Alive (Deluxe Edition)
Jessie J


May 24, 2019

Jessie J y R.O.S.E., you want it then you get it

Jessica Ellen Cornish, better known as Jessie J, is a singer who has been given worldwide recognition, millions follow her on social networks and fill the places where she performs. The popularity lists of many countries have placed her in the first places because the response of the public to some of her themes has been incredible. After all that I just wrote I still think one thing: with Jessie J, has not been done justice like the great performer and composer she is. I think the way she positioned herself before the big public around the world, was mainly with the song "Bang, Bang", in which she was accompanied by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj and very possibly that was the mistake. Why? Because although the song represented an enormous projection for the singer, an impressive record of sales and a positioning of her image that gives envy, the song does not stop being frivolous and trivial. It is a subject in which nobody can be taken seriously no matter how good her interpretation is and no matter how big the artists that surround her are in the making of the album and the video. In fact and said this with all due respect, I do not think that a singer with the vocal quality and the impressive ability to handle as many genres as Jessie J is, it suits her to do a duet with Nicki Minaj; I'm sorry, but that's what I believe and I think from the point of view of the immense distance between artist and artist in terms of quality to interpret, beauty of the voice and styles they handle. Even being next to Ariana Grande could be seen as a great endorsement, but as I said before, that song is not worth it and that is the impression she leaves for many who saw her for the first time, that of another singer and, finally that's what counts for many. Take her seriously is to know all her work, deepen all the influences she manages to sing and compose, appreciate the extensive knowledge and control she has over her own voice and, the great ability and great taste she has to choose the arrangements and music for all her themes, knows how to surround herself with good producers, musicians, choristers and arrangers to shape her creations. The best sample that she has given us of her greatness is the album, "R.O.S.E.", a selection of songs that fills us with the best R & B, Soul, Jazz, and even Latino. The meaning of the album in terms of its social and emotional content can be given better by who created it and the millions who have heard it, I am only here to share my taste for music and, well, Jessie J gives me plenty of reasons to adore everything she did on this record. "R.O.S.E." is a clear sign that when an artist sets out to achieve something outstanding, she can achieve it.

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio

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