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Jun 14, 2019

The Hopeless Fountain Kingdom that fills with hope

Written by @JorgeDiaz from Electro Arpegio  / 6 mins read

I did not expect to find an album like that of Halsey's Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, at the moment when pop is characterized more by its concern and urgency to sell songs as attractive as possible to the large audience of disposable music and, to create videos that are sometimes pretexts to hide the bad of the songs and thereby boost their sales. Pleasing at all costs and, just looking at the money, is what has made this genre undesirable for many artists who have the need to express everything they have inside the soul with the purest honesty and artistically translate all your concerns. I have always believed that there is no problem with musical genres, the problem is when we put aside the essence that gave life, to focus only on the commercial. Of course, the record industry has a great responsibility in this, however, artists and the public also have responsibility. The artists, because they succumb to the threat of not being massively disseminated and because money is really a great temptation for conformist minds, and thus have ended many careers that promised to be great. The public, because throughout history it does not punish bad quality, on the contrary, it awards it by buying really bad albums or by attending concerts by artists who do not deserve it just because there is nothing else to do on the weekend. And if there is nothing else, it is because the public does not demand it, does not reject everything that does not comply with a minimum standard of quality and honesty. Fortunately, there are exceptions. And I think that one of the elements that has greatly favored the emergence of real jewels and that the public begins to understand that there are excellent manufacturing options, in addition to sending a strong message to record labels and producers to do things with higher quality, are social networks. The variety that is presented there is very good, good, regular, bad and very bad; and that's perfect because the thermometer that these audiences mean is the guide for all those involved in the music business, to guide their work. In addition, many of the options are completely independent and have found a way of life without having to depend on the record labels and all their restrictions, and that has favored the creative process free and uncompromising, has rewarded the artist to continue working on their art without having to do anything else to pay their expenses, which would invariably affect the quality of their music. The effect caused by this, fortunately, is that the industry has been forced to seek or train artists who meet these new demands of the public to not be left behind and disappear, so more and more record labels open their doors to artists that maybe a few years ago, when they monopolized everything we could see and hear, it would have been impossible. This is how I understand the emergence of artists like Halsey.

Dark and with concept

One of the things that I liked most about the Hopeless Fountain Kingdom album is that it really fills me with hope about what is to come in this new musical environment generated by the irruption of social networks and an audience that is starting to awaken. See how the artist cares about offering a work that responds to a concept and a philosophy of life that goes through very dark passages of the writer and identifies with many of those who listen to it. Unpreoccupied by this artificial aesthetic that characterizes the most decadent pop, Halsey dares to say things that for some would be very difficult to express and for others, it would be incorrect to say it. The album does not have any relation with the commercial formulas, from the beginning we can testify with "The Prologue" which is an album beginning out of the conventional, seeing the videos that accompany some of the themes, we appreciate that our singer does not worry about looking like a Barbie all the time, what makes her look, in the eyes of everyone, like a human being like all of us. That simple detail brings the artist closer to her audience, instead of turning her into something plastic and unattainable, as is the case with many pop singers. As much in the song "Now Or Never" as in others of this album, it draws the attention the incredible similarity of Halsey's voice with the one of Ellie Goulding. I'm not trying to compare them at all, it's just that I was struck by that resemblance, however, the differences in styles, philosophy and artistic aspirations are diametrically opposed. Another thing that contrasts with the style that is reflected in this album, is the attraction of Halsey by the Korean boy band BTS, with whom she collaborated in the song "Boy With Luv" for which a video was recorded in which the singer also participates. And it is not that it is bad, but that the style of this album and her personal search in the songs contrast with that of BTS and their musical style. But out of there, everything is fine with that friendship and artistic collaboration, after all, human beings have guilty pleasures and maybe this is one that Halsey has shared with her fans and those of BTS.


Halsey has commented that the artists she most admires, among others, are Amy Winehouse and Alanis Morissette, but I must confess that I do not hear much of the influence of those singers in her work. However, other influences are noticed not only from artists but from rhythms, the case of the song "Walls Could Talk" is the example that the singer is eager to present her audience with novel alternatives. With a beginning where the strings predominate, it is not well understood where the song is going, but close to half, we understand that everything is a good Latin rhythm that makes us move our feet, and then it finishes almost as it started. I was very pleased to hear this and other things contained in the album and, as I said at the beginning, it fills me with the hope that more and more artists have enough support to be able to risk in a genre that is increasingly devalued in terms of quality of the products presented.

May 24, 2019

Come with me to the kingdom

Written by @adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie  / 7 mins read

I’ve been a fan of Halsey from the beginning when she released her EP. I wait not so patiently on a daily basis waiting for her to release new music, and I can honestly say that I have never been disappointed. Her sophomore album hopeless fountain kingdom was no different. It is an album that tells a story and creates a fictional place, like her debut album. The story behind this album is a take on Romeo and Juliet, two people who want to be in love and they are willing to change themselves for it and while doing that, their true selves dies.

Meet the star crossed lovers

In order to properly tell a story, you have to introduce your readers to a little bit of backstory. “The Prologue” is the opener of the album and introduces the listeners and fans to the concept of hopeless fountain kingdom. It is Halsey telling us about the two houses, that she renamed, and two star crossed lovers and then the track ends with a short bit of a verse. The first song, “100 Letters” is a bit of a foreshadow song much like the prologue of Romeo + Juliet when the narrator spoils the ending. The song follows a pretty chill vibe and a pretty simplistic pop beat. The next song is a song that has a bit of an alternative R&B feel. “Eyes Closed” is a heavy tune that tells a story about being in a new relationship but still having feelings for your ex. The song was used as a single for the album and is pretty catchy. The beat is captivating and the lyrics are just the type of lyrics that hit home even when they don’t hit home… ya know? One of my favorite tracks on the album, I will say that a lot, is titled “Heaven in Hiding.” The song comes from the first perspective at a party and is followed by “Alone” which is the second perspective. “Heaven in Hiding” tells a story about the female protagonist, Luna, and her hiding a love at a house party, but it is not the forbidden love. It features a pretty heavy hitting beat and a few synthetic- pop nodes and a fun chorus. “Alone” continues the perspective of the party, but tells us about a social butterfly at the party. It follows the perspective of the love that Luna was hiding at the party. This is one of my favorite songs on the album because it is so different and so fun and amazing. The song features a little bit of an alternative pop, a little bit electronic- pop, and even has some jazz influence. The song is simply and definitely catchy as hell. The beat and the lyrics are infectious to say the least, but it is also so cinematic.

The Loss of the Moon Sparks a Narrative Shift

“Now or Never” is the next song in the story line. It is a slower R&B infused track that was used as a single for the album. It talks about the struggles that the lovers experience in their forbidden love. The song, first of all, everyone has heard it and loved it, and second of all, if you have managed to not hear it yet, then I can promise you will like it. It features a melody that gives of dream- like vibes, and an R&B/ alternative pop base beat. She slows the album down a bit with the next track, “Sorry.” This song is a beautiful piano ballad that shows off more of Halsey’s vocals than any instrument. It is a very personal and heartfelt track that talks about her insecurities and how it was a part of her relationship. They made her push her significant other away and she expresses her worries of allowing anyone else close enough to her to see them. Next is a bit of an interlude. I am a fan of a good interlude and this is a good one. “Good Mourning” marks the halfway point of the album and suggests that the narrative of the album is going to shift as it muses about Luna, protagonist. Halsey says it is in the perspective of Luna’s house and talks about their fear of losing Luna in this relationship. In a nutshell, they are mourning the loss of their moon- Luna =Moon, get it? The interlude is mostly just a spoken word coming from her younger brother before an outro that Halsey takes back over. The interlude features some spooky vibes honestly, but I guess it is supposed to since we are in mourning. The next track is one that has had my attention since the beginning. “Lie” is a song that features Quavo and features a simple piano key beginning that leads to a nearly angelic chorus. Another one of my favorites, even though it is a minute and a half long, is a little interlude-y track called “Walls Could Talk.” The track features Halsey talking about the arguments that happen between her and her love and how long some of them are. It is maybe one of the most theatrical songs and the most infectious, which is saying a lot. This is the track that gave me my appreciation for having a good thing and not ruining it by making it the length of a traditional song. “Bad at Love” shows Halsey going through and talking a little bit about her exes and how the relationships went south. Her list of exes includes men and women in addition to the one and the one that could ‘fix’ her, but in the end she just concludes that she is bad at love.

It was all a state of mind

“Don’t Play” is a song in which we see Halsey moving on from the relationship and learning to be better on her own. It also serves as Luna’s House anthem. It is the most trap- y song on the album and is a really fun ‘bad-bitch’ vibe. “Strangers” features Lauren Jauregui and shows the two lovers at that house party from earlier meeting. It houses a synthetic, electronic beat and is a bit of a love ballad. The last three songs are probably my favorite three on the album because they are all a bit more different than the rest of the album. They feature a bit of a darker vibe and just resonated with me more. “Angel On Fire” is another cinematic song that reminisces on the good times when she was the center of attention. The song seems to be part two to “Alone” where she has everyone wanting to meet her but now they’ve forgotten her. “Devil in Me” is a darker song that talks about inner demons that are deep within everyone and the turmoil that everyone faces at some point in their lives. The last track is called “Hopeless.” It serves as the closer for the album and features Cashmere Cat. She uses the track to hope that hopeless is simple a state of mind and not a period of time in her life so that she can overcome it. It is a super fun whimsical song that is a really good way to end the album on a hopeful note.

Halsey Battles Through The Dark, Desolate Badlands To Create One Of The Most Important Alternative Pop Records Of The Decade

Let me get this out of the way right off the bat. Halsey changed my life. I think she’s one of the greatest artists out there in the world right now. She’s probably my favorite… or second, only behind the flawless alternative pop goddess Lorde. When Badlands was released, I saw music differently. My life was different. I had never heard anything like it before, and I had never felt so close to so many songs on a single record. There was no way of knowing what I was getting into at the time. I just thought that there was this cool new alternative chick that I couldn’t wait to share with all of my friends. I remember purchasing Badlands at Target before work the day it came out, and the rest was history. One of my favorite things about the Badlands era was one of the promotional videos from YouTube that was posted a few weeks before the release. It was basically an album trailer for Badlands, and it was a great way to get potential new fans excited. It played out like a movie trailer, with Halsey’s hauntingly calming voice, narrating over very well shot scenes of a city and a desolate wasteland believed to be the Badlands. That’s probably why I connected so strongly to this album. It has a story to tell — a full story from start to finish. As a writer, hoping to become an author in the future, I love to create and make up stories. I even thought up an entire trilogy based on this album. I’m not kidding, Badlands affected me so greatly. The exact words I would tell people whenever discussing the album would be “I’m not the same person that I was before listening to Badlands.” And it’s true. I think I changed so much, and I’m grateful for that change. It’s given me perspective and it’s let me see the world — especially music and art — in a new and exciting way. I’m not sure if the story that I created in my mind about Badlands will ever exist on the shelves, but I am sure that I’m not the only fan to be inspired.

Written by hazelnutcoffee from HazelNutCoffee / May 10, 2019

Yet Another Concept Album

Following her first EP Room 93, Halsey releases her debut album entitled to Badlands. The album offers up to sixteen tracks that follow along with her ‘angry female record’ motif. The album includes a few songs from her Room 93 EP but not all of them, including “Ghost” and “Hurricane.”

Written by adelemarie from JustAdeleMarie / May 08, 2019

‘BADLANDS’ Is Metaphor For Where Halsey’s Head Was At When Writing The Album, And It’s Pretty Hollow

This is a debut album, but not necessarily where it all began for Halsey. She hit it with fans big-time around 2012 with a Taylor Swift parody of track “I Knew You Were Trouble”, and developed her audience enough with singles such as “Ghost” to gain enough views and buzz to produce BADLANDS, billed as an antithesis of sorts to the, at the time, Pop polish of Taylor Swift, while borrowing stylistic cues more heavily from artists such as Lorde and The Weeknd. Yet, while it is hard to put an exact finger on what Halsey actually sounds like, my general feeling is that she is very unoriginal. What’s even worse, from my perspective at least, is that she has an overly breathy, gimmicky voice, popular for some reason during the period of her overnight success, but one hell of a tough Pop-pill to swallow for people such as myself who have eclectic musical tastes. In terms of Halsey’s tastes, apparently she has been quoted as being raised on The Notorious B.I.G. and Nirvana, and while I would not want her to necessarily copy the catalogue of those two divergent and classic artists, dude, what is she even talking about in terms of these references, because I don’t get any of those vibes on BADLANDS. She happens to do a Biggie verse on “New Americana” – but influence? The closest thing to an alternative rocker is “Strange Love”, but that is just in its guitar emphasized verse parts, while the hook, curse word laden and angsty as it is, is also extremely Pop-predictable note for note. She arrived, I feel, riding the coat tails of Lorde, just like every other Pop act scrambling for relevance during this period, but for some reason, BADLANDS struck a chord with a huge internet fan base. Go figure.

Written by taylor / Feb 25, 2019

How A Sad Love Story Turns Into An Award-Winning Single

It's no secret that most artists are inspired by real-life experiences and the biggest inspiration comes when they are hurt or just sad. As far as you probably know, one of the most popular pop-artists Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, known profesionally as Halsey, had been in romantic relationship with American rapper Gerald Earl Gillum (or simply G-Eazy) and, although it all started as ideal love story (something we call 'goals' nowadays) it didn't turn out to be that perfect after all. Magic sometimes turns into tragic but this time - it turned into Without Me which is still pretty magical, if you ask me! This song clearly means a lot to Halsey and the fact that definitely separates it from other songs she has ever written or will ever write is that this one doesn't belong to any album, it's just a single. She said : "This song is not attached to an album. It's a standalone record." When she was asked is the song about her relationship with G-Eazy, she replied : "It's about my life and the relationship that the world has watched so closely and so vehemently like, in the past year and a half ." Artists like Halsey usually don't get enough private space or ability to keep something to themselves, especially when it comes to love relationship, like this one so it didn't took long for the world to realize what actually happened there - between two of them. She also mentioned that single "Without Me" represents the rawest thing she has ever made - just her feelings transfered into lyrics. Often is forgotten singers and public people are also just human beings, who feel, who get hurt and who heal afterwards. We'll talk about her healing later but what made her feel so hurt that she wrote that amazing but yet so heartbreaking lyrics? Why did they even break up?

Written by vildanasuta from Living Like V / May 10, 2019

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Ashley Nicolette Frangipane (/ˌfrændʒəˈpɑːni/; born September 29, 1994), known professionally as Halsey (/ˈhɔːlzi/), is an American singer and songwriter. Her stage name is a reference to the Halsey Street station of the New York City Subway in Brooklyn,[a] and an anagram of her first name.
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