Kanye West


Jun 21, 2019

Kanye is Krazy

Hating Kanye West seems too easy. He’s been a punching bag for a majority of his career. However, I can say from personal experience, being an arrogant nerdy black dude with a goofy name draws the ire of a lot of people. I know it’s hard to picture now since he’s become a household name but, “Kanye” is a weird ass name. I can already tell that he had to learn how to lean into saying it because people definitely gave him a weird look the first time he introduced himself. But I digress, the Kanye hate is out of control. Does he say wild shit? Of course. Does he say dumb shit? Most definitely! Does he associate with people who are dangerous to Black and Brown people in America? You bet your ass he does. But does he deserve all the flack he gets? No. Does he deserve some hate? Yes, but ALL OF IT? No. I get that we live in outrageous times where things said on the internet are considered worse than things done in person but let’s be real. Kanye hasn’t killed anyone and written a book about it, sold out the American Public to shatter everything Barack Obama did, or Punched Rihanna in the face. The only crime Ye has committed is disappointing the American Public. Now some people already hated him because he’s an arrogant black man married to the Marie Antoinette of our generation: Kim Kardashian so this is just rollover hate. However, things have gotten exceptionally worse in the past couple years. I won’t lie though, he says a lot of dumb shit I can’t defend, so much shit I had to block him on all social media like an Ex who’s doing “too well”. My block game was so serious that I almost missed the fact he had an album coming out. Almost. So, with that said let’s get into “ye”.

Jun 14, 2019

Drifting Away From The Standards

If there were ever an award for the most overrated album of all time, Ye would be the winning album in that category. Truthfully, I won't say I have ever been a fan of Kanye West but as an unbiased lover of music, I always appreciate good sounds when I hear one, regardless of the fact that I like the artiste or not. In as much as I am not a fan of his, there are some songs from him that I vibe to whenever it plays. Songs like "Power", "Monster" and "Heartless" which happens to be my favourite song from him. What actually prompted me to giving this album a listen was the mix up that it caused, as it had the same title as a song from Burna Boy; one of Nigeria's finest artistes. When most people were trying to get the album online, they kept stumbling on Burna Boy's “Ye” which was actually a very good song by the way. It was during the time when this mix up was going on that I decided to download this album myself, hoping to be blown away by Kanye West. I couldn't give it a second listen as all the tracks were just too watery for a man like Kanye West who had set bars and even raised them higher with previous albums. There was no special moment in all of the songs, there was no wow song in all of the tracks, no big deal whatsoever, just Kanye West trying to chase the shadows of the great rapper that he once was. I think he tried too hard to be the man he thought he was on this project. Few weeks after I listened to the album and didn't like it, I was scrolling through Twitter one fine evening when I saw that the album was trending again, this time not because of a mix up but people actually tweeting about how great an album it was. I was bewildered by the fact that people still consider the album great when it was glaring that the album is no where near any of his previous works. I forced myself to believe that I was harsh with my judgement and rating of the album, I decided to download it again, listened to it the second time, listened again the third time, still nothing. I still chose to be open minded about it, I went on the internet and checked out the critical reception of Ye and I compared it to that of his previous albums starting from his debut studio album, using "Metracritric" as my source. His first studio album had a rating of 87 out of a 100, that's considered a massive success and I agree with this. His second album Late Registration had 85 out of 100. He maintained his standards on this one, also regarded as a successful album. His third studio album Graduation however fell a little below the standards that the first two albums were on by having 79 of 100. This could still be pardoned. The next album 808s and Heartbreak had 75 out of 100. The bar kept dropping with each album. The fourth album was My Beautiful Dark Twisted Family and this one had a whooping 94 out of 100, he came back harder and stronger with this album, a massive success. Then came another album Yeezus, which had 85 of 100, it would seem a little unfair if we call this a drop as the previous album which had a 94 was something out of this world. The actual drop happened with the next album Life of Pablo, which had a rating of 75 over 100, which we still couldn't regard as poor. Then finally Ye, I actually expected a poor rating for this but I didn’t expect it to be as poor as getting a 64 out of a whole 100. This alone justified my claim that this was Kanye West's worst album ever. Despite the poor ratings, it still debuted at number one on US Billboard 200 and had total sales of over 500,000 in album equivalent units in the US, hence getting certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association Of America (RIAA).

Written by @OBP from Omobaba Pension
May 31, 2019

He Paved His Wave Without An Unanimous Decision

The College Dropout by Kanye West was the first hip-hop album I ever owned. My dad bought me the clean version from Wal-Mart. Funny story, I attended the Boys & Girls Club in middle school. I was 12 years old and I vividly remember telling Daniel, the basketball coach, that Kanye West couldn’t rap, LOL. I was young and naïve. I told him this because, I was trying to get a reaction out of him - little did I know about hip-hop nor Kanye. Daniel simply retorted “you’re crazy.” Soon after, when my dad gave me the chance to pick out anything in the store that I wanted, I picked out “The College Dropout” off the shelf. Mainly because I dissed Kanye’s rap abilities prior to taking a fair listen. I also gravitated towards the artwork of the teddy bear sitting on the bleachers, and decided to give it a chance. This soon became my favorite CD - I memorized every song lyrics, chorus, verse and skit. Kanye remained my favorite artist until J. Cole took reign in 2009 with The Warm Up mixtape. The College Dropout is an album that is so important to pop-culture and creatives. This album stresses going against societal norms and confirming while staying true to your personal goals. Although I did not drop out of college and I am pursuing my master’s degree, at times I feel tired of playing societal games. Sometimes it makes you wonder if the late nights and insurmountable piles of debt is truly worth it. On his debut album, Kanye promotes “thinking outside of the box” and “being yourself” which I believe is so important in this day and age.

Written by @jxxiii from Crown All Queens

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