Half Written Story - EP
Hailee Steinfeld


Jun 07, 2019

A Short Album Full of Relationship Conflict

EP’s, or Extended Play albums, are gaining ground as a way for new artists to present themselves, especially in the streaming era. I usually tend to give these less considerations as something to which I would listen, since I favor the long form album and its ability to create and move through an entire concept, sort of analogous to a novel versus a short story or novella. But I decided to check out this EP by Hailee Steinfeld, one who is breaking into music after a stent on TV in some capacity that I admit not knowing much about, just because I am not of that particular age bracket. At least I assume she caters more to the late teen/early adult set, as her songs, at least 1 through 3 of the four on her EP, are full of angst and talk of a need to both be alone with oneself and enjoy the challenges of another. (I will confess to having no real idea what song number 4 is referencing. While her stuff is typically pop, which is to say loud, demanding of attention, and somewhat light on the scope of life, it does bring some interesting outlook to ways in which one might respond to a breakup. I suppose I liked it to some extent, though she has no real track that shows off any true vocal abilities or range. The closest to this ideal might be song number 2, “You’re Such A.” And because she apparently has little to no input in the writing, I am left wondering the degree to which she really feels these words, as opposed to simply singing them as something to get out there. That said, there is some snappiness to the rhythm, and if one was unaware of what was being referenced, (i.e. sexual pleasures, possible fighting and some unclear wrongdoing, one could enjoy the songs as feel-good dance tunes that pack an almost anthemic quality, especially seen in the first.

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