LOVE? (Deluxe Edition)
Jennifer Lopez


Jun 28, 2019

THIS IS ME.. THEN: “Jenny From the Block” is in Love… and it shows

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most influential celebrities of the early 2000’s. She inspired a lot of women to pursue their dreams and aspirations while men always mention her as their ‘ideal woman’. I don’t blame them: With a beautiful face, body, successful career in both music and the movies plus a lovable personality, she is just someone you love to admire or you are envious about. While her first two albums included a bit of every possible genre (latin, R&B, dance and ballads), our JLO decided to chill with her third official album (the remix album is just a special add on to please the fans to be honest). With This is Me… Then, Jennifer pursued a different sound and honestly, I didn’t appreciate it much back then. She was too in love with Ben Affleck, who was Hollywood’s Golden Boy during that time. The beginnings of their love affair was a controversial one because according to gossip sites, Jennifer divorced her “JLO album husband” Cris Judd to pursue a relationship with Ben. It seems that JLo didn’t regret her decision back then because she was able to write and produce a number of romantic songs dedicated to her lover up to the point naming the song after him (Dear Ben). Yes, JLo did it first before Ariana penned a song for her then-boyfriend-now-also-ex Pete Davidson. Maybe that’s the curse of putting your lover’s name in the title of your song – it ruins your relationship and there’s no turning back once that song is included in your album. I only get to appreciate Jennifer’s third album when I got older. Don’t get me wrong: I love her tracks, but I was looking for the hardcore dance and R&B songs from her previous 2 or 3 records. Anyway, let’s take a look back in the “Bennifer” era of JLo’s interesting career…

Written by @micamyx from MICAMYX

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