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Job Bellion Wows Audiences With The Most Unique Sound In Decades

Written by camjameson
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Back in the day, the music industry seemed to innovate on existing genres every couple of years, with two of the best periods for artistic growth coming in the mid-nineties & early-noughties Hip Hop & Electronica scenes. Strangely enough, right around 2009 we stopped seeing much of this creative development, with the mainstream market becoming completely overtaken by Pop sensibilities & Club Hits, every scene since then slowly fusing with the same Tropical House & retro eighties ideals with the advent of social media as artists try to adapt to what’s hot on the web – It appeared as though the more creative & experimental side of Pop, Rock & Hip Hop had disappeared entirely, but Jon Bellion absolutely threw everyone for a loop by releasing Glory Sound Prep, one of the decade’s most spectacular compositions yet.

Taking A Few Tricks From The Early Alternative Indie Scene

From looking at previous entries in Jon Bellion’s repertoire like the album The Human Condition, it can be easy to write him off as just another Pop act with a slightly quirky electronic layer residing underneath, but Glory Sound Prep does away with the trendiness of modern music, transporting you back to the glory days – pun intended – of the early-noughties Indie scene, back when the genre was all about constructing complex emotions & experimenting with vocals as instruments – The most obvious example of this is “JT,” an absolutely splendid tune that feels one part Frou Frou with its expressive narrative flow, one part The Postal Service in the way synth elements pop in & out of existence like crystalline Casiotone bubbles & another part Copeland as he weaves symphonic emotion into the mix with ease, each measure blooming with harmonic radiance under the influence of French horns & vocal-layering.

Hopelessly Romantic, Thoughtfully Poetic

As fantastic as Jon Bellion’s goofy, incredibly nerdy instrumentation may be, it’s merely the unifying factor amongst the songs on Glory Sound Prep that draw you into each wonderfully unique composition; The real surprise in his music is in how overwhelmingly deep & intimate his lyrics are, eschewing the formulaic narratives of heartbreak & self-absorbed storylines of modern Pop music & exploring the magnificence of true love’s presence – Take, for instance, “Blu,” a song in which Jon Bellion details the glow of his wife’s blue eyes that leave him transfixed with adoration every time he peers into them. He manages to capture the calming effect she has on him whenever he starts feeling a little lost in the world, but even more so he conveys what it feels like to feel so sure of your life & suddenly be swept off your feet yet again by a love stronger than any other, changing not only the melodic structure but the tempo & song style every time he look at his wife, showcasing her mesmerizing properties aurally.

A Soul Raised On The Wings Of Hip Hop

Of course, Jon Bellion is much more than a one-trick-pony on Glory Prep Sound – While his arrangements are flush with inventive electronic soundscapes, silly expressions of love & decidedly noughties-era Emo & Indie Pop aesthetics, he’s also a bit of a genre-fluid artist in the way he seamlessly transitions between the aforementioned styles & real, cradle-to-the-grave Hip Hop wisdom, packing songs like “Let’s Begin” & “Adult Swim” with old-school underground Rap lyricism which displays his Ney York upbringing in vocal form; The latter is of particular charm, as it adopts the casual Lounge Jazz sound of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block soundtracks, teaming up with Tuamie to provide dope rhymes over a smooth Funk groove that just screams ‘I eat, sleep & breath Hip Hop excellence.”

Challenging The Music Industry Through Artistic Creativity

As it stands right now, Jon Bellion is nowhere near as influential as he rightfully deserves to be, his most famous song still sitting as 2016’s “All Time Low” that achieved a ridiculous amount of fame from clever marketing in addition to his much more prominent religious ties back then – That said, the industry is just now coming around to seeing what marvelous potential he has as a songwriter, reveling in the resplendent glory of “The Internet” or dancing along to the thick basslines of “Couples Retreat” & asking themselves ‘where has this been all our lives?” Even if he doesn’t reach Shawn Mendes levels of infamy in the near future, he’s shown that you don’t have to sacrifice your artistic integrity to fit in with the modern music market, maintaining his awkwardness & sensitivity whilst also standing up for what he believes in; With any luck, he’ll help inspire the next wave of Alternative musicians to spread their wings & experiment with music like we used to over a decade ago.

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