Legends Never Die (Video Version)
Juice WRLD


Jun 03, 2019

It’s A Bleak Landscape in Juice WRLD’s Universe and the Youth Love Him For It

There is so much bleakness in Juice WRLD’s universe – a landscape of chronic drug abuse, of self-centered women, of cheap and untrustworthy love, a place so bleak finding love can be lethal and can lead to death. In an expansive album of 22 songs, Juice WRLD’s subjects just revolve around those themes and topics and reflect a youth that has all the outward success in the world but whose internal life is virtually vacuous. The album is aptly titled Death Race for Love because in this world, women measure the love they get by the amount of bling bling and high fashion clothes are thrown their way. Haute couture in all forms and shapes is brandished for everyone to see, screaming to the world, “I am a success”. However, finding even one song with a positive spin to it in this album is not an easy task. Funny though, but not only is this nihilistic world being sung in the rap world, but the current pop princess Billie Eilish also has macabre visions of love, relationships, and success. The youth of America sees the world through very dark lenses – and they are responding by streaming these songs by the millions, watching and liking them videos to make sure they reach the billion mark and downloading the songs and wearing them like they were badges on their sleeves – proud that everyone can see them sulk. Youth and discontent have always gone hand in hand and the rap world has embraced them with open arms.

Written by @tonyfabelous from Fabelousity

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