Fine Line
Harry Styles


Feb 01, 2019

Harry Styles Sticks Out Like A Sore Thumb On His Self-Titled Album, But In A Good Way

Throughout the mid- to late-noughties, the notion of another Boy Band ever experiencing the same level of phenomena groups like Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC did back in the nineties seemed virtually impossible, especially considering the Pop subgenre had long since disappeared from mainstream radio, which is precisely why the announcement that One Direction were breaking up was such a devastating one seeing as they had become so unfathomably influential in the music industry. Thankfully, the members within were each far more talented than they’d been allowed to show during their time performing together, each naturally splitting off into their own successful solo careers following the positive critical reception of ZAYN’s first record & Niall Horan’s fairly safe acoustic single “This Town” – While he wasn’t the first to drop solo material of his own, young Mick Jagger doppelganger Harry Styles was the first to break free of the sonic image that had surrounded his previous group, going in a much more exploratory Soft-, Psychedelic- & Classic-Rock direction than his Dance Pop & Alternative R&B-obsessed brethren, immediately carving out a pathway all his own that helped him break free of the One Direction stigma; I mean, sure, I’m still referring to him as an artist bound by his old Boy Band, but that’s to make a point, not to…you know what? I don’t have to explain myself, you get what I’m saying – Harry Styles was & in some cases still is the most original member of the UK fivesome, at least before ZAYN came around with his fantastic Icarus Falls. Fight me about it.

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