. It honestly gets me through the 9-5 working week, and if I’m ever feeling down for whatever reason, you bet I can count on Lizzo to get me through it. Due to the ‘strong, independent woman vibe’ of Lizzo as an artist, I’m pretty certain Cuz I Love You would also get me through a break-up, should I ever have to go through one (if my
boyfriend is reading this, this is not an excuse to break up with me!). Jokes a side, this album makes me (and I’m pretty sure other women) feel amazing and honoured to be a women. There’s no sexualising, talking about our weakness, just a whole ‘YEAH I’M A STRONG WOMAN’ vibe - if you get that?

Who doesn’t like lingerie...

Even though “Lingerie” talks about (yeah, you guessed it) lingerie, it’s written in a way that is not sexualising women. It’s a sexy song, but written from a feminist stance. It makes you feel that Lizzo is in control, even though she’s waiting for someone, and that lingerie makes her feel strong (which, I know for me, a good set of lingerie makes me feel amazing!). She’s made lounging around in your underwear a ‘must do’ activity, which I’m all here for. It’s one of my favourite songs as it’s super sensual, but definitely a ‘sing in the shower’ belter. On the theme of girl power and good break-up songs - ‘Soul Mate’ is a very high contender. It makes you feel like all you need is yourself, you don’t need anyone else. Which is so true. It makes you realise how importance self-care is, which as a mental health sufferer, is so important to me. Lizzo mentions about getting herself flowers every Sunday, and getting extra fries, which I can totally get on board with. Perhaps I’ll start this week….

This one’s for strong, independent women...

‘Tempo’ is one for all those Missy Elliott fans. It’s written and produced in the typical Missy Elliott style, the style that makes you want to start twerking and power dancing. You know the style, right? Although I like the beat and general style of this song, I love the message behind this song. I’m all for promoting and boosting up all body types, and about loving your skin no matter what size or colour you’re in. I felt myself singing ‘you go Lizzo!’ when she sung ‘look at me, I know I look gooodd’ I was like ‘YEAH YOU GO!’. Trust me, you will not be able to listen to this song and not dance. ‘Like A Girl’ for me is one of the most relatable songs for me. I moved from Birmingham to London with her boyfriend (at the time), who then kicked me out the house and made me homeless within 5 days. Because of this, I literally had to go and find a room (aka my new home), pay my rent and carry on working all at the same time. I was literally shouting ‘PAY MY RENT, BY MYSELF’ with pride. It made me realise how far I’d come, and again, made me feel extra proud to be a strong, independent woman. I genuinely feel that I might make my future child listen to ’Exactly how I feel’ (albeit removing the bad language). I want my future child to feel like Lizzo feels right now. No changing who you are, because Lizzo’s right, people will always hate (or love) you, and you can’t change that. I’m also one for wearing your emotions on your sleeve - because everyone deserves the right to tell everyone how they feel, right? Last but not least, ‘Juice’ is the first song I listened to of Lizzo’s, and my all-time-favourite. It’s a happy, up-beat tune which has had all everyone in their cars, showers, clubs, tubes singing out the top of their lungs. In-fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve sat doing my make-up in the morning singing along to the lyrics ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, Don't say it, ’cause I know I'm cute’. ‘Juice’ is a song that you’ll catch yourself singing in the club, after several cocktails and making a fool out of yourself on the dance floor. Because of course, it’s not your fault, just blame it on the juice! So guys, if you want to feel up-lifted, optimistic and feel like you can take on the world, I highly recommend you give Lizzo’s new album Cuz I Love You a go. It won’t disappoint!

May 17, 2019

And the big girl wins

Written by @FerSP / 15 mins read

The canons of beauty. Something that has been the obsession of millions of people for centuries. These change over time, but the desire of society to fit in them remains the same. Luckily, this began to change a few years ago, when the world decided to pay attention to the rarities that the human physique could offer, and this has evolved until today when, in the world of music, fashion, etc., original faces and physiques are valued more, with people who make their weakness a weapon. Those who have suffered more discrimination because of their bodies may be big people. Maybe Melissa Viviane Jefferson (31-year-old American), aka Lizzo, has been one of the millions of people who has been bothered by this situation. But she said: enough of that! She had had enough of stereotypes and her world presents a clear revolution to this unfair treatment of big people. On the cover of her third album Cuz I Love You, she is naked, a long wig covers her back and buttocks. She has been rather unknown until relatively recently (the first I saw her was by chance when she was a guest judge on Rupaul's Drag Race, where her perfect “Good as hell” was a lip-sync song) but she has come with a clear message: she loves herself the way she is. And there's more! She wants you to feel that way too. Lizzo has always been empowered and proud of her sinuous curves with a captivating self-confidence. Without any kind of complex, she shows her body and sings about being a '' big bitch '', something she does not consider at all offensive. For her, that is only the way her body is, nothing else, while transmitting a great message of acceptance towards society. She introduced herself to the world with Lizzobangers, followed by Big Grrrl Small World (as you can see, the titles make it quite clear on what she is proud of), where she already showed that she was a great warrior in the battle of loving herself. With Cuz I Love You, the singer has won the great war and is nominated as one of the artists of our generation. As if she were a big and shining star.

Lizzo's songs: versatility and time travel.

Lizzo is one of the few artists we find today who is able to mix her music with a social message, that is, behind all the image and paraphernalia that surrounds the artist there is a meaning, there is something more. And it is just in her image where this message resides, which she has learned to transmit with her songs. There is a hidden heart, a message of ''love yourself'' which is sincere and innocent. 'Cuz I love you' is a phrase that Lizzo says looking at herself in front of the mirror. It does not target anyone but herself. First we must love ourselves, we must start there if we pretend to love someone else (thank you, Ru). It has taken 30 years, but she accepts herself as she is, and transmits it with this album, full of songs that talk about good self-esteem so that when we finish listening to it, we go to the mirror in our bathroom and tell ourselves: ''I LOVE ME''. The album begins with a Lizzo that shouts acappella and desperately the phrase: '' I'm cryin’ ‘cause I love you '' to open the door to an intense orchestral music. Powerful way to start with “Cuz I Love You”, song that gives name to the album. It is a soul song in the style of the black music of the 50s and 60s with a tragicomic tone for its playful melodies that evolve into a dramatic chorus while the singer cries for her beloved with a torn voice. She shows great mastery with her voice, at times I have mistaken her with the one and only Jennifer Hudson singing “And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going” in Dreamgirls (Jeez, I love that movie so much). With this, Lizzo manages to score a great point. The singer demonstrates in three minutes what she is capable of achieving, opening a voracious appetite about what is to come in the following tracks. And I am telling you (get it?), we're going to be satisfied. This adventure continues with “Like A Girl”, where Lizzo goes from being a young Aretha to an experienced rapper in this fun, catchy and energetic song with powerful choirs that invite you to sing its chorus. This song is a pioneer for the songs with empowerment messages of the album. In particular, this track could become an anthem due to its powerful meaning: the strength of being a woman. An ode to the feminine side, understood for both women and men, in the key of acceptance (''so if you fight like a girl, cry like a girl / Do your thing, run the whole damn world / If you feel like a girl, then you real like a girl '', sing). The perfect mix between strength and finesse with examples such as Serena Williams, Lauryn Hill, Chaka Kahn or TLC, which are mentioned in this song. From soul singer to rapper and pop singer; from the 60s to the 90s (and late on, the 80s). It seems that Lizzo is fond on the sounds of yesterday, as her songs span three decades of styles. From the 60s to the 90s, Lizzo is dancing from one to the other with her powerful voice. Its album is so retro that it resonates to freshness on all sides. The biggest test we found is the incredible “Juice”, single with which CILY was presented. Lizzo spreads swag and charisma in this theme of air funk and R & B that transports you fully to the 70s and 80s. This theme is nothing more than a poem to self-esteem, where the American singer shows great confidence in herself, speaking with catchy and funny phrases about how much she loves herself (without going any further, the song begins with a ''Mirror, mirror on the wall / Do not say it 'cause I know I'm cute'', YAS). In addition, we can find a nice message in one of the verses of her song: ''If I'm shinin ', everybody gonna shine'', says arriving at the chorus. If she, who does not follow the idealized image of a perfect singer, thin and tall, has managed to break through and triumph, anyone can do it with enthusiasm and effort. Also worth-noting is the fun and worked video clip (like the song, it is retro too), where Lizzo overflows sexuality and self-confidence in equal parts. The song appeared in our lives on January 4th and I said it then: we are facing one of the best songs of the year. So long, I was right.

Who is Lizzo’s best friend?

It seems that Lizzo loves herself so much that she has dedicated the album to herself. But what is clear is that achieving this has not been easy. The singer has managed to overcome her fears and insecurities with effort and focuses on the delicate issue of accepting herself as she is. All this is reflected in “Soulmate”, a song that talks about loneliness, with which the singer maintains a difficult relationship and is a problem that she has suffered for years. It comes in the key of positivism and it is one of the best songs of the album and also the liveliest. “Soulmate” is one of those pop songs that sounds like a hymn for its great message: '' Cause I'm my own soulmate / I know how to love me / I know that I'm always gonna hold me down ''. Lizzo does not need anyone, she is her best friend, and therefore, she has learned to love herself. This is a candidate for single as this song invites everyone to go out to the street to sing it in a great festive explosion of multiculturalism (I bet the video clip would go down that path). Something we find continuously in the songs of this American artist is the self-confidence in her voice. Lizzo has a vocal range that many would like and does not tremble to prove it. Totally captivating, her voice moves from despair to tenderness, demonstrating versatility in another of its many facets. With “Jerome”, the artist marks her own “Love On The Brain” and boasts a heartbreaking and powerful voice. This decadent R & B ballad of the old school launches a string of shades to her ex and toxic love: don't-play-with-Lizzzzo. Following this project is “Crybaby”, a powerful and sexy rock ballad, through which the singer transports us back in time: to the 80s, the years of Prince (this song could perfectly belong to his repertoire). Lizzo demonstrates great musical culture through the styles she plays and, in addition, she takes on a hard task that not every artist could achieve. In the wide range of roles that Lizzo is able to interpret we have already seen the soul singer, the rapper, the optimist ..., which one could be missing? The most powerful Lizzo of all: the diva. “Tempo” is the one to show that Lizzo can as much diva as Beyoncé, Rihanna or Nicki Minaj. The singer takes us to a striptease club in this aggressive and malicious song dance & hip-hop with a beat which is more than hypnotic. It is a risky song that has been received with open arms and, although it does not just fit in with the general sound of the album (this was the reason it was almost left out of the album. Thank God it wasn’t), which is postulated as one of the best songs of the project. It follows the awakening of body positivity, but in such an aggressive way that Lizzo does not hesitate to "declare war" on the thin girls: '' Slow songs, they for skinny hoes / Can’t move all of this here to one of those / I'm a thick bitch, I need tempo '' is what she sings, demonstrating the pride she feels for her curves. Everything is war in this song, from the electric guitar solo that opens it, to the genuine rap of the goddess Missy Elliot, best guest for a song, that transports us to the hip-hop of the 90s. Lizzo, you were right. This dark and conceited atmosphere becomes all good vibes in the following song: “Exactly How I Feel” with Gucci Mane. The little sister of “Juice”, brims with optimism, impudence and funk while the lyrics encourage you to feel proud of what you feel, without the need to hide anything.

We all have a new religion.

At this point of the album, it is obvious that Lizzo exudes humor and charisma in an overwhelming way in her songs. It's easy to relate to the typical funny and sarcastic attitude of a woman of color in any comedy series, which makes you want her to be your best friend forever and go with her for a drink in the evening (and whatever comes up, I don’t think that with Lizzo your day will end at 8 pm). An amazing party is thrown in “Better In Color”, where everything said above is more than proven. She shows self-confidence and impudence with her voice and becomes the queen of a gospel choir, in this pop song rather than catchy and with electric guitars. Suddenly, it seems that we are in the mass of an American church, standing and singing along with everyone there. AMEN SIS. I'm not a believer, but Lizzo is my new religion. And it seems that we hit, in the following song “Heaven Help Me”, a clear tribute to Aretha Franklin. The singer becomes the one who officiates the liturgy with her gospel choir and a piano while singing with energy, encouraging and inspiring her audience on a Sunday mass. This song deals with romantic emotions, with their ups and downs: as we show ourselves confident in a few moments and fragile in others. Lizzo, like all of us, is a complete, and the vulnerable does not take away the strength. It seems that Lizzo postulates to be the new Etta James or the Aretha of our generation, so she tries to mix soul with rap and hip-hop sounds (in a mild way, thank goodness), achieving an outstanding result. The icing on the cake of this song is given by a flute solo, and ... surprise! It's Lizzo who plays it. Another of her many talents is mastery playing her ''Sasha Flute'', that’s the name she gave to her flute referring to Beyoncé's most diva alter ego: Sasha Fierce. And maybe from Queen B she has taken good notes of sensuality for the last song on the album: the sexual “Lingerie.” A provocative pop and R&B song with a slow rhythm, typical of the 90s, a “Skin” of Rihanna sweetened with the warm voice of Lizzo, which sounds more crystalline and sincere than ever. With this song, the singer announces that the big girls also have their love stories, and they also have to deal with guys who are just-looking-for-a-thing. As she herself said in an interview: this is not seen in the mainstream media but now she has gotten her own platform, and chooses to tell it. Very well done. It is the perfect message to finish a record that talks about loving yourself. Finally, we need to mention the Deluxe version, where Lizzo gives us three good songs which have already been released previously: “Boys”, which could be the predecessor of “Tempo”; the powerful “Water Me” and “Truth Hurts”, which is beginning to stand out in the charts. A song that talks about commitment, men and her career: '' Why're men great till they gotta be great? '', she asks herself to reach the final conclusion: Lizzo, you are your own hero.

Cuz’ Lizzo loves herself.

This project, Cuz I Love You is a short album. It lasts only 33 minutes, but it is intense and well worked for half an hour. Pure entertainment without any stuffing. And most importantly, a breath of fresh air while remaining retro at the same time. Passionate songs, optimistic, daring, romantic, with good taste and slightly crazy. Lizzo shows that she has grown a lot as a person and artist, manifesting great versatily, in terms of voice, styles and aspects. Here, the American singer shows her diva side and has wanted to capture all these facets on her album. It is for this reason that CILY does not have a clear and regular stylistic unit: Lizzo has chosen her best songs and has grouped them into an LP without thinking about cohesion and coherence. And why would she if what Lizzo wants to show is how good she is? After listening to the entire album, the feeling of illusion and excitement is undeniable, so I need to give a standing ovation, Lizzo. Perhaps this is just a mere strategy: she has briefly presented everything she is capable of doing and has left us wanting more. In any case, the importance lies in the message: maybe Lizzo's album is not perfect, neither is she, but it is the message that stays with us. With moving songs, lively and full of energy, Lizzo wants to make us vibrate and celebrate the great and rich social variety in which we live. She has achieved what Meghan Trainor thought she was achieving: defending another silhouette that is not tall and thin, teaching us to love ourselves as we are; and not only that: that every body shape is normal and we shouldn’t give importance to it, as it should have been for a long time. Something so simple that it surprises me that we are still discussing this matter. The singer understands the word ''fat'' as a simple adjective, without adding the derogatory tone, just as something that is so. Lizzo's self-confidence and good vibes are captivating, and her message can connect with any human being on the planet: we all have problems of self-esteem. Let's be our own heroes as Lizzo is for Lizzo. After all, this album is directed to herself. To thick women. To women in general. To women and men. To all the genres. To all the world. The meaning that encompasses “Cuz I Love You” is of great social conscience, and it can be extrapolated to many other topics, but until we eliminate the barriers of what oppresses us or causes pain (racism, homophobia and a long list of others) we will not be able to see it as a normal. As my wise grandma used to say, "we should not give importance to our differences and we will all be equal". I think she and Lizzo would have been good friends.

A Hub For Self Love Songs

I have never even heard of Lizzo before, and I have certainly never heard anything by her. She has a few- understatement of the year- songs out and I have yet to hear any. That was until I saw a friend’s IG story and heard this song that was so fun and quirky, but thought nothing of it. That same day, on a Netflix Preview, I heard the same exact song… and the same exact portion of the song. Crazy. So naturally, I took it as the universe telling me to listen to her and so I found Lizzo and her album, Cuz I Love You. The album that is chock full of self- care and self- love bangers and is so freaking fun and amazing. I cannot express how good it is, she is amazing, and tells her stories beautifully.. Just wow.

Written by adelemarie  / May 17, 2019

Lizzo’s Bold And Empowering Album ‘Cuz I Love You’, Simply Show Stopping

What a time to be Lizzo, from her recent Coachella experience alongside the iconic Janelle Monáe to the release of this classic album Cuz I Love You. She’s riding high on a wave of success, freedom in her music and unparalleled confidence. The Atlantic Records signee represents the perfect experimental vibe sifting from deep-rooted hip-hop content to pop inclinations. Her 2016 EP Coconut Oil marked the dawn of her separation from hip-hop alone and into the pool of mere creativity with no genre bounds. The Houston native rapper, singer, actor, flautist and songwriter sets not limits for herself thus catapulting her light-years ahead of any potential competition. Lizzo reflects, “I was like, ‘I’m afraid of my voice. I’m afraid of people thinking that I’m one thing…I had to just lose that fear, because the more people get to know me, the more they’ll realize I have many, many, many levels to me.” Compartmentalizing a talent such as Lizzo would be impossible and the versatility present in this album proves just that from vocally daring opening tracks like “Cuz I Love You” to ageless, nostalgic tunes like “Juice,” she’s inspiring, dauntless and beautiful. Her experimental musical efforts are what clearly divorce her from the modern day flock.

Written by missikonic  / May 10, 2019

It Feels Good To Be A Real Woman On Lizzo’s EP ‘Coconut Oil’

Before speaking on Lizzo, let me explain how much I loathe Meghan Trainor’s music, not just because the Pop star is praised for mediocrity, but because her love-me-even-when-I’m-wrong motif is insulting to this man’s intelligence – especially when her catalogue was touted as modern feminism for adults and positive messaging for pre-teen girls. I won’t get into whether or not adults should be inspired by her very immature rallying calls, but it supremely bothered me that her doo wop faux dance pop should also inform our young minds in development to celebrate surface qualities and never apologize for bad behavior. To be fair, the boo-hoo trap music popular of late in modern melodic hip hop is detrimental to both young male and female minds, as sing-song trappers war through song with their disloyal ex’s, without realizing that their self-admitted bad behavior is just as abysmal. Alas, this is an age of young adult entertainers talking out of their asses about the way the world is, without taking any accountability for their own actions. So it was with some trepidation that I dove into the music of Lizzo, whom I was afraid would present misguided Pop interpretations of who should come out on top in this unfolding gender Cold War. What I found was an infinitely more authentic sounding and positive album than anything Trainor could even dream of producing, and beyond the diverse arrangements, the message was universal for once – which is love yourself without belittling those whom you have no choice but to share the world with.

Written by taylor  / Feb 01, 2019

Though 3 Years Old Now, Lizzo’s Coconut Oil – EP Still Has Us Feelin’ Good As Hell

For those with even the most rudimentary knowledge of today’s music scene, it’s pretty clear that the mainstream R&B space has been fairly sparse in terms of true, honest-to-Betsy classic R&B music for quite some time, the more urban-centric Alternative R&B scene taking much more of the industry’s focus for the better part of a decade now; It’s been ages since the bright city-slickin’ jams of Lauryn Hill or the fierce Neo Soul prestige of artists like Erykah Badu – While she might not be a 100% analogue of these anachronistic aesthetics, Lizzo is undoubtedly one of the very few modern artists who’ve managed to capture the same fire in a mainstream setting, championing black culture, feminine ideals & absolutely funky instrumentation in a way audiences can’t help but love, helping to bring awareness to the more traditional sounds of the overarching genre whilst simultaneously bringing a sense of joy to the music scene as a whole. Though she’s released plenty of material since, her 2016 EP Coconut Oil remains one of her most prolific records, giving listeners something vibrant & colourful to jam on a daily basis when they want to boost their morale as well as a healthy kick of sexual confidence that just cannot be beat by her contemporaries.

Written by camjameson, Extraneous Routes   / Feb 01, 2019

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