Kidz Bop 40


Feb 28, 2019

KIDZ BOP 39 Is Shooting For A Market That Just Can’t Exist In Today’s Electronic Age

I’m pretty much outing my progressive age here, but I’m old enough to distinctly remember how groundbreaking it was when the very first KIDZ BOP compilation album came out back in 2001. It was a hot-commodity on the playground & accounted for the littest birthday parties on the block for the better part of a year thanks to its selection of popular artists like Britney Spears, Smash Mouth, & Backstreet Boys, even going so far as to include more peculiar acts like LFO, Barenaked Ladies – how that got past the censors I’ll never know – & even the already-senior Cher, though it wasn’t long before anyone above a 6th-grade education level realized these were the most embarrassing albums you could possibly get caught listening to as you approached puberty, quickly turning the whole line into an inside-joke amongst middle- & high-schoolers the world-over; Of course, that didn’t stop one of my close friends from continuing to play them well-into our high school years at his pool parties though as his parents were frighteningly-conservative & wouldn’t allow him to listen to any music that might possibly have curse words or abrasive instrumentation in it, a huge point of contention between us considering I was neck-deep in the Punk & Hardcore scenes by then – All things considered, I totally get why compilations like KIDZ BOP need to exist: It gives kids a more family-friendly avenue to experience the radio’s most popular music, encourages their musical creativity by showing them a representation of themselves in the music they’re listening to & generally packs in enough tunes to keep children busy for at least an hour or two while their parents get piss-drunk in the foyer. KIDZ BOP Kids have continued to churn out record after record – sometimes even multiple a year – for nearly 18-years, unsurprisingly experiencing a period of incredible US Top 100 success from 2007 to 2014 when every mainstream media outlet was trying to discover the next Justin Bieber teeny-bopper to shove down our throats, but the market has changed considerably since their inception & the efficacy of KIDZ BOP as a product is starting to make less & less sense – With the release of KIDZ BOP 39, we’re now in a period of technological interconnectivity where children have grown-up with & know their way around the internet better than most adults, easily finding their way to profanity-filled, over-sexualized music material thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube & Vine, rendering KIDZ BOP itself useless in the mission it originally set out to fulfil; As such, I have to question why this album was even compiled in the first place, as no kid in their right mind would stick to the ‘appropriate’ renditions of these songs when they could get the full-fat mixes for free whenever they want – Maybe they just know something I don’t know? Well, I’m here to figure that out…

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