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Jun 14, 2019

Khalid is bringing chubby singers back to the mainstream. It’s about time.

Written by @TawandaTwoTimes / 6 mins read

Every few months I think about seeing Khalid in concert. I think it’d be a real cool mellow vibe; intimate if you will. I could bring a date and we’d have enough space to hold hands, and Khalid would look at us because the venue would be small enough that we could all see each other. Then we’d kiss and Khalid would say “look at the couple losing themselves in the music!” We’d get embarrassed for a split second before we started swaying to the music again. This is what I fantasize before I google Khalid tickets. But every time I check his tour schedule, I see that Khalid’s booked Madison Square Garden and that it’s been sold out for a month. How the hell did Khalid get so popular? Seriously? I mean, I know the nigga’s good but yo, he sells out whole Arenas. The Sacramento Kings can’t even do that and all those niggas can dunk. It blows my mind. This fluffy nigga has captured the hearts of all of us with his smooth voice and unassuming ways. Every time I listen to Khalid I think I’ve stumbled on an easter egg in an old Zelda game, and every time I tell someone about him they look at me like I just discovered Starbucks. Khalid is officially a pop star and it boggles my mind. But enough of that! This young chubby nigga with a Paul from Tekken 2 flat top dropped a new album. So let’s talk Free Spirit.

This is perfect texting music

Khalid is really good at making Friendzone music. Like if you’ve ever been into someone and not known how to make that friendship into something that involves mouths touching, listen to Khalid. Every song sounds like he sang it without making eye contact with anyone. He makes music for Girls who have Boyfriends that aren’t threatened by his presence...but 100 percent should be.
Seriously this is the music of a man you KNOW texts women “good morning, i hope you’re feeling better”. This is perpetual nice guy music. Khalid makes music for Niggas who pick flowers before Tinder dates. What’s really interesting about Khalid is that, I honestly feel like he didn’t truly hit his stride until he gained about 30 pounds. On American Teen he was scrawny singing about love and it didn’t fully resonate. Mostly because no one wants to cuddle with someone boney; who wants to feel corners? The weight gain did not affect Khalid’s voice, but it did affect his overall vibe. He makes music for laying around and playing in someone’s hair. This isn’t “let’s go out dancing music”, this is “lets order Uber Eats and binge watch a show we’ve seen 3 times already” music. This is music you listen to when you’re trying to hide your erection because it might ruin the cuddle session, but then she presses against it because this was what she’s been waiting for. Opportunities are to be had.

Khalid has layers

Surprisingly though, Khalid is more than just “what if I kissed” you jams. He likes to get introspective from time to time. I wouldn’t say that Khalid’s depressed but I do think that he’s constantly trying to know himself, which can be frustrating. It’s hard to have a strong self-image when you’re young because you really don’t know where the future may take you. In your early 20s there’s not a lot about your identity that is set in stone so you can feel lost pretty easily. However, Khalid doesn’t stop working on figuring himself out, no matter where he’s at in life, he needs to know himself. If I was 19 listening to this music, I would’ve definitely had some of his lyrics tattooed in cursive on my forearm, well actually I would’ve daydreamed about the tattoo but still you know what I mean. But I’m not 19, I’m 30 and I’m a little bit afraid of the fact I relate to this 22-year-old as much as I do. Seriously this guy is a whole 23 years old and self reflects like it’s no one’s business. It’s very impressive and relatable if you allow yourself to be a part of his journey. If you can’t afford a therapist I recommend listening to “Self” in the mirror like 3 times. That won’t solve your problems but it’ll help you understand them. Hopefully the album will inspire you to save some money and get a therapist because that shit is totally worth it. Seriously, therapy is the shit.

Sometimes popular does mean Good.

I really rock this album; my only fear is that everyone’s gonna like it. Now I know that sounds like shitty hipster jargon and it kind of is. But hear me out. There are songs here that will have special places in everyone’s hearts; do you really wanna hear the song you finally kissed your crush to in a commercial for Taco Bell? Do you wanna hear the song that got you out of that post Avenger’s Endgame depression in a Lululemon? These songs are special but they’re too accessible. It’s so accessible that some people will be turned off by it. It’s stupid but people genuinely think that if something’s popular it’s terrible. I don’t know why we believe that individuality means you can’t like things everyone else likes, but it’s dumb and people need to grow up. Khalid spends too much time trying to figure himself out and kiss his crushes for people to put him aside because he’s too well liked. Is it Khalid’s fault that his music is good for everyone? No. Will he be happy to make as much money as he wants to buy more mismatched Camo outfits? You are god damn right. I guess the takeaway here is that, this is really special music and I really don’t want anything to take away from it. Free Spirit is the soundtrack of my Spring. Khalid can do no wrong in my eyes. I give Free Spirit 11.5 “Really? Your boyfriend hates me?” Texts out of 12.

Jun 14, 2019

I’m Having Trouble Locating Khalid’s Free Spirit

Written by @statelinejay from #UEVERHEARDOF  / 6 mins read

Streaming wars is at an all-time high whether its artists battling over who has the most streams, or the actual platforms themselves fighting over users, the war is here and there’s no telling when it will end. Who you choose to side with, is your business. I personally use and pay for all 3 of the major streaming platforms, Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal, am I ballin? Anyways, they all bring different things to the table and I can thank Apple Music for Beats 1 Radio. I don’t remember the show or DJ, but sometime in the summer of 2016, a song titled “Location” by an artist named Khalid began to surface and stayed in rotation. With his uniquely strong and mature voice, I was certain Khalid was much older than he turned out to be. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one. So, you could imagine my surprise when the news circulated that he was only 17 years old during the rise of that record. Suddenly, as I watched the video, and closely listened while dissecting the lyrics like the music nerd I tend to be, it began to make little more sense. I mean really, only teens have that much trouble finding a place to be alone and get it crackin’. When his debut album, American Teen was released I must say, I was a tad disappointed in its content. Outside of the lead single and follow up single “Young Dumb and Broke”, nothing else really grasped me in the same way. The lead single, “Location” was the type of record with huge replay value, and was on constant rotation during my days as a Postmate and Uber Eats delivery guy, hey we all gotta hustle right? Obviously, nothing can be taken away from the success of that album. After its release in March of 2017, the album went on to be certified platinum in October of the same year. Going further, it received Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album while “Location” was nominated for best R&B Song losing out to Bruno Mars’ “That’s What I Like.” No shame there. To date, his debut album has been certified double platinum as of August of 2018. Clearly, my opinion isn’t that he doesn’t make good music or that he isn’t a talent but rather, maybe his music just isn’t for me, and that’s ok. While I was ready to write him off as the type of artist I would only like here and there, he kept providing glimpses into the type of artist I would hope for him to be.

Who is he really?

While I may sound somewhat critical of Khalid, make no mistake about it, the kid is dope and extremely talented. I love his unique voice, and the honest emotion and feelings his lyrics and records offer. The problem however, is that he isn’t always offering a version of his music that appeals to me. What I’m trying to say is that I just like a certain Khalid more than the one he seems to be delivering to us. For example, another under the radar artist by the name of Alina Baraz, released a project titled The Color Of You, I suggest you all check it out. This 9 track project has 2 features from Khalid, one on a song titled “Floating” and another on the final track titled “Electric”. Their voices are a perfect match and both records provide smooth, melodic and all around soulful vibes. This pocket is a perfect fit for Khalid in my opinion. Another duet, in which Khalid’s vocals excel is on a song titled “The Ways” featuring Swae Lee. The song is featured on the grammy nominated Black Panther Soundtrack and is one of the standouts from an all around excellent album. Last but certainly not least, his duet with H.E.R. titled “This Way” is probably my favorite record featuring him. What we get from Khalid on these records differs vastly from the one found on his albums. In particular, his latest album Free Spirit plays more like a pop record that you’ll hear playing inside of a Macy’s department store, rather than a soulful R&B track you may hear at say, and Urban Outfitters. Both clothing stores, but one for a more specific crowd than the other.

To Hell With My Opinion

So, that video for “Better,” his lead single from his latest album release, Free Spirit has 300 million plus views, yea you read that right, 300 million. That being said, clearly, what I feel doesn’t mean a thing. One thing I know, is that pop stars, have a bigger net they need to cast. Since the release and huge success of “Location”, things have changed vastly for the young singer/song writer from El Paso Texas. Something happens when an artist blows up, their mission becomes different. At the end of the day, they have many more people they have to please and entertain which is why so many of our favorite artists are “better when they (insert some time period early in the artists career).” There is a level of fame where an artist becomes above what they may have even wanted or expected to become and have to step out of their music norms or comfort zone and begin creating music that can be accepted by the masses from various backgrounds. I say all this because, I get it. I understand, but it doesn't mean I have to accept it. For fans of Khalid, you will enjoy this album. As a passive fan like myself, you will most likely be underwhelmed as well. The music isn’t bad at all, its just more for the pop audience. Many songs are more surface, and filled with that popular hit “sound” that you hear on records from other pop acts like Ed Sheeran and Shawn Mendes to name a few. Free Spirit is filled with radio friendly records your are sure to hear in many different environments. Outside of my favorite records on the album, “Paradise” and “Bluffin" it lacks the soul and smoothness that I grew to love about Khalid on his debut single “Location” and his many features between albums.

Free Spirit By Khalid, Elevates The Spirit

I would like to start at the beginning, but I cannot, this album takes me from one side to the other without finding a slight difference in terms of the quality with which each song is made, I would like to start with something a little weaker and finish with the strongest, but it is not possible. Regardless of the beat, he uses in the songs, they are all very strong and full of joy and positivism. There is no way to criticize any major flaw or say that something is done with the idea of selling records and nothing else. I only hear honesty and a high level of quality in all of them. The treatment that they gave to the sound of all the tracks is exquisite and receiving it on your ears makes your body feel alive again, those little details of some instrument that is behind almost all of them and suddenly it surprises you with some figure that breaks the monotony. The success of not repeating each topic speaks of the surprising and inexhaustible source of creativity that this young singer and composer has to give us, it is only a question of we embrace him and not letting him go so that he continues to give all these beautiful moments. Yes, of course, you already know because you've experienced the same thing as me, it's about Khalid and his delicious record, Free Spirit. I love when I listen to high-level artists, you can identify a lot of influences, but at the same time they have such a particular stamp that makes them unique and when they are just in their first years of career, you can already assure that they will be stars that will never light off. I love it when I listen to high-level artists, you can identify a lot of influences, but at the same time have such a particular seal that makes them unique and when they are just in their first years of career, and you can assure that they will be stars That will never be extinguished. Free Spirit elevates the spirit of the listener, it's that simple, it does not matter if you're a Khalid fan or you just get introduced to his music, it does not matter if your tastes are far from the artist's style, it does not even matter if you speak or not the same language as him, because music is a universal language and if you do not understand everything that the lyrics say, sometimes it is not important, there will be time for you to translate them into your language. When listening to this selection of songs, you will be trapped in an atmosphere of pleasant music and well done, and when you finish with the album, you will leave renewed. I cannot believe how much Khalid has to make us feel good through his songs. You may want to dance or be on a comfortable sofa, or you can have a good cup of coffee while you listen to it, or accompany you with a glass of wine. This goes with everything, no matter the day or time. Recommendation: if you live in a big city, Free Spirit will help you that the hours in traffic, sometimes violent and ruthless, is a walk through the clouds. Just make sure to raise the windows of your car, put an adequate volume, sit well in the seat and gently take the wheel, the rest, leave it to Khalid, he will know how to free your spirit. Now that, if you live in a small town by the sea, things will get better.

Written by JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio / May 24, 2019

Khalid Shows No Signs Of Slowing Down On Second Album ‘Free Spirit’, Determined To Maintain His Status As Voice Of The Generation

To show you how the music world works today, just realize that after only one album’s output, American Teen, Khalid was dubbed ‘Voice of his Generation’, when past artists who have held such honored titles have generally had to submit several albums and at least a few years in the biz to be recognized as such. Not in this fast paced society though. And more power to Khalid, who may or may not be in favor of such a bestowment – yet he certainly has not shunned the attention, and went forward with new material as an artist who knows what Generation Z wants to hear, even if ‘that’ sounds like the eighties coupled with some modern flair. Being a Millennial, I found past album American Teen frustratingly dull from a writing stand point, and I could personally give a damn about the lyrics, probably because the older I get, the less fucks I give about likes and texts. Plus I have never asked for a girl’s location – needy doesn’t even begin to describe such a request. Alas, such behaviors and emotions expressed through vocals and words are immensely relatable and resonate with audiences out there, whereas I find that I am more interested in the quality of the noise being produced, instantly recognizing that it was here that a ‘Millenial like myself’ could relate, and thus, I felt Free Spirit is a better sounding album, because its music is more adventurous, punctuated by moments of variety, and only a few redundant notes.

Written by taylor / Apr 19, 2019

Khalid’s Not Trying to Be Political, He Just Wants to Revel in His Youth

I grew up in a country where we were basically homogeneous, meaning, we were of the same race, the Malay race, and although we have some indigenous people and Filipino-Chinese, they have really integrated into our society so that we don’t really think of them as none other than Filipinos. I am saying this because I will not even pretend to understand how it is to grow up in a heterogeneous environment where one is a minority and not the majority. As foreigners watching America from a distance, we watch with a bit of alarm - news about racial conflicts and how young Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Latinos, are being shot by the police just because of their racial profile. That is why when I first heard Khalid’s song American Teen, I admit I was amazed at his assertiveness, especially that in a Donald Trump environment – America seems so white and so anti-immigrant – as his disdain for Latinos and other non-white Americans has been openly expressed. Khalid proudly sings in the song “My youth is the foundation of me. I am proud to be American” – and here I see an African-American, tall, a bit menacing, but with a leathery yet beautiful and expressive voice and a name which is usually associated with Muslims. If your name is Khalid in the Philippines, we immediately assume you are a Muslim. So to see an African-American male with a non-white name proudly say he’s American – we embrace the idea with our whole heart – and wish that in the future – the youth from my ethnic group – the Filipino-Americans – can also proudly proclaim in a song “I’m an American teenager.” Don’t get me wrong, Khalid is not trying to be political, he is just proud of who he is.

Written by tonyfabelous from Fabelousity / May 24, 2019

Mostly an Album about Relationships

Khalid released his debut album titled American Teen and it is full of R&B bangers that talk a lot about his personal experiences. It is an album comprised of fifteen tracks and a combination of R&B and chill vibes. The album features a string of songs that follow a theme of heartbreak and doomed love, but also includes some anthems for the youth, including the super popular “Young Dumb and Broke.”

Written by adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie / May 24, 2019

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Khalid Donnel Robinson (born February 11, 1998), known mononymously as Khalid, is an American singer and songwriter. He is signed to Right Hand Music Group and RCA Records. His debut single, "Location", was released in July 2016 and peaked at number 16 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and was later certified quadruple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). His debut studio album, American Teen, was released on March 3, 2017. In 2018, "Love Lies", his duet with singer Normani, recorded for the Love, Simon film soundtrack, reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100.
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