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While Undoubtedly Formulaic, Kygo’s Kids In Love Captures The Spirit Of Youth Brilliantly

Written by camjameson
/ 4 mins read

Norwegian DJ Kygo is a major part of the Tropical House revolution that took place from 2015 to 2017, sitting as one of a handful of influential artists who shaped electronic music in the mid-teens whilst somehow managing to stay on top despite all the shameless replication the scene was & still is experiencing. Though the sound has begun falling off as more prominent DJs return to the classic Diva House & underground Techno sounds of yore, he’s kept the flame burning for the joyous subgenre, delivering blissful soundscapes full of vim & vigor that inspire wanderlust & pure romanticism in his audiences – When Kids In Love dropped, it appeared as though Tropical-inspired music was finally taking its graceful bow, but he proves in grand fashion that there’s life in the popular subgenre yet.

Generic Bohemian Folk House With An Exhilarating Allure

Following in the footsteps of world-class DJs like Avici, Kygo’s music represents the more innocent spectrum of the electronic realm, bringing together jaunty acoustic guitar melodies & driving Progressive House techniques in a way that just makes you proud to be alive, celebrating the wonder of youth & the comfort of soft-ended instrumentation after an era of abrasive, head-splitting EDM compositions from artists like Skrillex – “Never Let You Go” holds on to these generic ideals particularly well, but rather than produce another boring, highly-predictable track that’s virtually indistinguishable from the competition, he creates an incredibly radiant foundation of soothing beats upon which the ideals of an entire generation lie, inspiring his head-in-the-clouds millennial listeners to sit back & enjoy the forest for the trees as they groove to insanely catchy side-chained percussion loops & unassumingly pleasant grand piano melodies full of life.

Taking Advantage Of Industry Trends To Tweak A Dying Brand

As fantastic as Kygo’s production skills may be, continually shelling out solid mixes with some of the best tonal balances of the entire industry, he’s not entirely insusceptible to popular trends, falling prey to the eighties-inspired New Wave & Dance Pop aesthetics virtually every genre experienced in the last few years. That said, he artfully blends these much-sought-after sonic profiles into his well-established style, forming mesmerizing roller-rink bangers like “Riding Shotgun” that brings the best qualities out of Pop starlet Bonnie McKee’s persona whilst others like the Wrabel-fronted “With You” put you in the driver’s-seat of a Synth Wave adventure, trudging onward with an uplifting spirit that satisfies both the Tropical House holdouts & the ravenous mainstream Dance Pop lovers – It shouldn’t be possible for any of this to still be making such a big impact, especially since the album was released in 2017, but the tracks on Kids In Love continue to deliver cinematic splendor nearly two years later.

An Underappreciated Gem With High Social Standing

With myself as a metric to go by, Kygo’s music is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s precisely why Kids In Love is such a compelling album; He takes the mundane, outplayed & cringeworthy repetition of the current electronic music scene & makes it feel new again, helping listeners rediscover their inner teenager in addition to giving hopeless romantics a captivating soundtrack to their everyday lives, songs like the titular “Kids In Love” filling you with the drive to achieve your every dream as its Coldplay-like melodies ring out in anthemic fashion, bringing to light the endless possibilities of love in our paltry human existences – I’m not saying it’s the most life-changing album to have ever been released, but it nonetheless hits a very crucial nerve inside that makes you want to be better as a person, pushing aside your sonic prejudices for a moment to enjoy being wholeheartedly happy with your place in life. Maybe I’m in the minority here, especially as someone who champions Metal & UK Dance Rock as the end-all-be-all of the world’s best genres, but I’ve got to admit Kygo really caught me by surprise with this one & might be able to do the same for you.

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