Project Baby 2: All Grown Up (Deluxe)
Kodak Black


Apr 12, 2019

Rock With Kodak Black’s Vernacular, Or Not, He’s Still Gonna Illustrate His Way Of Life Best He Can On ‘Painting Pictures’

It might be said that Kodak Black is realer than real – sometimes too real for his own good. I was watching a clip of him today, captured recently on IG, where the 21 year old rapper is overheard disrespecting the memory of recently slain rapper Nipsey Hussle and his widowed wife Lauren London by suggesting that when London was done grieving, Black would be interested in being romantic with her. Mind you, this is a verbatim translation – it was not such a sugar coated proposition. Mind you again, most of what he actually said on the recording was so ignorant, that the proud London would doubtless not even give the comments a second thought. The rap community on the other hand dragged Kodak Black all over the internet for the comments. He gave a very immature apology, which actually ended up doing more damage I think, but at the end of the day, whether he realizes he went too far or not, as of this writing he plans to not back down if anyone wants to see him about it in person. I have been rooting for dude because I saw that he was progressing despite prison stints, and despite coming from an extremely rough environment that he somehow rapped his way out of. I’ve seen enough interviews to see the charming and funny side of Kodak. But the street mentality seems to override all of that when it comes to young men saying dumb shit, and what’s worse, young men not being able to back down – even over some stuff where contemporaries are saying you’re in the wrong. Yet, I’m not one to boycott someone’s music because of what they say or do in public. I’d rather look at aspects of one’s psychology in the music – and if those details are not to be found (rap lyrics are not the most reliable source of truth these days), the general vibe of the music can usually paint the picture of what’s happening in that mind. I really liked album Project Baby 2 and the more recent Dying to Live, but realizing I had missed giving 2017’s Painting Pictures a listen, it was definitely time.

Written by @taylor

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